Creative ways to play with your Silly Bandz

To think that rubber bands that are use to be unattractive which serve not much purpose other than to tie things and make into jumping rope for children are really the thing of the past.

Here we have Silly Bandz which morph common rubber bands into shapely, colorful, glow in the dark bands are creating craze among the people everywhere.

Justin Bieber, Hello Kitty, Dinosaurs, Toy Story and Halloween shapes are some of the packages that I found to be really cool bands to have.

I have thought of a few ways in which we could have fun with Silly Bandz and here they are:

1) Make a belt

Talks are all around about wearing those bands around the wrist which may cause some health hazard. So, to save yourself from any hazards, you can tie each of those bands to make a chain and tie it around your waist as a belt.

2) Scrapbook with bands

If you love to make scrapbooks, then you may want to stick some of your favorite Silly Bandz on them or you can stick them on your diary.

3) Frame it like a picture

People frame their best photos, favorite fabrics and pebbles as house decoration. I think you can do it with these colorful bands too. You can also frame it and give to your friends as a present.

4) Alphabet game


You can have fun with children by asking them to spell out words with Silly Bandz alphabets or have your preschooler guess the names of the alphabets.

5) Keep them in a fish bowl


If you can’t think of a way to store your Silly Bandz, then try keeping them in a fish bowl as your room decoration. Of course, keep them without the water and the fish in.

6) Stack them


You can create a stacking game for children. Place a pole on the floor and ask your children to stand some distance away from the pole. Then ask them to throw those silly bands and see who gets to stack on the pole the most.

7) Earrings


You can make earrings out of them easily. Get some eyepins or French earwires and fasten your favorite band on them.

8) Keychain


Find a loop and tie your favorite bands with the rest of the keys.

9) Christmas ornaments


Instead of those shiny ornaments that you hang on your Christmas tree. Why not try hanging your silly bands on a Christmas tree? This could be fun for a family. But do be cautioned not to place them where your pets or toddler can reach for it. It can prove to be a choking hazard.

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