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Dartboard Games - Dartboard Game Rules

The game of darts has been around for sometime now. The game, it's rules and it's style have seen many changes through the years expanding into a variety of different games with different types of rules. Now it is a game that is enjoyed around the world in many pubs and bars.

The game has even became a popular competition. People from all over the world playing in competitions with cash rewards. The game can even bee seen on television competitions on ESPN and other sports based stations.

In this article you will find:

  • A Brief History of The Dartboard
  • Height and Distance to Hang and Mount a Dartboard
  • Board Sections and Scoring
  • Different Types of Games You Can Play With Your Dartboard


A Brief History of The Dartboard

The dartboard has been around since the 1870's. The original name for the dartboard was a 'Butt' from the french word 'Butte' meaning target. It is said that the dartboard may have gotten its' origins from soldiers throwing arrows at the bottoms of casks or tree trunk bottoms.

There have also been many variations on number placement for a dartboard. Many mathematical papers have been published on optimal number placement for game play. However, an American dartboard has 20 numbers from top moving clockwise in this order 20, 1, 18, 4, 13, 6, 10, 15, 2, 17, 3, 19, 7, 16, 8, 11, 14, 9, 12, & 5.

Dartboard Rules - Height and Distance to Hang and Mount a Dartboard

So you want to mount a dartboard? Then you want to mount it to regulation. Start by hanging the dartboard so that the center of the bulls eye is set at 5ft. 8in. from the ground.

Then a line must be drawn at 7 ft. 9 1/4th in. from the face of the dartboard not the wall.

I suggest using a piece of yarn stuck to your dartboard with a dart. Then measuring the piece of yarn with a tape measure and finally using a 6ft. 2x4 to transfer that distance on to the floor. The 2x4 should be longer than 5ft. 8in. so you have room to work. You can use a piece of tape to mark your throwing position on the floor. Now your dartboard is mounted.

Dartboard Rules - Board Sections and Scoring

Alright, now that we have the height and distance down we should turn our attention to the board and what the spaces on the board mean.

The rings on a dartboard are made by using wires that subdivide the board into scoring sections, e.g., if you throw a dart and it hits the outer most ring of the 16 which is marked in green that would be 16 x 2 and you would have 32 points. However, if you hit the next ring in which is also green that would be 16 x 3 which would make your score 48.

The white and black sections of our dartboard are scored as face value. In our example that would be 16 points.

The bulls eye is at the inner most section of the board, and is worth 50 points or in some games you may play 25 for green and 50 for red. With the outer edge of the board where our numbers lie being out of bounds.

Different Types of Games You Can Play With Your Dartboard


In this game you can either start with a score of zero and count up to 501, or you can start at 501 and deduct points as you go. It is best in 501 that you try to aim for the highest numbers on the board.

That is until the game is coming to it's close when accuracy becomes key, because you must end the game with either zero or 501 depending upon weather you started the game with zero in which case you would end with 501. Vice versa if you started the game with 501 your ending score must be zero.

Now, if you go over your target score, say you need to hit the 15 to end the game but you hit 20 your score will be reset back to 15 and you will have to try again after your opponent has his/her turn.

This game can be played with partners taking even turns in rotation until one of the teams has won the game.


This game has the same rules as 501 you are just playing to 301 instead.

Count Up:

This game is also the similar, but the players pick a predetermined number and start game play from that chosen number.

High Score:

This is a simple game and is good for group play, for example you have 5 people who want to play. These 5 people take 3 equal turns and try to get more points than his/her opponents.

Nine Dart Century:

In this game the players take three even turns throwing 3 darts per turn, for a total of 9 darts thrown. The object is to bring your score as close to 100 points as possible without going over. If you go over 100 points or 'Bust" you are out of the game.

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