5 MSN MineSweeper Tips that You Don't Want Your Girlfriend know!

MSN Minesweeper Flags Game
MSN Minesweeper Flags Game
Use the Bomb wisely!
Use the Bomb wisely!
Intersected Block
Intersected Block

MSN Minesweeper Flags - is one of the best games to kill some times with your best friends, the rules is similar to traditional Minesweeper games comes with your Microsoft Windows, The rules is:

Be the first to uncover more than half of the 52 hidden mines to win at minesweeper User logic to determine which squares contain a mine, then mark your discovery with a flag!
It's fun and challenging Game!

In Order to Win in the MSN Minesweeper Flags game, here are the tips you should know:

1. Bear in minds that - "Don't just pick randomly when you have no choice" you have to consider every steps of your click, don't simply pick somewhere you like when you are not able to locate a mine! In the opening, It is suggested to click on middle of spaces, avoid clicking on the side lines or corner. It is because when you are clicking in the middle of spaces, you are having 8 blocks surrounded with the chance that "there is a mine" so you won't ends up openning a large empty area to your opponent.

2. During the game, always select the potential block where next to a flagged mines to guarantee you will never open up a large blocks area. For example, keep teseting on the diagonal lines with mines, don't jump over blocks.

3. Use the bomb button once per game to reveal multiple mines WISELY! During the mid game phases, Be aware with the difference with your opponent, for example if the difference is like 20 (You) : 13 (Opponent), then you can go right away plotting other mines, but if you are just leading a few mines ahead, you should just let it go to make the scores level or less than your oppoenent, then you can prevent your opponent using the Bomb or make it as your finishing move. This sitation is usually comes around when you reached 19/20 mines, and you have to make up your decision here!

4. Be aware with the remaining number of mines, so you can actually "predict" the actual locations of the bomb. If there are not many mines remained in the graph and the numbers indicator didn't provided you the actual location of mines (with uncertainties), try to click on the block that fulfilled more indications (the intersected block in Red is likely mined than other Green blocks when there are less mines in the field)

Once you master these skills, you are at certain intermediate level to win at 50% (base on playing with other players knew these skills). For further percentages of winning, here comes with the legally dirty tricks.

Bonus Dirty Trick:

5. Do you realize there is a little assistant offered by microsoft messengers / live messengers named: MSN Nudge? Yes! - Just wait for the perfect moment to nudge your opponent and you may acheive an unexpected result! Nudge it in time like a head shot!

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(By the way if you don't want to get nudged, just appear offline during the game! ^_^)
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