DOTA Rattletrap guide (item strategy)

Quick tips

  • Never buy a radiance on Rattletrap. You have rocket flares for slowly whittling someone's health.
  • You generally want items that work well for short durations, such as having someone in a cog prison. A mask of madness for example.

Clockwork Goblin Story

The by-product of Goblin technological weapon research during the old War, Rattletrap the Clockwerk Goblin was shut away into storage for countless decades until the Sentinel found and reactivated him. Combat-wise, this goblin's capabilities know few bounds; his body is stocked with a huge array of armaments that destroy targets both near and far with ease. However, his mettle has yet to be proven to his Sentinel comrades.

Rattletrap DOTA hero selection image
Rattletrap DOTA hero selection image

Rattletrap items

This short guide assumes you're already familiar with this hero. If you're not, you should probably check out the Clockwork Goblin DOTA guide first. It'll explain how to play him during a game.

Here's a selection of popular items for Clockwerk and our thoughts on them:

  • Dagon: This one doesn't make any sense, but I see it often in DOTA pub games. Perhaps people miss their hookshots, or try for rocket flare kills?
  • Mask of Madness: A great item for any occasion. The extra attack speed is a godsend while someone is trapped due to power cog. You can also use it to chase after heroes who you might've missed. A much better solution for Rattletrap than that energy burst Dagon stick.
  • Cranium Basher: It works well when mixed with attack speed increasing items. This'll help you survive your prison ambushes and has a good stun synergy with battery assault.
  • Satanic: Much like the mask of madness, toggling this while you've got someone trapped will do wonders. The lifesteal bonus should (if both DOTA heroes are on even standings) always give Rattletrap the win.
  • Shiva's Guard: Works amazingly well mixed with hookshot. This is a great way to begin fights with your teammates if you work together. You can also use it combined with hookshot & an escape mechanism to harrass effectively if no one can disable.
  • Aghanim's Scepter: Greatly improves your ultimate. Whether or not it's worth it all depends on how much you like clockwerk hooks. The upgrade has another bonus! It lets you hook on to allies, dragging you out of combat. Be careful however if you're used to aiming them through your friends...
  • Heart of Tarrasque: This is often a poor choice due to Rattletrap's lack of damage normally. Save it until later in the game if you'll need it. The goblin works best taking people by surprise, or at lower than normal health from previously hitting them with flares.
  • Lothar's Edge: Allows you to sneak up for that surprise battery and cog. It's fun! Being invisible also lets you save your hookshot to get out if you have to.
  • Phase Boots: A very bad choice! Not because they're bad, but because they don't let you escape from your own cogs. This is something to easily forget during a hot & heavy team battle.

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What do you buy on Rattletrap? 2 comments

Jethro 6 years ago

That item build is noobish...mask of madness is a must have...battlefury helps a lot, hood of defiance helps to take up some of the nuking when initiating as well as good regen early game, heart helps him to tank up, hand of midas surprisingly works well and allows you to buy phase boots instead of power treads...Radiance can also work well...

frank 6 years ago

horrible item guide imo. Phase boots are good for catching heroes and trapping them, why would you want to escape from your own cogs? You can just attack them once, it takes about a half second. Clockwerk does not need any damage items, his base attack speed and damage are rather horrible, and his emphasis should be on tanking, initiating, and supporting. If you play clockwerk well, you will utilize the help of carries and nukers who will kill heroes you trap and slow and stun. Mask of Madness is sometimes a decent pub game item, because it compensates for your terrible attack speed, but satanic is horrible. You deal some of the lowest physical dps in the game. You should not buy lifesteal for the sake of lifesteal. If you insist on going a dps build, assault cuirass is the best dps item because it assists your tanking and makes up for your lack of attack speed, while giving great team auras. Shiva's is also great because of its auras and aoe slow. Clockwerk is an initiator tank, not a dps hero. Think pudge. Do you get dps items on pudge? The build should be similar for clockwerk.

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