DOTA Hero Tips: Alchemist

Alchemist is probably the best farmer in DOTA. His third skill enables you to gain more gold from every successive kill. Paired with his first skill which bring upon AOE DPS, Alchemist can easily out-farm enemy heroes and defeat them by simply having superior items. Being a strength hero allows him to tank as well. His last skill greatly increases his health regeneration enabling him to even tank towers. Alchemist is preferred by both beginners and professional DOTA players mainly because of his second skill. It packs a huge damage and a long stun. This skill made Alchemist not only a perfect farmer and tank but a ganker as well. What more would you ask for from a hero? However, using Alchemist effectively is not as easy like most of you may think. To help you out, here are a few guidelines about what your roles is in every part of a DOTA game.

Early Game

Choosing the right starting items for Alchemist will entirely decide whether you can farm effectively or not. Focus on mana regeneration. He’s a strength hero so he already has a decent health regeneration rate. Boost your mana points as well so you can spam his first skill early on where it’s more effective. This skill will not only help you farm but also ward off enemy heroes and stop them from last hitting your creeps. You should deny your creeps and let your ally carry do the last hits. Don’t worry about not killing creeps in the early part of the game since it will be easy for you to be rich during the mid and late game. Your ally carry needs more items to survive and be effective. Arcane boots is a perfect for Alchemist. A crow and bottle combination is also a good choice but only if you are assigned in the mid lane or if no one in your team needs the runes.

Mid Game

You should go with your team during ganks. Your stun is exceptional especially in chasing enemy heroes. Nonetheless, be extra cautious since your skill can go back at you if not casted on an enemy hero at a certain period of time. Timing is a must. As he turns red, cast it immediately so you’ll achieve the skill’s full effect. Doing so maybe quite risky yet many professional DOTA players can go around with this skill easily through constant practice and good decision-making skills. Most Alchemist users rush Radiance. This is indeed a very strong item. However, we must always remember that the effectiveness of this item depreciate as the game progresses. If you think you’ll be able to purchase all its requirements before the late game then do so.

Late Game

Your tanking power will be measured on this stage of the game. Your stun should be used to disable enemy carry. Depending on the situation, you can also purchase support items such as Mekansm and Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight.You’ll find it very easy to purchase these support items given you can farm a lot faster than any other DOTA Hero. These items will greatly protect you and your allies during clashes. Keep in mind that most DOTA games are decided by one late game clash so always stay close to your allies during this stage of the game.

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