Delayed Burial (Skyrim mission walkthrough)

Delayed Burial (Skyrim walkthrough).

To start the Delayed Burial skyrim mission you have to speak to a strange jester named Cicero, you will find him just east of Loreius farm; standing next to his wagon in which he is transporting his dead mother's corpse. One of his wagon wheels have fallen of and he asks you for your assistance, saying that the nearby farmer Loreius at Loreius farm has the tools necessary to fix the wheel, but that he refuses to do so. Cicero asks you if you can convince Loreius to fix the wheel, and that he will reward you with gold if you are able to do so.

Mission objectives:

1. - Convince Loreius to fix the wheel (or report Cicero to the guard)

2. - Talk to Cicero (or Vantus Loreius)

1. Convince Loreius to fix the wheel (or report Cicero to the patrolling guard)

The Loreius farm is right next to the site where the wagon has broken down, visit the farm and speak to Vantus Loreius. He says plain out that the reason he has denied to help Cicero is that he does not like him, being a jester and carrying a box which 'could contain war contraband or similar'. At this point you have a choice of either convincing Vantus Loreius to do the right thing and help Cicero out, or report Cicero on a false accusation of having committed a crime (you will have a couple of options here). If you choose to help Vantus Loreius; Cicero will be engaged by the patrolling guard and be arrested. However, if you choose to help Cicero, persuading Vantus Loreius to help fix his wagon wheel, Cicero will be very very happy and reward you with 600 gold for your efforts. It should be said that Vantus Loreius will also reward you with 600 gold pieces if you decide to help him instead. If you do not like Jesters I guess the choice is easy, but surely doing the right thing must count for something? One of those missions were the choice is yours.

2. Talk to Cicero (or Vantus Loreius)

Depending on who you have helped out... speak to that person and they will reward you with 600 cold coins.


- 600 gold coins


Q - Does my choice here affect the story in anyway later in the game?
A - Let us just say your paths will cross again later in the game... if you wonder what I mean with this, just give me a shout in the comments section below; and I'll tell you.

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