Coolest Electric Cars for Kids

Have you ever wished your kids could drive themselves to daycare? Okay, well maybe not, but this is as close as you’re going to get before they’re 16. These mini cars for kids are some of the most coveted gifts among children. Kids always want to be just like mom and dad, and driving a car is the ultimate “grown-up” experience. Driving these ride on cars have both entertainment and educational value; driving builds coordination skills, spatial awareness, and reasoning skills. The following electric cars for kids are some of the highest rated cars among consumers. It's no surprise why- they have great realistic details that make them popular with kids and parents.

Cruisin' Classic

Kid Trax 1960 Mercedes 300SL

Retro Rides

Your kids will definitely turn heads as they cruise up and down the sidewalks in this classic roadster. This is a replica of a 1960 Mercedes 300SL roadster, with an exact reproduction of the car’s interior and dash. You might pay upwards of $500,000 for the real thing, so why not live vicariously through your children’s toys?

This charmer features real working electronic parts, including an FM radio, headlights that turn on and off, and a working horn. The hood and the trunk open and can be used to stash traveling necessities. There’s a real rearview mirror and left side mirror for realistic details (there’s only one side mirror so don’t think it got lost). These functional parts absolutely delight kids. And it can be shared- two children up to a total of 130lbs are able to ride in the spacious front seat. The recommended age is from 2 to 5 years. Since this car is a little roomier than Power Wheels cars and since it has a little more “kick,” it may be suited a little more for bigger kids.

The car and interior is made of durable and easy-to-clean plastic. The tires come with rubber traction strips so that the car’s plastic tires are able to grip better on surfaces. This is a bonus as most other ride on cars sell these separately. The 12-volt battery allows for greater speeds up to 5 mph, perfect for a roadster. Two speeds are available, a low 2.5 mph speed, and a high 5 mph speed. A reverse gear is also available in a slow 2.5 mph. A high-speed lockout feature is available for beginning dragsters. This allows the car to be driven at a nice safe 2.5 mph until your child is able to handle the pedals and steering, then you can unlock the faster speed. Like a real roadster- this car has kick! This Mercedes has more get-up-and-go than other comparable motorized cars for kids...but if you have an adventurous little tot, this may be perfect.

If you love classic cars, then this is a best bet for your family. You’ll love having a 1960 Mercedes 300SL roadster in your driveway, and your kids will love the variable speeds, the functional parts, and the tires with traction. Your kids will be cruisin’ down to the lemonade stand all summer long. 

Luxury Performance

Ferrari Enzo

Vroom Vroom!

This may be the only Ferrari you will own. These vehicles are made under the Ferrari license in Italy and come with authentic emblems. The details on this car are just as luxurious on this toy car as they are on the real thing. The pedals work like real pedals, the wheels look like real wheels, and the car looks like a real Ferrari. The body is very durable and the paint is high quality, meaning it can take all the bumps your little driver gives it.

This ride on car runs on a 12-volt battery, which translates into extra power for a top speed of 5 mph. Though this is considerably less than the top speed of 217 mph of a real Ferrari Enzo, it is plenty for your little racer. The speed can be limited to 3 mph for beginning speedsters. It has a progressive accelerator and electronic brake for greater responsiveness for little drivers. It has a forward gear with a high-speed lockout feature, a reverse, and neutral gears. The tires are rubber, allowing for greater traction on all surfaces. The rubber tires are a great addition as most ride-on cars come with plastic tires that result in slippery driving. The Ferrari is a single rider car, fitting kids up to 65lbs and 3’6” tall. The battery life is not as long as some other electric cars for kids, but it does come with the battery and charger.

The Ferrari Enzo is the king of motorized cars for kids. For the price, it has the details and function of more expensive mini cars for kids. An additional benefit is that this car comes with a 6-month part replacement warranty. But the biggest benefit is that you’ll have a European high performance sports car parked in your garage. You may even find yourself out waxing and polishing it and making “vroom vroom” noises.

All Terrain Fun

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Just like the real thing!

This is a highly rated electric car for kids that is just as durable and fun to drive as a real Jeep. This vehicle runs on a 12-volt battery, which allows for enough power to be driven at top speeds of 5mph. It has two speeds: a low speed of 2.5 mph and a high speed of 5 mph, which is plenty fast for little people. This jeep has a high-speed lockout feature for little tots or beginning riders. This is a simple screw that keeps the maximum speed at 2.5 mph; when your child is comfortable is drive at faster speeds, the screw can be removed and your child can select between low and high speeds. The jeep also has reverse gear for more realistic driving capabilities. Power lock brakes are a great safety feature. Seatbelts are included, but they appear to be more for looks than they are for safety.

Kids really love driving this jeep because it really is just like a grown-up version. The large treaded tires can drive over just about any terrain- grass, gravel, and pavement. Just remember that the tires are plastic though, so there’re not going to get traction like a rubber tire would. Flat and dry surfaces are best; sometimes the rear wheels don’t get enough traction to go up slopes well. The battery is powerful and holds it charge very well. It does take a full 18 hours to fully charge the battery, but once it’s fully charged it will last a long time of frequent use. Two children can easily ride in the front seat (up to 130lbs), which decreases arguing and fighting over who gets to use it. There’s even a little storage area behind the front seat so you child can stow all his gear. The recommended age on this vehicle is 3 to 7 years; however, though it fits younger children very well, it may be a little cramped for older kids.

Overall, this is a fun and durable all-terrain electric car for kids. The plastic holds up well if your kids tend to crash into things. It drives over most flat terrains and the batteries last a long time. The muscle on this jeep will have your kids tearing around on adventures in no time.

Tips for getting the most enjoyment out of your electric ride on car:

  • Charge the battery for the full amount of recommended time (usually about 18 hours) before it's time for your child to open their gift. They'll want to use it right away!
  • Buy a second battery for the car so your child won't have to wait for recharging.
  • Follow all safety recommendations so no accidents ruin the fun.

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DoTheMath 6 years ago

Oh my goodness, my son would love these. I must admit, if I could fit in one of these, I'd get one for myself!!! It may be the closest I get to getting a Mercedes. Great hub you have here.

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