Dark Orbit Online Game - Tips and Cheats


Hint - Do not text random numbers that people claim to be cheats...

It is arguable that some of these do actually work, but you should be extremely careful to which one legitimate and which ones are not. Do not fall into the trap of making lots of phone calls to random numbers, only to find that you have been ripped off.

Tip - How to make the toolbar and chat menus vanish into thin air...

By pressing "H" whilst in mid-game you can make the toolbar and chat menus dissappear. All you need to do is play the game as normal and it whenever you feel the need. Shield, Minimap and Points will still all be on display.

Tip - How to attack...

This is very simple, just use the laser and rocket attack buttons once you have clicked on your opponent. Simple tip - but very important one!

Tip / Cheat - If you are not playing for real money then don't change stations!

If you don't change ships and you get beaten and destroyed, then you will simply be given a new ship. The benefit is that the new ship will not require you to replace anything, as the equipment you have gained will all stay. This way you are saving your credits (uridium) and you can continue to invest in your new ship.

Hint - Make sure you make the most of your opportunities right from the start!

Early on in the game you should make sure that you buy as much equipment, lasers and ammunition. This will put you in good stead so that you are not using credits continiously in the opening stages of the game. You will need to re-stock and upgrade throughout the game.

Hint - Honor is of great importance

Honor is of great importance. You will not be able to get as many credits for selling your materials. Without honor you will not be able to succeed to your potential in the game because you will be missing an opportunity for greater credits from your space station.

Hint - Do as many quests as possible

By completing more quests you will gain more uridium! You will need to do this to buy all the things you need in order to progress within the game! Don't be lazy and persevere when things are not going to plan.

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