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DOTA 2 excites me most among all new game titles released today. I love playing DOTA way back my college years as it is our way to relieve stress. Our group simply visits the nearest internet café after school and enjoys DOTA. Valve simply remodeled the entire DOTA interface and characters keeping all the exciting features which hooked millions of players worldwide. To show how excited I am to play DOTA 2 with my friends, here are several wallpapers I personally made about this game. I hope you’ll be thrilled about the game as well just like me by watching these DOTA 2 wallpapers HD.



The intensity of DOTA was carried on its second version. You have numerous heroes to choose from making each game different from any other. Moreover, Valve previously announced that all the DOTA 2 heroes are playable for free which is definitely great news for everyone like me who can’t wait to play their favorite DOTA heroes with their new models. This DOTA 2 wallpaper shows how the game’s hero clashes can be so exciting. You’ll definitely be at the edge for your feat once Night stalker is on your tail or if you are about to initiate a clash with Stone Giant.


Drow Ranger has the agility and kiting ability that can be compared to only a few. Her first skill will guarantee that you won’t be going anywhere while his second skill is a perfect solution to enemy heroes who rely on invisibility. On the other hand, Drow Ranger’s third and ultimate skills increase her attack capabilities. If you farm well enough and purchase the right items, this hero can lead a team towards victory during late game. Simply look at Drow Ranger’s eyes on this wallpaper and you’ll realize how determined she is to vanquish the Scourge once and for all.


This DOTA 2 wallpaper focuses on Bounty Hunter. He is an agility type hero with excellent carry capabilities. His skills suggest that the best way to use this hero is to hit and run. He can render even the toughest hero squishy with his ultimate skill while keeping their cloaking skills useless. If you dare to run, his Shuriken Toss will finish you off instantly. Ganking Bounty Hunter won’t be a piece of cake as well with his ability to be invisible in a short period of time. He is surely a great pick especially for DOTA 2 players who love to kill and kill some more!



Pudge is undeniably one of the toughest heroes in DOTA 2. His third skill enables him to withstand even the most devastating spells. He is known as the butcher for nothing as his first skill can grab the first unit that comes across with its path and pull it near. This skill works perfectly with his second and ultimate skill which requires Pudge to be near an enemy unit so they can render damage. This DOTA 2 wallpaper is not mine. Yet I included it in my collection as it clearly shows how corrupt and horrifying Pudge is.

This wallpaper features some of the many heroes that you can play in DOTA 2. Each of them boasts unique and strong skills making each DOT 2 game thrilling and fun.

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sujithbeta 4 years ago from Kerala, India

good hub.interesting game too

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Thank you. ^^

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