DT Diaries Part 4

The Story So Far

In Part 3, I discovered the Great Wall is evil, found a herb and did some fishing.

Part 4 New Friends

Kayla gave me 100btm to buy a herb licence, when I found a herb, but there was no one around to collect it, so that’s how I went herbing with a licence for the first time, hehe. Kayla showed me the herb hotspots and told me to:

“Get ready to find some herbs with Emp and others!”

Kayla and Emp were scouting, so I had some help looking and there were quite a few herbs around at that moment. The licence lasts 24 hours real time, so I spent quite a lot of time looking, and it was not just the herbs that were growing, my then short friend list was too. I had Kayla and another player called Aidier, who had been scouting for herbs on it now.

50btm herb
50btm herb

It was not long after this, when I was herbing again myself, that I picked a herb for a level 1 Noqnae ;), it seemed strange and new then, but little did I know, how much better I’d get to know him. I couldn’t visit him for some reason so he told me where he was, and said:

“I’m still here,” with a smiley face after it, as he frequently does.

It was shortly after that I found a 50btm herb, I could say it was because Noqnae was having a good effect on me already : ), it was not hidden at all; there are advantages to being the only one around with a licence, hehe.

After that we started talking a little, and he pm’d me saying he saw ch (another player) carrying something that looked like a pink halter, and chasing a monkey, lol. It was only much later that I learned what it really was: the anhui slush drink. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t like me now, I thought that was funny.

Later, as if introducing a character in a story, although this actually happened, I was just standing in the town centre, when Artifex ran past me and started kicking a bench nearby. Little did I know then also, that was just like a preliminary introduction. I’d be having a lot more to do with Artifex later too.

It was around this time I started talking to Supadupajenkins as well, by asking him if jasta berries were any good, he was buying seeds at the time. I was starting to talk to more different people at this time, before this, I hadn’t talked to a lot of people, mostly Superthc, Kayla and Bitdrago.

My friend list at about that time
My friend list at about that time

This was before i had added Kayla and Aidier even, but roughly the same time. Supa had randomly added me already, before i'd really talked to him.

Now it seems a bit strange that my friend list was so short then, lol.

Hint: Use the /friend command to add people to your friend list, and it certainly makes the game more fun when you have more friends on the game. Remember, its not just a casino, it's an MMO casino ;).

I just find that some things e.g. games are fun, but they are even more fun when played with other people. I personally make effort with that part of the game, not just the game part of it. It does make a big difference.

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noq 4 years ago

Dear Stripes, thank you. Knowing that I have a good effect on you makes me both blush and feeling happy. It's a very nice compliment. And I want to thank you for having a good effect on me :-)

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