Coolest Backpacks For Boys

When shopping for kids backpacks one of the main things that you'll want to take into consideration is the durability. A good backpack should be able to last the school year without falling apart. Otherwise you're just wasting your time and money.

The next consideration is size, it needs to be large enough to accommodate all the homework and books that your child may need to transport in the bag. Of course you'll also want to consider the style, most kids have very definite ideas on what they do and don't like.

Before choosing a new backpack it's always a good idea to read the reviews on it before making a purchase, which is why I prefer to make most of my purchases online. Several times in the past I've purchased an item such as a backpack only to have it fall apart just a few months into the school year.  And I don't know about you but most of us can't afford to keep replacing defective products in the hopes of actually finding one that works.

This hub profiles some of the most popular quality backpacks available on Amazon for boys of all ages.

Top Toddler Backpacks

With toddlers your biggest consideration along with durability of course will most likely be that the bag isn't too large for your child's needs ,with the next consideration being style.

Young children tend to have pretty strong likes and dislikes and the following list profiles some of the most popular picks for toddler backpacks.

Ranging from the wildly popular Super Mario all the way down to the ever popular Scooby Doo these backpacks will make most any toddler happy.

Backpack Suggestions For Grades K-3

Now that your kids are getting a little older they are going to need a slightly larger backpack to hold their books and school supplies.

But at this point they are still big on style and usually prefer something that represents their favorite movie, game or cartoon character.

Anything to do with Batman, Ironman or Star Wars is usually a good choice for this age group.

coolest backpacks for boys
coolest backpacks for boys

Backpacks For Grade 4 And Up

Older boys need even more room for school books, and by the time they are in the 4th grade their taste in colors and design is starting to get a little more conservative.

They still like bright colors but are starting to put away the cartoon and action figure designs.

All of the backpacks listed in this section would work for kids ages 10 and up through middle school and even high school.

They may also be taking a laptop or netbook to school so this may also be a consideration when choosing a backpack for your child.

My oldest who is in the 7th grade this year is using the NcStar Tactical Back Pack which you will find profiled to your right at the top of the list. This backpack has proven to be both tough and durable plus it has plenty of room inside for his assignments and school books.


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