Collecting Japanese Erasers

If you’re looking for something to collect that’s cheap, cute and with a lot of variety, Japanese erasers are a great choice. Collectable Japanese erasers are highly detailed and lifelike and come in a variety of different types – food, animals, cars, toys and more, with more designs coming out all the time.

The Japanese as a nation generally love to collect things and miniature items in fine detail are highly prized. Erasers are often given away as a free item attached to a snack or drink and as these are limited edition they become highly sought after later. Sometimes full sets of these limited edition erasers can reach hundreds of dollars on ebay or in specialist collectors shops.

photo by marc_smith on flickr
photo by marc_smith on flickr

Japanese erasers - food

Sushi  erasers are one of the most popular types to collect and you can have your own miniature replica of every kind of sushi and even round off your collection with a cup of Japanese green tea and a bowl of miso soup. Desserts are another popular collection and look good enough to eat – you can get everything from donuts to ice cream sundaes, to cream puffs in eraser form. If you’re a fan of Japanese products and packaging then you can buy your favorite products in eraser form – miniature pocky, cup noodles and Pocari Sweat! Food erasers often come in sets so you can buy your own ‘Tokyo lunch’ including rice balls, tempura and egg rolls.

Japanese erasers - animals

If cute animals are more your thing, you can collect a whole zoo’s worth of erasers – hamsters are very popular (in a range of different colors!) as are dogs and cats and generally anything ‘cute’ like pandas or penguins. If you’re looking for something a bit different, why not invest in a school of Fugu puffer fish erasers? These fish are infamous for being deadly poisonous but also an expensive delicacy as sushi in Japan!

If you’re looking for an original present idea for a friend who loves whacky Japanese culture or collecting things, Japanese erasers make a fun and cheap gift.

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