Christmas 2010 Best Lego Sets

Legos For Christmas

Lego sets have been popular with boys and girls of all ages for many years now but this years selection which offers everything from the new Minotaurus game to Lego Star Wars is probably the best yet. It might seem a little early yet to be thinking about Christmas. But the year is passing by faster than you might think and it never hurts to be prepared early.

Lego sets are not only fun for play, but are also highly collectible with some of the retired sets selling for hundreds of dollars and some even higher.

Lego Games For Christmas

Lego has came out with some really fun games that the whole family will enjoy. And one of the best things about it is the fact that these games will get the kids away from the video games and allow the whole family to interact with each other.

The new Lego Minotaurus Game is a fantastic new set that promises to be hot seller this Christmas, so you just might want to get yours early. The Minotaurus game is for 2-4 players ages 7 and up. Set contains 244 pieces

The Lego Pirate Code Game promises to be another popular game that has a special appeal for kids who love anything to do with legos and pirates. Game is for 2-4 players ages 8 and up and contains 270 pieces.

The Lego Hogwarts game promises to be lots of fun and is perfect for Harry Potter fans ages 8 and up. This fun family game is for 2-4 players and contains 332 lego pieces. It's also very likely that this game will become a valuable collector in the future. The main reason for this is that because of the extreme popularity of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter items tend to increase in value over the years.

The Lego Monster game is a fun and cute game that will appeal to younger players. This cute family friendly game which has more of a Halloween type theme, is very popular with young players. Game is for 2-4 players and contains 142 pieces.


Lego Prince Of Persia

The fight for the dagger which promises many hours of fun contains 258 pieces and is suitable for ages 7-12. Set includes a marketplace scene, a camel ,the dagger of time and 4 mini figures. Fans of the movie will especially love this fun set which will in time I believe become a valuable collectible if kept in good condition.

Lego Prince Of Persia The Ostrich is made from that very funny scene in the movie where the outlaws are having their ostrich race. This fun and unique lego set contains 169 pieces and is suitable for children ages 6-12. Set includes 3 mini figures, 2 ostriches, a scorpion and a weapons rack.

Lego Prince Of Persia Quest Against Time is another fun lego set where the heroes have to go through a gauntlet in order to stop the evil Nazium from using the dagger to turn back time and take over the kingdom. Set contains 506 pieces and includes the figures of Dastan, Princess Tamina, 2 snakes and the Hassansin leader.


New Releases From Lego Star Wars

When it comes to lego star wars you already have a ton of items to choose from. But lego has just released 6 exciting new sets this year that every star wars lego fan will want to collect.

All of these sets which are highly collectible will be in big demand as we move into the Christmas shopping season, so if you have your heart set on any certain item it might be a good idea to buy early.

The newest lego star wars to be released are the Hoth Wampa Set (8089) the Slave 1 (8097), Clone Turbo Tank (8098), PLO Koon's Jedi Starfighter 8095 and Emperor Palpatine Shuttle (8096)


Lego Indiana Jones Sets

Thanks to the movie The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Indiana Jones has found a new popularity with a younger generation.

And fans of the movies won't be disappointed with the Lego Indiana Jones sets that bring his exciting adventures to life for hours of playing fun.


Lego Toy Story

Young fans of the toy story movies will love playing with these exciting new Toy Story Lego sets.

The Toy Story Lego sets are suitable for ages 7 and up will provide many hours of fun and inexpensive play for the whole family.



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