DOTA Hero Tips: Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is one of my favorite strength heroes in DOTA basically because of his tanking and hitting capabilities. What more can you ask for from a hero who can survive even the strongest physical and spell damage while boasting high attack and strong set of skills? He is usually assigned as a team’s carry but he can also greatly perform as a tanker. Another good thing about Dragon Knight is that his last skill adds a splash effect on every attack at last level. This made Dragon Knight even more destructive as he can damage more than one hero at a time. Nevertheless, there is more to this hero that most of us know. To help you deep understand the role of Dragon Knight in every stage of a DOTA game, here are a couple of simple yet proven effective guidelines.

Early Game

Like most strength heroes, Dragon Knight often survives that early part of the game easily despite having a melee range. With his third skill, only a few heroes can harass him to a certain point where he can’t farm. With the right items, Dragon Knight can simply spam his first skill to gain both experience and money while harassing enemy heroes along the way. He can definitely take the mid lane. In this situation, a bottle and flying courier is imperative to support his mana needs. Dragon Knight is also perfect on the top or bottom lane especially if pared with a hero who has a good set of skills that can disable or cripple enemy heroes. His second skill is one of the longest stun in the game. If Dragon Knight is paired with the right hero, a kill is almost assured. Keep in mind that Dragon Knight is dependent to level. Reaching level 16 as early as possible to max your last skill should be your main goal. As the team’s carry, don’t forget to farm and aim for items that can make you be more effective during the late stage of the game.

Mid Game

Dragon Knight’s second skill is a perfect ganking tool. It has very low mana cost so you can spam it. He is also a good chaser as his last skill adds a substantial amount of movement speed. Most pub gamers use Lothar’s edge to further intensify Dragon Knight’s ganking capabilities and to serve as an escaping mechanism as well. Purchasing a helm of dominator should be on a case to cases basis. There are some situations where life boosting items such as vanguard or items that can protect you from spell damage like hood of defiance should be preferred. Don’t forget that life steal is only effective if you can attack so it’s not advisable if most enemy heroes have disables. If this is the case, purchasing a Black King Bar as soon as possible is imperative.

Late Game

This is the part of the game where Dragon Knight’s power is greatly felt. With the right items, he can kill even the toughest enemy tankers and carries. The only way to counter Dragon Knight is to disable him as much as possible. Silencing him won’t work. Your team should consider him as the first target. Dragon Knight is a versatile hero who is good pick for both beginners and professional DOTA players.

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