Christmas 2010 GI Joe Toys

GI Joe was first introduced to the public in 1964, so who would think that after all these GI Joe would still be as popular as it is today? Generations of little boys have grown up playing with and pretending to their favorite member of the Joe team like Duke and Ripcord.

And now thanks to the release of GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra, the franchise has added yet another generation of young and some not so young fans. Because of this popularity GI Joe promises to be a hot toy yet again this Christmas.

So if you or your child has their heart set on a certain action figure or toy you might want to buy early, because some items will probably sell out before Christmas this year.

christmas 2010 gi joe toys
christmas 2010 gi joe toys

Gi Joe The Rise Of Cobra

The film GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra has more than enough explosions gadgets and loud noises to satisfy any boy, small or large.

This faced paced movie combines explosive action and an interesting story line to keep viewers riveted right up until the end.

Gi Joe The Rise Of Cobra Video Game

Gi Joe fans are going to love this game GI Joe The Rise of Cobra. And even though the game storyline doesn't exactly follow this movie storyline it's still a fun and exciting action game.

One of the things that I liked best about this game is the fact that its a fun two player game.

Some players especially the older and more experienced players may find the game to be a little too easy. Too me it's more along the lines of some of the Spiderman games, it does have some violence but really nothing all that bad or graphic and I really don't think that it deserves a Teen rating. 


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