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The daily crossword puzzle is a type of grid-based word game that can be solved through answering clues. A clue is provided for each word going horizontally and vertically in the puzzle. The beginning space of each word is numbered and words interlock in the puzzle so that each square is part of both a vertical and horizontal word.

Unused spaces are blacked out. White spaces will contain a letter. Daily crossword puzzles can be found in newspapers, online, or in puzzle magazines that are purchased in retail stores. Everyday crossword puzzles are some of the most popular word games in the United States and throughout the world.

How to Play the Crossword Puzzle Daily

To play the daily crossword puzzle, you simply choose a clue to begin working with. Read the clue and determine the answer, then enter the answer into the corresponding place on the puzzle. Clues are arranged in “across” and “down” categories and each clue is numbered according to its place on the puzzle.

When playing a daily crossword puzzle, you may answer the clues out of order and capitalization does not count. For example, 1-down by be a noun that is typically capitalized, but 1-across may not necessarily be a word that is usually capitalized. Most people choose to either write all letters in capitals or all letters in lowercase to avoid confusion.

Crossword Puzzle Strategy and Tips

Crossword Puzzle Strategy

There are many techniques for solving crossword puzzles. The most obvious tip is to simply answer the clues that you know first to get as many letters as possible onto the puzzle. Skim through the clues and input any answers that you definitely know.

A good place to start is with fill-in-the-blank clues. These are usually the easiest ones to answer and often these clues indicate whether or not the answer is an abbreviation. Next, move on to the smallest answers with the fewest number of letters. You can scan the puzzle to find 3 or 4-letter answers and then look up the corresponding clues.

Crossword Puzzle Tips

One of the best tips any daily crossword puzzle addict can benefit from is to use a pencil. Pencil in any guesses rather than using a pen to avoid having to cross out letters on the puzzle. Keeping your puzzle clear and easy to read will make it easier for you to determine answers by looking at what letters you already have to work with.

Playing a crossword puzzle daily can be a lot of fun. If you’ve never tried a crossword, pick up your local newspaper and flip to the puzzle page. You may be surprised to see how much knowledge you have and how easily the answers come.

Crossword Puzzles are 100 Years Old

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