Christmas Toys for Teens

Amazon Kindle Fire (right) compared with iPad (original, left), both displaying the English Wikipedia main page.  The Wikipedia screenshot is licensed under GPL and any other material that might be copyrighted (icons, logos, etc) has been blurred.
Amazon Kindle Fire (right) compared with iPad (original, left), both displaying the English Wikipedia main page. The Wikipedia screenshot is licensed under GPL and any other material that might be copyrighted (icons, logos, etc) has been blurred. | Source

Christmas teenager toys

Teenagers are perhaps the hardest people to buy for at Christmas time. Often it’s easier to buy a gift card or simply give money, but personally I prefer to try to put a little thought into what I buy and quite often this is much appreciated.

There are many cool toys out there that are ideal toys for teenagers at Christmas, and believe it or not they are not all electronic – OK so most of them are, but there are a few toys that are suitable for teens.

Here are some of my picks for hot Christmas toys for teens:

Kindle Fire HD

Perhaps not really a toy, this superb little Tablet will be a huge seller this Christmas. With the ability to read books, play games, use apps, watch movies, surf the web and play movies this is an ideal toy for the teen that really wants an iPad - the bonus is that it is only $170! It will have competition from Microsoft, Google and Barnes and Noble who have similar products, but so far the Kindle seems to be the best, or at the very least, the best supported.

Nerf Guns

The trusty old Nerf gun has been around for quite a while but in recent years has seen a resurgence, and has seen the evolution of more powerful and fun guns. There are simply dozens of different types of guns available, and even some swords and axes. The cool thing is that not only is it a safe game for indoors, but you’ll find your teenagers running around outside (yes doing some exercise) as they form teams with their peers. Not only will it get them away from the gaming console, but it teaches team work as well as providing some great exersize.

Not all teens like gadgets:

While this article focuses more on the electronic toys that are available, I should point out that not all teens want the latest gadget. Many teenagers are very happy to receive some of the following items:

  • Board Games – there are some excellent games such as Story Cubes available; games like Monopoly, Risk etc are always popular too. Themed games (like Harry Potter games) are always popular.
  • Art Supplies – the budding artist will always be looking for paints, brushes, canvas and other important art supplies.
  • Clothes – keeping up with the latest trends is often very important to teenagers. Whether it’s the latest designer clothes, or the coolest punk outfits, you’re sure to be on to a winner especially if you let your teen choose their cloths.
  • Gift Cards - perhaps a cowardly way to go, but it’s probably easier to let your teen choose their own gift.
  • Music & Movies – not all teens copy music and movies, so why not give them an iTunes card for Christmas.
  • Soft Toys – you’re never to old to own a soft toy!
  • Puzzles – lots of teens love to challenge their mind, so why not buy the latest puzzle from Rubik, even the good old Rubik’s cube is still popular.

And of course, let us not forget that there are many teens who simply want quality time with their family, and perhaps the chance to help others at Christmas!

Product Highlight: Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is the hottest Christmas Gift since the Nintendo Wii was introduced. Already Amazon have sold millions even before the product has been shipped, and it’s likely they are going to be in short supply this Christmas. The Kindle is undoubtedly one of the better tablet computers available and does most of what the iPad does for less than half the price. While the iPad is the best, the Kindle Fire is a great tablet, especially as a Christmas gift for teenagers.

Microsoft XBOX One and Sony PS4

While you’d love to get your teenagers running around and doing things more productive with their lives, you’re going to find a high proportion that simply want video games for Christmas! So why not get your teen the coolest toy for Christmas 2013 that combines video games with ‘exersize’.

The Microsoft XBOX One and the Sony PS4 represent the next generation in video game consoles, using a camera and microphone, and in the case of Sony a hyper sensitive ‘wand’ as well, to allow the video game to mimic the actions of your teenager. So they still get to play the latest and greatest video games, but they get so immersed in the game play that they don’t realize they are actually getting some exercise while doing it.

This is definitely a top toy for Christmas for teens.

Water Guns

Why on earth would you want to buy a summer toy for your teenager at Christmas? Well lets be honest – most teenagers are often vindictive when it comes to having fun – there’s nothing better than soaking your best friend when it’s snowing, and seeing them run off to get a nice cup of hot chocolate. Like Nerf Guns, the water gun has come a long way recently, and there are more water guns available than you might believe.

Guitar Hero

Well this isn’t a new toy, but it’s one of the best video games I’ve played. Watch your teenagers have fun with this game, listen to them sing and watch them attempt to play some of the really tough songs – with the latest ‘Warriors of Rock’ game, you might even find yourself joining in! This really is a great family game and is definitely a great Christmas gift for teenagers.

Apple Products

iPad – this is really for teenagers who simply must have every gadget! The iPad is like a little minicomputer that allows your teenager to surf the web, use thousands of Apps, play music, surf the web and read a book – it’s essentially like a large iPod Touch, but definitely one of the must have gifts for teens this year. The days of the iPad of being a toy for geeks is gone - it is now an essential tool for the modern teen.

iPod Touch – the latest and greatest in the ubiquitous line of mp3 players from Apple is the iPod Touch. It’s the most intuitive iPod ever and features a great touch screen – it also allows the user to download and use Apps as well – this is one of the coolest gifts for teenagers this Christmas.

iMac – is your teenager getting older? Starting to think about college perhaps? Then there’s nothing better than the superb iMac – it’s one of the most secure computers on the market, and is ideal for students who are thinking of doing art, graphic design and music production in college!

Laptop / Netbook

If you’re not a Mac lover, you can still buy a very decent Laptop, for less money, and get practically the same features as the Mac – the range of Laptops that are suitable for teenagers is amazing, ranging from a $399 model that is ideal for surfing the web, up to the top of the range $1000+ Laptops that are designed for high end games or Graphic Design applications. Also, the new Netbooks are more compact and have the same power and functionality as a cheaper Laptop.

Gaming Systems

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest toys this year for teenagers is the Gaming System. With new technology and improved consoles being released, your teenager will definitely love to get the latest one. Here are the top ones for this Christmas:

Microsoft XBOX One –with the improvement of the ‘no hands required’ Kinect and an upgraded system, Microsoft are hoping to make the XBOX One, the best selling console – with a whole host of games coming out, this is going to be a great console for Christmas 2013 for teenagers.

Sony PS4 - Sony have probably the most rounded console and are competing with both the Wii U and the XBOX One by introducing the Sony Move which promises to really immerse the player in the games – there’s not really that much between the top consoles, but the this is an attractive choice of gifts for teenagers this Christmas.

Nintendo Wii U – the Wii U has updated the graphics, improved the controller and added a new tablet like addition to make the Wii more interactive.It still remains a top seller and is definitely a cheaper alternative to the XBOX One and PS4 – what’s more it is more family oriented and may just pull your sullen teenager back into the fold! Nintendo are also introducing their next generation system although not a lot is known about it today aside from the inclusion of a tablet like controller that gives you additional functionality.

Android Consoles: With the introduction of the Ouya gaming system, and other Android based gaming consoles, there is suddenly a cheaper alterative to the established consoles. These consoles are cheap, allow the player to play most of the games available on the smart phone, and be able to buy games a lot cheaper than the traditional console games. A great choice for the smart teenager at Christmas.

Don't forget to check out some of the top video games for Christmas too.


This year sees the introduction of some new technologies that will be perfect for teenagers this Christmas; on top of that, some traditional old favorites like the Nerf guns have taken on a whole new life and caught on amongst teenagers. So there are definitely lots of options and choices for toys for teenagers for Christmas.

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Joe P. 6 years ago

I agree that the Nerf guns will be huge. I already have one (yes, I'm an adult, lol). It is on my desk at work. My manager has one also. So we big kids love the new Nerf gun and so will teenagers. Now here is my biggest dilemma. Will I buy the Move or the Kinect for my teenager? I'm leaning now towards the Move because I the PS3 will come with a Blu-ray player which will be capable of showing 3D movies.

Kyle246 profile image

Kyle246 6 years ago from United States

the kinect looks pretty fun :)

Les Trois Chenes profile image

Les Trois Chenes 6 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

My son will be 13 soon and I'm on the look out for gift ideas. Good list. Many thanks.

felipe 6 years ago

I loved it! There are some special advices here about christmas toys! tnks!

tabby 6 years ago

i want a i pad but around £500 i am going to have to save for a bit

okmom23 profile image

okmom23 6 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.

I am looking for gift ideas for my nephews, and your hub has great ideas! Thank you.

TattoGuy 6 years ago

Deff can't go wrong with the Ipod Touch, nice hub full of good ideas !

ciara 6 years ago

these are great

RussellLHuey profile image

RussellLHuey 5 years ago

Interesting topic. Glad to know this in advance.Thanks.

Kristen 5 years ago

I'm really disappointed in this article. I'm 14 years old and putting the word PEOPLE in quotations isn't needed, as we are all people, even babies. They way that we were referred to as "geeky" on the iPad part was offensive since I do have an iPad and I'm not a geek.

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 5 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Kristen: you are absolutely right - I added 'quotations' to simply say that Teens are a different breed these days - they know a lot more than most adults when it comes to electronics, computers etc - I did not intend it to sound mean! As for the geek - being a geek myself I actually feel it's a compliment - but I can see it from your point of view too and admit that the iPad is now a gadget for all teens - not just the geeks!

MummaGames profile image

MummaGames 5 years ago from California

I bought my kids the Playstation Move last year for Christmas and they Love it. I also bought them the Sharp Shooter gun for PS Move for my two oldests birthdays. They have complained that the shooter games are too hard with the Move and Sharp Shooter.

So this year I'm buying them the Flex-Fire for Christmas which I saw on YouTube. The reviews look great and it's supposed to make playing the shooter games much easier.

bobbi 5 years ago

What is there in this article that we couldn't come up with on our own? Seriously. I was hoping for some creativity but there was absolutely nothing new here.

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 5 years ago from NJ, USA Author

bobbi: I actually agree - however most teens don't want creativity, they want the latest gadget - sad fact of life.

I'll do some research and add a little creativity though...

Olivia 5 years ago

Thanks for helping me with my X-mas list

Person 5 years ago

I find this article insulting as I am a teen. You make it seem like all we care about is video games and t.v.'s

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 5 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Person: I sincerely apologize- I'm in the middle of adding another section for teens not fixated on electronics....

Wow 5 years ago

"Board Games – there are some excellent games such as Story Cubes available; games like Monopoly, Risk etc are always popular too. " Ouch, try Ticket to Ride Marklin, Bohnanza ( an excellent bean card game, yes beans), Priest of Ra a light bidding game set collectioning game, Lost Cites the Board Game.

Wow 5 years ago

Oops, make that Priests of Ra, info on all the above can be found on

Peaceout 5 years ago

Honestly, this artcle isn't as big as it should be. I'm not saying that it should have every little detail, but it doesn't hurt to have a wide selection, right???

hi 5 years ago

im get in nothing becase its funny

peaceout 5 years ago

to be honest this is sad

lovett53 5 years ago

its ok really not for me !

groovy gurl 5 years ago

my mom unlike many parents is amazing in buying me clothes,accessories etc

She also fills me two stockings TO THE TOP with awesome stuff and I usually dont ask for 3 big $200 electronic gifts i ask for a lot of smaller stuff

here's some things I want for Christmas:


all natural perfume

bar soap (yes, bar soap all natural preferably)

creative toys (tyedye kits etc)

nail polish

an i love the beatles tshirt and a rawr means I love you in dinosaur shirt (from walmart $7.50 each and very cute)

airheads (the candy)

room decorations

i think i ask for incense?? maybe not

if it wouldent be too much trouble a record player and the following records: saetia, strawberry alarm clock, the beach boys and the beatles

if it would be too much trouble then to get to download some more itunes music

to get to go to a church clothing closet and pick out some clothes and get them bagged my mom to do the same and then we switch bags and wrap whatever the other person picked out we're going saturday its going to be a fun experience too and would basically be the same as getting each other giftcards


Christina. 5 years ago

I need REALLY good ideas now. my boyfriend got me this gloden heart necklice that's says i love you, and a little diamond. Wat shuld i give back?! btw hes 13

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 5 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Christina - it really depends on the kinds of things your bf likes. Would he like something romantic (dinner, movie), something like a video game or music, or something personal like a bracelet or something that signifies your love for each other - you can get necklaces that 'split' apart so you can share the necklace with him.....

rob 5 years ago

thanks u helped get my xmas list done thns again and im 15

anonymous 5 years ago

you spelled Nintendo Nontendo

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 5 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Oops! thanks for spotting!

Kayla 4 years ago

Im almost 16 and I agree with this, most teens do want electronics or something like that. I honestly have no clue what I should myself for christmas (my parents think im too old for presents, but I still like them so i'm gonna get myself some small things) and this gave me some good ideas. Thanks!

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