Code Hero Teaches Javascript Through A Game - Beta Review

Code Hero Main Screen

This is your Code Gun! -- Trailer

Tutorial and First Impression

Upon first entering the house it has you enter your name, and repeats it back. After though you are expected to go through a door that does not work. Jumping out the window will drop you through some ground into a tunnel where you are told to enter a portal which lands you at their main lobby area so to speak as you see in the picture.

The first thing most will notice is the graphics are very old looking, and bare with me on photo's as it is also a very low resolution game at only 480 px. Putting graphics aside though you will see that the game is very education based with even a full history wrapped up toward the end which will be touched on later.

After walking in you have three options currently Unity Script portal, JavaScript Portal, and the final "FizzBozz". The tutorial does in fact teach you basic JavaScript however it does not really go in depth enough as most everyone without a programing background has issues with the end of the tutorial. The final ending to the tutorial in JavaScript has you write a code from scratch that will count from 1-100 and print the numbers. For every multiple of 3 print "Fizz", every multiple of 5 print "Buzz", and for every multiple of 3 and 5 print "Fizz Buzz". It took several hours to finally figure it out properly without any errors. Although from research the average is anywhere from 1-2 hours, and a good portion either looking the answer up or giving up.

Fizz Boss

The Fizz Boss has 3d objects that you must point your gun at and destroy using the knowledge you learned from the basics of Unityscript and JavaScript. Since only the first portal of the steps "Hello World" in JavaScript, and two side by side portals in Unityscript are even available it makes the final boss very difficult to near impossible for the average user. You are expected to know a bunch of information that is not even available within the beta currently.

The option though is to destroy 3d objects floating in the air, and some are even shielded again this is all free hand coding. After completing the boss a little area opens up where you can learn about near everyone who had any significant impact on programing as it is today, so one big history lesson. The final test of course is to "ship" your own mini game that you build from within Code Hero using Unityscript but with the assistance of friends.

Final Review Thoughts

Overall the game has great potential and you can even access the Beta for a small donation of only like 5 dollars which they are using to fund the game. If it is successful then it will bring learning different programing languages into a whole new area of Educational learning.

Although now for the bad which I will use bullet points for to illustrate the amount of them. (Note I am seriously hoping this game actually does get completed however these are all known issues which still have yet to be resolved after weeks of the same issues.

  • Still not able to save in any form. If you complete JavaScript and go back later it will not show you having completed any of it.
  • Major lack of content
  • Low Graphics
  • Low Resolution at only 480px
  • Many are unable to even log in, and has been an issue for some time.
  • More buggy than it should be even for a Beta
  • Constant Game Crashes for some individuals. Sometimes entire system lockups
  • Loud Music
  • Very few in game options
  • The end boss, and tutorial ending scripts both are incorrect, and sometimes allow incorrect script to proceed as if you did it correctly. (another known bug that has yet to be fixed, and would be a simple fix at that)

I believe there are many others but these are the most voiced issues on the forums, and or ones I have personally saw.


Due to the high risk of them going out of business, and how the game does not even have basic functions like saving yet I do not suggest donating greater than $5.00 until it is closer to completion. Also due to the reasons as explained above.

Some have even referenced this game as not even being ready for Alpha let alone Beta. All you can do is try or not and see for yourself. Here is an exact quote from a post a user put on their forums.

"Code hero should not be advertized as beta version of the final game. After paying $5, downloading and "playing" this game for 20 minutes I feel that it was misrepresented to make me pay money. There are better ways to learn programming without paying any money whatsoever, all you have to do is Google learn programming. "A lot of bugs and areas for improvement" does not even scratch the surface of how bad code hero is currently. Overall, stop charging people money for this completely broken product and donate my $5 that I've given you to a charity or something. " **Quote slightly altered to fix several misspelled words.**

Do you think this game will excel or flop? Comment Below:

If you are apart of the Beta feel free to voice your thoughts, personally I love it if they would actually release an update fixing some pretty serious issues within the game. (like saving)

Do you think this game will excel or flop? Comment Below:

  • It better do well I love it and will follow it.
  • Wouldn't say it's bad, but not good either..
  • Horrible Game, will never give it a second look.
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