Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

First Thoughts: Playing the Worlds

I have wanted this game for a while and finally ordered it right before I went on vacation last month. Today was my first chance to play it. I really enjoyed playing the game. It was pretty easy to make it through the first World of levels, but it was entirely enjoyable. I will admit I still do not get all the timing right, but I was playing easy mode and never failed a level. I think it will be fun to try the mini games and the workout feature when I have time. I am especially interested in the workout feature because the main reason I got it was to do that with my mom as a fun way of exercise for her to do. While this game can be kind of expensive, I think it is entirely worth it.


After More Playing

I am extremely confused with the workout mode. I figured out how to enter my information, but I have no idea how to get it to be calculating calories. It seems like it is supposed to calculate when you are in Story mode, but it always says zero in my profile when I go back. I totally gave up on it doing the calculating. It is still fun anyways and counting the calories burned is not a big deal to me, as I just usually go by minutes worked out anyways. The mini game feature is fun, though. You unlock the games by playing the specific ones in story mode. If you have multiple dance pads you can face off against others using this mode. Overall despite my frustration with the calorie thing I really love this game and will continue to play it regualrly.

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joblot 8 years ago from Ringwood

So does your mum still play this game?

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