Cyclaws RC Vehicle | The Remote Controlled Car with Claws That You Control

The Cyclaws Remote Controlled Vehicle

Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle
Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle

Wheels have transforming action

Can be done manually or R/C.

Body of vehicle is designed in a futuristic style.

Undercarriage of vehicle when flipped robot appears in driver seat.

Batteries: rechargeale nickel hydrogen 9.6V included. Transmitter: 9V battery (not included)


Cyclaws The RC Vehicle with Claws

The Cyclaws is the remote controlled vehicle that transforms into the ultimate radio controlled vehicle when it's wheels turn into claws and give you the traction needed to get through those tough spots. The Cyclaws wheels automatically transform when it's wheels feel resistance from the ground on which it is driving, and the claws come out. Leaving that rough ground in it's dust. This RC vehicle will do all sorts of stunts it flips, turns and spins 360° for a fun and exciting experience that you just don't get with other radio controlled vehicles.

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Cyclaws Radio Controlled VehicleCyclaws Remote Controlled VehicleThe Cyclaws Remote ControlThe Cyclaws Remote Contorlled Vehicle
Cyclaws Radio Controlled Vehicle
Cyclaws Radio Controlled Vehicle
Cyclaws Remote Controlled Vehicle
Cyclaws Remote Controlled Vehicle
The Cyclaws Remote Control
The Cyclaws Remote Control
The Cyclaws Remote Contorlled Vehicle
The Cyclaws Remote Contorlled Vehicle

See Cyclaws in Action

How Do The Claws on The Cyclaw Work

The claws on The Cyclaws can function in different ways. You can choose to open the claws manually or by radio control or when The Cyclaws is in contact with tough terrain the wheels change into claws and will do what even some all-terrain RC vehicles won't and crawl over some of the roughest terrain even fallen tree branches.

On and Off Road Action

The Cyclaw is perfect for racing other remote controlled cars. It's sleek form makes it one of the best racing RC's in it's price class. Then as for off roading it will go where no other vehicle of it's kind will go.

Run into rocky rough terrain and the wheels change into claws that help this RC vehicle crawl and or flip over the obstacles in it's path. The other guys remote controlled car? Well they're still back on the pavement looking on in envy of your new Cyclaws.

When in open claw mode The Cyclaws will flip, spin, do wheelies and other tricks as if it has a mind of it's own. When the vehicle flips over it will reveal a racer on the undercarriage of the car. He appears to be outstretched as if he were on some futuristic luge type vehicle and ready for action.

Specs for The Cyclaws

Length: 11.0 in. (279mm)
Front Width: 10.125 in. (257mm)
Rear Width: 10.125 in (257mm)
Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.36 Kg)
Wheelbase: 7 in. (178 mm)


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