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Crime City - Getting Started

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have recently downloaded or you are considering downloading the game. This is an excellent game, best in it's class, and I highly recommend it. The game can be played for free, though you will find yourself wanting to spend money on gold! The following guide I've put together is merely to get you started. Once you have the tools, it is up to you to build your Crime City!

So your number 1 goal from the start is to begin building your income. Why do you need income? Well to buy weapons and armor to outfit your "gang". The game revolves around mathematical equations and knowing what the equations are will help you succeed.

Your second goal is to be able to attack and defend against other players. We will explore this shortly.

So, right after starting up the game, it will give you a class option. I highly recommend TYCOON as it will boost your economy. Once you go through the tutorials you will end up in your "hood". This is your home base. Your economy will be built on these grounds and it is your duty to protect it!

Right off the start you will have $3000 and 1x player in your mafia (yourself). Buy the following with your money: 1x Revolver, 1x Baseball Bat, 1x Trench Coat. This will give you a little bit of defense. Next in your hood, build a second laundromat and start upgrading your current laundromat to lvl2 (key note - always be building!). All buildings can be leveled to 10 but it takes a long time and lots of money. Next got into your "Add Mafia" section, then VIP and refresh until you've added 3 mafia members.

The rule of thumb is you can bring 5x mafia members to a fight per level. So at level 2 - get at least 10 members in your mafia. Each mafia member can bring 1 of each weapon type. So your next step is to get the best weapons for each type for your members. Ultimately at the start you want about 30x AK47 30x Brass Knuckles and 30x Armored Gloves.

Tip: DO NOT LEVEL YOUR CHARACTER! Wait till you are making lots of money before leveling your character. When you chose to level you character, do not do the missions. Instead fight/rob for your XP.

Next thing to do is build Ice Cream Shops. You have 10 bars of gold which allow you to build 1x Ice Cream Shop. Go to the section that allows you to earn free gold and do a few of the tasks and earn enough for a second Ice Cream Shop. These buildings are crucial for your economy.

You do NOT want to level past 9. Try to stay under as long as possible. Every time you level though, I suggest you invest your skill points into defense till you reach approximately 40-60. Then invest 1 into attack and 2 into Stamina (you want to have at least 50 stamina). You won't need energy till much later, so I suggest you don't bother investing your points there till you are past level 80.

I suggest you build every building until level 9 and upgrade them as much as possible. Keep adding members to your mafia and save up money to get the high end low character level buildings. These are the Movie Theaters, Lofts, and Night Clubs (you can build 2 of each). These are your ultimate money producers and your ultimate goal. Once you built 2 of each you are ready to power through the game and level up and kill everything around you! This could take a month or two though depending on how often you play. This is well worth it though!


There are three ways to purchase weapons. Using in game money, using respect points, and using gold. Ultimately Gold will buy you the best of the best. But because you will eventually have a mafia of 500 people, you would need about 2000 items which could cost you a fortune in real life! If you have money, then go ahead and purchase what you want! I suggest using gold to buy explosives as they are not consumable items and the vehicles as well tend to be overpowered.

If you want to be cheap, your next best alternative is using "respect points". These are earned by attacking other players. The best way to get LOTS of respect and not level too quickly is by robbing Laundromats. It pays out 2 respect and 1xp on average. Ultimately you want to save ALL your respect points till much later in the game. Night Vision Goggles are almost best bang for buck.

Next is using the in game money earned from income. The "good" stuff is super expensive and will never be as good as the equipment you can buy with gold or respect points. However, if you have 500 people in your mafia, then you might have no choice but to fill in the gaps with these items.

Math Stuff

Defense buildings are useless. Turrets and Gatling guns are the only ones worth buying in my opinion. However the defense shown per level is not accurate. It is speculated that the defense is HALF the base stat. So if you have a base defense of 10 every level afterwards will only increase by 5 defense. Defense buildings will help guard you against robberies and attacks, but is not necessary till further along in the game. Focus on items to defend yourself from the start.

Building Monetary Increase is based on math. The important ones are the buildings available from the start. The payout per level is the best. To find out what your next level will payout use the following equation. LV1-10 Multiply the base by the following 1>3>6>10>15>22>31>42>55>75. So an italian restaurant for instances at level 10 will produce $140x75=$10500 every 3hours.

Wrap Up

So to wrap things up:

  1. Don't Level Up! Be a camper until you are ready to fight the big boys. You level to quickly and are not ready for it, you will be a major target!
  2. Remember to keep your guys fully loaded! Equip them with the best you have available!
  3. ALWAYS BE BUILDING! Always be upgrading one of your buildings. Also keep expanding your territory.
  4. Fight smart. When you go to attack - click rob. When you get to your targets hood, check his stats to make sure you can win the fight!
  5. HAVE FUN! If you have questions or need additional information/resources - go the Funzio game forum. You will find what you need there!

I'll try and answer any questions you may have - good luck and happy hunting!

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HR 4 years ago

Your giude sucks. I have a monster of a character and I don't do most of what you said. Read the how-to in the game. It tells you everything you need to know.

LVL 47

Jobs completed 1,376

Fights won 2197

Fights lost 124

Robberies won 1524

Robberies lost 26

Mafia members 343

Weapons 487

Armors 287

Vehicles 154

Attack 5,242

Defense 6425

No gold spent.

The only people that beat me (once in a blue moon) are people that you can tell probably spent a couple hundred dollars upgrading their character.

Hdstng 4 years ago

331 151 642. Add me

Arab Killa 4 years ago

Yeh I agree with you Hdstng... you left out a lot of key information, your strategy guide may as well be written in crayon. The best strategy is your own. I will make it simple. Spend real money, you will have better things... plain & simple. The game is designed this way for us idiots. This is the reason the gold items are not just a little bit better, they are a fuckload better. Gold, gold, gold... if you decide your going to be a "free" player, your experience will be miserable & you probably wills stop playing. As far as a strategy, there isn't one. Its clear that your stupid strategy will get fucked in the ass by some rich kid with his dad's credit card. Learn as you go... spend real money or don't play. Just being realistic....

ken 4 years ago

914 831 375 add me

Bestever 4 years ago

Add me 789 012 822

add me 710 769 102 4 years ago

Add me 710 769 102

GC 4 years ago

Class: agent

Level: 117

Jobs: 5271

Fights won: 7349.

Lost: 3299

Robberies won: 15390.

Lost: 2385

Mafia: 1899

Weapons: 3942

Armour: 2174

Vehicles: 483

Attack: 22990

Defense: 25861

Income: 27454

I completely agree with this strategy as its allowed me to earn over $400,000.00 daily from robberies. Clearly tycoon is best. Worry about fights later. And don't ve afraid to level daily but you have to be extremely aggressive. As single robbery payouts have exceeded $190,000.00 each time allowing better equipment purchases. Thanks for the grwst guide. Cheers!

ALAN 4 years ago

hhhh i am in lvl 155 and have to say ur guide is ok but u r wrong about spending money in defencev . i think player must spend skill points in stsmina and energy to get best results , good luck for all

Brokenhomeless 4 years ago

I agree 100% with Alan find the best results in using energy and stanima when upgrading,

Join my family & let's rise to the top :) 455 525 597

rens 4 years ago

add me 931 502 488

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homie132 4 years ago

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dobo700 profile image

dobo700 4 years ago from Australia

Sounds like an interesting game, I will give it a go

Goosche 4 years ago

Add me Playing Every minute


Frankie 4 years ago

My code is 723 557 859

dbgjr 4 years ago

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Matthew 4 years ago

I just added everyone on the comments here. Add me back!! 374 660 307

teflondog 4 years ago

you could also just discover things for yourself. ya know, have FUN and PLAY it as a GAME.

Bluristhurr 4 years ago

Don't forget to upgrade all your building to as you go. Ill add everyone and do the same for me please. 681 997 406

Rayns 4 years ago

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Malina 4 years ago

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DamienBlu 4 years ago

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Jeff 4 years ago

Def the key is not to level up to quickly, I got slammed this way. Camp out and grab all your building money for better items until you can start robing that respect. Otherwise it gets crazy frustrating. Of course you can always shell out the dough and have some real fun...

Add me too daily player ... 113 655 840

josh r 4 years ago

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fada 4 years ago

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4 years ago

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born6ftunder 4 years ago

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Riyad 4 years ago

It is a very interesting game. I am enjoining it very much.

Dave 4 years ago

Level 140.. add me i need to get to 500 mafia members.

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sdfsdf 4 years ago

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spider 4 years ago

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AJ 4 years ago

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Jer 4 years ago

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Golgi 4 years ago

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Thomas 4 years ago

235 313 777 Just added everyone here! lets do this!

big Buddah 4 years ago

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Slaton 4 years ago

You guys are funny!!! Im at level 160, my attack is 80*** and my defense is 75*** my income per hour is about 190,000 an hour. And i don't spend gold on this game. The best thing to do is go as far into the levels as possible and defeat the boss's they give you massive exp, money and great rewards.

Mayaman 4 years ago

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fieldrunner 4 years ago

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Crime Tycoon 4 years ago

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Jochem 4 years ago

The question that I can't find the awnser to: Why do I get sometimes more then 3 energy refill?

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hab 4 years ago

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tj 4 years ago

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Dangerous 4 years ago

I've found that if you request an add from those who are stronger than you, then the only one's left to attack are the one's you can win against. Just a tip.

You can also add me 712 799 742. I recently just had to start over because of some stupidity on my end trying to play around with my droid and not registering my game. But at least this time I can do it over the right way.

Dangerous 4 years ago

Oh and I've also noticed that certain buildings will give you more respect points. Warehouses and Diners seem to be the best. I like to accumulate respect points to buy Cars and Armor with.

Z-ro 4 years ago

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Active player 4 years ago

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Micah Luv 4 years ago

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Splashify 4 years ago

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YoDempsey 4 years ago

Thanks, ipOwn, for this nicely written CrimeCity guide. Concerning other people's rants and derision, surely they must know there are almost always multiple win strategies in a game. And teflondog, I understand the motivation behind your comment, but think about the game of Chess and see why your comment isn't necessarily the best advice for *mastering* a game.

Everyone else, I would be honored if you added me to your Mafia group. My code is



Wazinga 4 years ago

You say we should

"Also keep expanding your territory."

I've tried three times now to expand my territory -- once down and left and twice down and right. And of course, I had to pay $12,000 for each attempt. However, my neighborhood hasn't expanded on any of those attempts. Do I have to be at a certain level before this will happen? (Yes, I know, this is probably off-topic, but with all the "smart" people commenting here, I hope someone knows what I might be doing wrong.)

Kader 4 years ago

Hey all add me 681-100-620

and i have some questions

I just played this game with my friends in th same way as thy did but they had at the end of the week 500 attack or something and me 200 why do i haven't that much attack ?

Cindy 4 years ago

Great read!

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baablo 4 years ago

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Big Jim 4 years ago

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DooM 3 years ago

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canny 3 years ago

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stardy 3 years ago

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Murdock 3 years ago

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dresden 3 years ago

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yel 3 years ago

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Splashify 3 years ago

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Splashify 3 years ago

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Dante Inferno 3 years ago

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Cream Mayor 3 years ago

It took a while, but I finally managed to add everyone here. :) Please do the same for me. I am a daily player.

899 362 825 - Thanks! :D

btw I am doing everything wrong according to this guide (and my stats), but I just like doing jobs. ;)

jjey 3 years ago

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mmmo 3 years ago

level 67

30 000 att

35 000 def

without paying any cent(s)

you have to keep in mind that the number of mafia you can use is your level * you have to grow don't have choices.

every mafia menber can be equiped with 5 weapons( attack weapon,melee,armor,vehicule,explosive) choosen automaticly between the best you have

you need to havec one of each for every member you use in battle.

ex : lv50 i can use 250 mafia member il need 250 of each type of weapon.

you can see your stats(how many equipment used) when you fight in the syndicate battle.

if you don't want to pay real money.

-rob and attack other palyer to get a lot of respect point and buy the best weapon you can.

-fight the boss as you can(i can beat him 27 times with the level up)

- open crates every hour (i have recently won a weapon with 1870 attack /1000 def)

-grow and add mafia wisely (i see people with 2000 mafia but they are level40)

my code is 536 589 249

124 289 465 3 years ago

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Rymeh 3 years ago

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dr.yashton 3 years ago

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376 955 023 3 years ago

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Alex 3 years ago

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JM 3 years ago


Thanks for the guide, I will be more hesitant to level up and try to focus on getting a steady economy first. Feel free to add me:

code: 703 835 472

C-Rad! 3 years ago

I accept all mafia requests. Even if you just robbed me. That's part of the game...


mike 3 years ago

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jeepbrew 3 years ago

968 488 655

Level 91

Jobs Completed - 1941

Fights Won - 5103

Fights Lost - 42

Robberies Won - 2731

Robberies Lost - 278

Mafia Members - 1356

Mafia Attack - 27361

Mafia Defense - 36140

IPH - $75134 (and growing)

Code - 968 488 655

Mosubang 3 years ago

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s4s 3 years ago

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GI 3 years ago

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steven 3 years ago

Thanks for the guide. I found some of it useful and other parts to be either wrong or incorrect in parts, no matter though, at least you tried to help

If anyone wants to add me, my code is 274 820 893

Sarthus 3 years ago

I think its funny to see people telling their levels and stats..

and im glad to say i am not the worst player of crime city

Anyway, add me: 282 092 535

Furiyan 3 years ago

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alex 3 years ago

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Mako 3 years ago

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cys 3 years ago

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Bonezee 3 years ago

i have a lvl 83 which i power leveled, fighting and timing all events to get level up exactly when i need them. i don't have much income so i am having to go back and upgrade like hell. 70k def 68k atk

i started a virtual box to play on my computer and am using the strategy outlined in this blog. i am not gonna lvl until i have good gear for all my crew and my buildings are all the way updated. when i hit lvl 10 it will be on like donkey kong!

stone 3 years ago

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joneeey 3 years ago

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GIBB 3 years ago

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jdech3 3 years ago

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Plazma 3 years ago

Just a question if you are going to fight only then how you are going to do the mission which gives you an item which is having around 26k attack and 30k def(single item) ???

dion 3 years ago


taco 3 years ago

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soldierman 3 years ago

Lol to you all.. I joined a good syndicate n camped at lvl 30.. I have 455.963 attack n 641.977 defense.. NO MONEY SPENT

gandy 3 years ago

Im level 80 got 1.8 million attack n 1.9million defense.... He is right the trick is not to level to quick and know when to stop on a ltq

xplay13 3 years ago

I'm level 59 3 million attack and 2.7 million defense have not spent a dime

rahul 3 years ago

my time doesn't pass wen i stop th game...what is the problem help

vyklouz 3 years ago

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daily player, over 250k attack & def. lv 50

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Brett 2 years ago

Everyone on here is hilarious. I am a level 108 and my attack is 4,931,766 and my defense is 5,261,356 and my level 17 mini account can just about beat every stat listed here lmao. Only spend points on energy and stamina. Get about 50 stamina for pvp events and put the rest on energy. Do all events as much as possible for maximum stat increase. Good luck! If you play daily and have over 2.5 mil in stats and your below level 90 your welcome to put in a request with my syndicate. TPB at 736-505-937

sha 2 years ago


'The Psycho Realm' syndicate invite code: 370915504. 2 years ago

'The Psycho Realm' syndicate invite code: 370915504.

Markus 2 years ago

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Parsa 2 years ago

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maudibwest 2 years ago

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yahoo 2 years ago

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Biz 2 years ago

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trifling 2 years ago

thanks for the article c:

add me? ive gone most of this list so, pretty please-

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doug 2 years ago

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Saris 2 years ago

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Jeffer 2 years ago

Some decent tips on here, but again there is numerous strategies that work. Again, I refuse to spend any real $ on this. Currently Level 89 over 7,000,000 in attack and defense. Cheers 704 583 939

Kyle 2 years ago

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Tony 2 years ago

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UP! 15 months ago

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