Customized Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Expecting a baby adds so many things to the "to do" list that it makes sense to find quicker ways to get them all done on time. The tension grows with anticipation as preparations are made to welcome the new arrival into the family. Time can be saved by using helpful tips from online sites with everything from colors for the baby room, as well as the choices of clothes, toys and crib. 

Coming up with your own ideas

Designing baby shower invitation templates isn’t difficult. Come up with a the ideas that you want to put on it – perhaps a photograph of the close-ups of baby’s hands and fee, some wording, and the right colour. If you are struggling for inspiration, then just look online without actually buying, or even walk down to the local mall and have a look at the offerings in the local stores.

Celebrating the expectant Mother and new baby is made easier by using printable baby shower invitations right from the computer. These invitations are downloaded from the many web sites that offer pre-designed cards with art work and can be customized for the very special event.

Each card is designed with a special work of art such as baby footprints to signify the unique person coming into the family, which looks forward to the days when the baby explores the surrounding world. Some designs are of the traditional stork imagery that has been printable baby shower invitations announcements for generations. The baby block alphabet is another simple image to enjoy in anticipation of the baby on the way. There are many designs to choose from when searching for printable baby shower invitations cards.

Show You Love Them by Throwing a Shower 

Getting the invitation wording right

It’s worthwhile making any baby shower invitation wording personal, and the best way is to write down your own verse. You can really reflect the experience of joy that you have had of the birth of your baby, and it will be completely different from anyone else’s. You could then either get a local artist who is good at calligraphy to write it up for you and you could frame it, or put it onto some archive quality paper and frame it for the nursery.

Throwing a baby shower for a close friend or family member is a wonderful way to express a helpful attitude and commitment. It is a way of telling an expecting Mother how much they are loved and that the baby is anticipated by everyone. Choosing gifts for the baby is a fun way to help the Mother prepare for a new life. She has a lot on her mind at this time and will feel the love of friends and family during this time. Blankets or clothes for the baby are always welcome and these gifts become personal expressions of the love of the giver. Getting ready for the baby shower is simple to do with printable baby shower invitations for boys or girls.

Food for the party

It’s not good to get in a lather about whether or not you have made the right baby shower food choice. There are many things to worry about in baby showers, the food is just one part. However, once the food is sorted, the other things like decorations seem much easier to plan. Do be aware though that medically it is advisable for new mums and mums-to-be to avoid certain food and drink for the sake of the baby. If you aren’t sure then consult sensitively with the mum.


Entertaining at the baby shower is an enjoyable experience that allows each guest to share in the happiness of the expecting Mother.  It’s always worth letting people know what is expected of them when they arrive at a party, and part of the printable baby shower invitations should detail games that might be played. This type of participation creates a wonderful sense of companionship that the women can enjoy. Share the love and beauty of Motherhood with friends and family with a baby shower celebration.

Shower party gift ideas

Choosing the right baby shower gift ideas depends a lot on the time of the birth and the shower party: which comes first. After all, you don’t want to go buying a new mummy care bag for after the birth and in the hospital if they have already had the baby! Also, don’t be afraid of putting something more expensive on the list if you are responsible for compiling it. It might be that a few friends club together to buy something bigger. Cater for the person who can’t afford as much though, and suggest vouchers from a local baby outlet. Suggesting one particular outlet is a lot better idea since having a few vouchers from a few places often means you can’t get something larger if you wanted to!

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