Crysis 3 Release Date – February 2013

Crysis 2 received mixed reviews from both critics and gamers. Some liked it for its great visuals and gameplay and some of them hated it for the same two factors.

As far as visuals were concerned, many gamers believed that they were no different than other sequels of FPS genre games. In that category Fear 2 Project Origin, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, etc. were compared with Crysis 2. Though, Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2 are TPS (third person shooter) games, the reasons to include them were because they too had amazing visuals and gameplay.

Other people/gamers/critics who liked Crysis 2, said that Crysis 2 doesn’t fall under a normal FPS game, because the gameplay was a lot intense and clever than its competitors. Stealth and melee attacks were far more impressive than the likes of Splinter Cell Conviction and Resident Evil 5, respectively. Again, Crysis 2 was being compared with TPS (third person shooter) games, rather than with Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams and Left for Dead 2.

Crysis 2 Has Amazing Visuals and Tones

Crysis 2
Crysis 2
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2
Dead Space 2
Dead Space 2

So... now we have two groups around Crysis 2 with some positive reviews and some negative reviews. But in the end, what matters is that Crysis 2 won by miles from its competitors. So... it was only fair to speculate a release of Crysis 3 or may be something related to the story of Tunguska Iteration (a substance that was able to increase capability of Alcatraz nanosuit to fight Ceph’s spore).

Also, Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli pointed it out that CryEngine 3 could handle pretty much any game that their competitors were developing or have already developed but their engine would not suffice for the power needed to handle Crysis 2. The statement may have been farfetched but it certainly gave away a hint of something that he was planning to do with CryEngine 3 to make Crysis 3 the most amazing FPS game ever.

Crytek's CryEngine 3

What is 4th Dimension?

Possibilities are endless and Crysis 2 left us wanting for more. The story is still left out about how Ceph got the whole world surrounded without the big powers even realizing it. Also, we heard a transmission, when Prophet (I guess, if it wasn’t Alcataraz) gets back in the suit again and stands up to fight for future, from Karl Rasch (CEO of Hargreave-Rasch Corporation) signalling that there were more to come and much to happen.

Now... based on our experiences with EA on previous release dates of Crysis, one can only assume that after 2011, they need at least 3 years of time span to develop the game.

Release date of 2011 does not mean that they started developing Crysis 2 just after the release of Crysis Wars. Just like that, through a reliable source and my very good friend, Akash Verma, I came to know that they started developing the storyline of Crysis 3 back when Crysis 2 was announced and that would be like 1st of June 2009.

As far as the development of game is concerned, it was being developed somewhat parallel to Crysis 2 (not completely but to a little extent to include features that gamers alright liked). Keeping that in mind, the earliest possible year of release date of Crysis 3 seems to be 2013 and the month appears to be April (just a guess).

Right now, one of the biggest rumours about Crysis 3 is regarding support for Quad-HD and 4D (Fourth Dimension Gaming).

Yeah! I know that 4th dimension is Time. But in terms of gaming, by 4th dimension, I mean playing in the game in itself. Like those sci-movies where you actually feel everything.

Like Matrix, only difference is that you won't actually die in Crysis 3 when shot.

4th Dimension Explained by Cosmos Carl Sagan

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panteleeza 4 years ago

не стоит оговаривать магазин - все здесь хорошо и асортимент нормальный. а главное это цены)) почти же даром))) ну по крайней мере цены очень доступные всем)

DeathNote34 4 years ago

i thought crysis 2 was a very good game an i can not wait intill crysis 3 gets here ive beat it plenty of times getting ready for the 3rd one it is a very good game awesome game play killer graphics also a very good story line so i really cant complain an i still play it online..but what can i say it is one of the greatest games i gave played so i have high hopes for the 3rd one as well dont let us down crytek

Zack rolfe 4 years ago

i hope that the game is dun and out on the market's and the limited edition box content is worth $60 keep the development up and get it finished

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Crysis 2 wasn't all that easy Shin0bi272, of course you will deny it because you could finish it with few weapons. There are many gamers who felt that it was great fun and there are many new comers who were introduced to the vast world of Crysis with Crysis 2 and it got them hooked.

So, don't tell me if Crysis 2 wasn't fun to play. Also, Crysis 3 may be set in both City and Forest scenarios because it will conclude the story of Crysis by telling what Prophet actually found at Tunguska and what Hargreave and Rasch planned for the suit when they first designed it together. Of course Hargreave is dead but we will play in two phases of the game, one in the present and other, in the past!

I am sure it would be fun. Also, as far as the fourth dimension is considered, I was only making a superficial comment on how gaming world is evolving. It had nothing to do with actual 4th dimension of practical world.

Shin0bi272 4 years ago

To show how easy crysis2 was I just finished running through it using only pistols, melee, and explosives on the big enemies like pingers that you cant shoot with a gun and kill. Sure it looks nice (looks nicer on pc of course with that dx11 patch), and plays smooth (usually) but as a game it was boring, one dimensional, and easy. If crysis 3 is anything like crysis 2 I wont be buying it.

Also a 4th dimension could be anything you want it to be. The generally accepted dimension is time but it could be temperature. With the power in these high end video cards that might not be a bad idea. The game wont run if your video card gets above a certain temperature. LOL.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

That would be great TheLoobster. But there is one problem, I don't know why, but Co-Op mode doesn't seem to be feasible with the main story. Nevertheless, I still want it to happen.

Consider the example of Mass Effect 3, the multiplayer demo that Bioware released on 14th February is great. However, it would have been greater and fun to play the two missions, that they rolled out with the demo, in co-op mode.

I mean, we fought side by side with David Anderson, imagine how fun it would have been if one of our friends were controlling him and we, as Commander Shepherd.

I have too keep in mind that though co-op games are coming throughout 2012, I don't think if any of them would feature Co-op in main story.

However, if you do come across such game, whether PC or Xbox 360 or PS 3, please do let me know. :)

TheLoobster 5 years ago

I do hope that Crysis 3 will feature co-op so I can play the single player part with my friends. there would also be frigging epic if there was some kind of alien mode, like some spec ops missions where one play as human and one as alien.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Cheers to that Prophet. I'd love to kick some ass with my friends too. I just hope that it sets new ground for upcoming shooter games in future. :)

PROPHET 5 years ago

god i just love crysis 2 its like the best game ever. even when it gets hard and i die alot i still cant get enough of it. i cant wait till crysis 3 comes out but i hope they make it co-op because id love to be able to play with friends online or at home.

Prophet Alpha 5 years ago

I friggin' love Crysis 2. People are all: "CoD is way better". No it's not. Crysis gives you Nanopowers and a Longer Campaign and all round better Multiplayer. I don't really notice how good the graphics are, because the game is just so much fun. I advise you to buy a copy. This is my Second Fav Game, behind Reach.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

we'll see Alkatraz, we'll see soon enough! :)

alkatraz 5 years ago

jst loved crysis 2. keep up the good wrk. waiting eagerly for 2013 but if ya all can jst speed it up a bit.

ShadowWalker 5 years ago

crysis 1 made my computer scream in pain

crysis warhead made my computer scream just a little louder

crysis 2 made my computer fall to its knees and cry in so much pain it ate the disk scrached and melted to hell from spin death

what i didn't like about crysis 2 was that the AI was actualy unrealistly stupid i shall explain

crysis 1 cloak aproch decloak kill cloak 75% of the time if i wasn't carefull of souroundings i get lit up

crysis 2 droped the whole squid army in front of their friends didn't get hit once from carelesness

Another thing i don't like about the crysis saga the sute is a tool not a nesasity i beat crysis 1 using only strenth and speed no sheild no cloak

i bead crysis 2 in the same manor aside from when you neaded to use armor mode as part of story factors

lastly the thing i didn't like about crysis 1 or 2 no co-op mode if there were lots more targets and 2-4 sutes running around that would be like da bomb

aside from all that after demolishing disk i went d2d i have beat the campain 182 times working on 183 on post human warror beaten it 300+ times in general

I Love PVE FPS games and wish i could enjoy crysis 2 campain with friends but singel player is cool too

Tempuz 5 years ago

Im a sucker for FPS games. And used to be part of the elite in online fps-gaming as well.

However, time goes by and priorities change, fps-wise that was from online gaming to singleplayer.

Sadly, during the last years all fps-based games (cept for a few) have been based mostly on having an awesom multiplayer part (which I can understand) but somewhat left the singleplayer enthusiasts in the dark.

Crysis 1 and up until Crysis 2, didnt say me much. Mostly because my computer wasnt able to handle much more than low quality.

Crysis 2 changed that!

And to get to the point. Crysis 2 has been my BEST fps-singleplayer experience BY FAR, in quite a few years.

I used to like Medal of Honor and the sequels. But this was just in another league.

I've been recommending Crysis 2 to all my friends, that have somewhat similar wishes of fps-gaming, without hesitation. Crysis 2 is win - nothing else.

louie 5 years ago

i must say crysis 2 is by far the best game i have ever played, it gives you a completely different sensation in the battlefield , far superior to cod...the only down part i m ust say is the snipping on multiplayer its not very accurate , something you coud improve for crysis 3 (cant w8)... best wishes , and good job crytek youve maid a lot of people out there happy people ;)

Harshith 5 years ago

Yeah, Crysis 1 has best graphics in one style and Crysis 2 has also the best graphics in other style and we can't compare crysis 2 with it's predecessor. Anyways, both the games are GREAT, It is my 1st top game, I like the plot very much and I cant wait for Crysis 3, which should be the next best game of the year.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Dear Kantenota,

Crysis 1 had its own class and style but Crysis 2 is at a whole different level, style and tone.

You can't possibly compare them because both of them pose a different storyline, gameplay and environment.

Crysis 1 presented forest environment while Crysis 2 presents a battle in NewYork city.

You may say that you don't care about Crysis 2 (that's what I deduced from your statement), but it is not possible to compare Crysis 1 and 2 fairly.

So, go make your discriminating comments on Crytek's forums. Not here!

kantenota 5 years ago

I hate crysis 2. Crysis 1 is a million times better and you cannot change that. CRYSIS 2 can go up my butt.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Crysis 2 really is in my top 3 games. Actually it is at no. 1 spot. I loved it so much that I couldn't just uninstall it from my system. After such a long time I still play it now and then.

Next sequel is bound to feature Karl Rasch and probably a storyline telling us why he made the suit and what his real intentions were. was he trying to get a secret Alien technology that only the suit would understand or anything else? We will know when a demo or some hands-on review comes along later this year or probably next year.

therealdeal 5 years ago

Crysis 2 would rate in my top 3 favorite games, I can beleive that it will take a long time to make another one because the graphics alone are, by far, the best I have ever seen in a game. Thanks for a great game and try and make the next one even more kick-butt if that is possibe

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Hannes Bergh, Crysis 2 is one of my most favorite games as well. I loved it so much that I still play it when I find time. It is just so refreshing and great that I just can't make myself to uninstall it. I am waiting for Crysis 3 as well, desperately!

Thanks for reading the article Hannes and taking your time to comment.

Hannes Bergh 5 years ago

It was the best game i ever played. Can't believe i must wait untill 2013 for the next release, but i can't wait to play it. I'm from South Africa. Thanx for the great game.

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