Postage Stamp Collecting

Samples of Collectible stamps

Collecting has been a popular hobby since the beginning of human existence. Almost anything you can think of is being collected somewhere.

It can be somewhat of an addiction too, always being on the look out for another item for your collection.

Starting a stamp collection is a pretty inexpensive hobby. You can always start with any stamps you receive on your own personal mail. Then get your household members to save their stamps for you. You'll build a good size collection in no time. There's no way you could ever run out of stamps to add to your bounty.

The slideshow begins with a few of the older ones from the United States and the next picture is a few from other countries, such as Italy, India, Sweden .

Collectible Stamps

USA Old Stamps
USA Old Stamps
Italian Stamps
Italian Stamps
Stamps From Other Countries
Stamps From Other Countries

Christmas and Plate Blocks

The Christmas stamps are a special category to start collecting in. At least you know you'll always get new ones once a year from the postal service. Some of last years Christmas stamps are valued at sixty cents -used, right now. I'd say that's a good place to start.

There's also a couple plate blocks shown. Each block has an identifying printing plate number, which indicates what full sheet it came from.

The full sheet of Elvis Presley stamps is very collectible.

Christmas Stamps

Plate Blocks of Stamps

Special Category Stamps

The airmail stamps are a unique category and may be more fun to collect because they are not as readily available as other stamps. Many of these will be found on old love letters from WWII.

Category items such as the Internal Revenue Stamps are a true delight to find, especially the documentary stamp and the Vehicle Use Tax Stamp of 1943.

Errors and misprints would be great additions to anyone's collection. Many times the wrong color ink may have been used or the printing plate was not straight. Some errors were caused by the using the wrong plate with a certain color.

Airmail and Internal Revenue Stamps

Non- Postal Stamps

Christmas seals are distributed by non profit organizations for fund raising. They too are inexpensive to collect as the companies send them out at no charge in the hopes of getting a donation. They cannot be used for postage but , they are still collectible.

There are many organizations today that send out sheets of stamps and free address labels. These are all collectible.

The last thing to consider is to be very careful of buying stamps from mail order dealers,especially the ones that send you approvals so you can choose what you want.

There is at least one company that insists their stamps are genuine un-gummed stamps, but it's very obvious that they are reprints.

Christmas, Easter and Other Seals

Clubs and Groups

There are many clubs and groups pertaining to stamps.

The first and most convenient place to look for a group will be in your local telephone book.

Many public libraries also have monthly or weekly meeting rooms where the public can meet. If you don't find one , try starting one. It is a very good way to trade, sell and collect stamps.

Your local Chamber of Commerce may also have listings of group activities.

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KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

I started collecting stamps in the mid 80s while working for a governmental office that received tons of mail from all over. The girl training me collected stamps and I began paying attention to all the different kinds. At some point, I joined a couple of stamp clubs that send you stamps on approval and was able to fill in some gaps in my collection. I still have it, but haven't messed with it in YEARS.

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