DJoslin's Minecraft Trap Door Mod

This is a mod that has been a very long time coming, a trap door mod that allows you not only to create doors on the horizontal plane, but also allows you to make secret places of extreme secretness.This is great news for people who have been designing ships, secret hideaways or who, like me, find stairs to be a waste of precious Minecrafting space. Why devote a wall to stairs and have a big hole in your ceiling to accommodate the player as they go up them when you can simply have a single hatch to rule them all?

The mod adds two new crafting recipes, allowing to to craft both a wooden trap door, which can be operated manually, and an iron trap door, which will require redstone activation. A wood trap door is created with four wooden planks in a square with a stick placed below them, the iron door is created with five iron ingots.

In the creator's video you will see that there are blocks behind the doors, making them quite obvious. In the case of wooden trapdoors, the block behind the door on the surface is not necessary, however it does help in the placing of the block. Iron doors, on the other hand, will require a block behind them in order for them to be powered due to the fact that the trapdoor technically isn't touching other blocks when it is placed alone. This means that you can have ladders running right up under your trapdoor, which is a minor aesthetic point, but a point none the less.


The mod requires Rigasumi's ModLoader, which I once found quite problematic, but which now seems to behave itself and be rather useful, and Shockah's More ID's, a mod that adds new block ID's to the game so that the new block types can be recognized and not cause conflicts with existing blocks.

Other mods of interest:

The Trap Door mod is set to become the most popular of DJoslin's mods, but whilst you're on his forum thread, stop a while to see if his other creations might interest you. There's quite a nifty redstone signal transmitter that allows you to transmit redstone signals 'wirelessly' up to 75 blocks, allowing you to activate circuits remotely. If you're a bit of a redstone technician, this mod is going to make you happier than a bath full of warm custard.


Download DJoslin's Trap Door Mod

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