Demon Hunter Class Achievements Guide - Diablo 3

This guide will cover the various achievements players can earn relating directly to playing as the Demon Hunter class of hero in Diablo 3, listing them along with their description and information on how to unlock each. These are typically handed out for passing certain milestones in the game, completing a difficult or out of the ordinary task.

Demon Hunter Class Achievements

All of the achievements for Diablo 3 contained on this page relate directly to playing through the game as the Demon Hunter class and performing special feats through the use of that class' abilities.


Diablo 3 Character Class Achievements


  1. I Am Vengeance
  2. Dreamless Sleep
  3. Hell Hath No Fury
  4. Grandmaster Hunter
  5. Disciples of the Night
  6. Death Dealer
  7. Olympian
  8. Death Trap
  9. Longshot
  10. Bleed, You Filth!
  11. But You Can't Hide
  12. Hunter or Hunted
  13. Right Where I Want You
  14. The Madness Contained

I Am Vengeance
I Am Vengeance

I Am Vengeance

Complete Act IV with a Demon Hunter on Normal Difficulty.
Unlocks the Demon Hunter's Crest sigil accent.

Just beat the game all the way through on the starting difficulty, normal, with your Demon Hunter.

Dreamless Sleep
Dreamless Sleep

Dreamless Sleep

Complete Act IV with a Demon Hunter on Nightmare Difficulty.

Hell Hath No Fury
Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury

Complete Act IV with a Demon Hunter on Hell Difficulty.

Like a hunter scorned...

Grandmaster Hunter

Complete Act IV with a Demon Hunter on Inferno Difficulty.
Unlocks a banner sigil.

Like it is mentioned elsewhere, making it through Inferno is best done in a party of players.

Disciples of the Night

Reach level 60 with 2 Demon Hunters.

Probably one best saved for later until you've maxed out one of all the other classes, or something to look forward to if you're attempting to play a hardcore version.

Death Dealer
Death Dealer

Death Dealer

Equip a Cloak and a Hand Crosswbow at the same time.

Basically an achievement for wearing the two hunter specific items at the same time. You can find these items pretty early into act 1 or just buy one from a vendor. Hand Crossbows allow the Demon Hunter to duel wield ranged weapons and cloaks are chest pieces which often come with DH specific bonuses like hatred regeneration.

Using vault for the Olympian achievement.
Using vault for the Olympian achievement.


Use vault 6 times in 10 seconds.

For the Olympian achievement in Diablo 3, you will need to take the Preperation skill and the Vault skill with the Tumble rune to make every other vault used cost less resources. With a full discipline bar, spam the Vault ability until drained then trigger Preperation to restore it completely and spam again. You can easily make the time limit as Vault has a pretty quick animation, and the resources available to you can actually allow you to vault about 9 times or more in quick succession. If you take Vengeance and vault yourself through some health globes you can make an even longer chain.

Unlocking the Death Trap Demon Hunter achievement with a single blast, done at the Stonefort.
Unlocking the Death Trap Demon Hunter achievement with a single blast, done at the Stonefort.

Death Trap

Kill 15 monsters in 5 seconds using Spike Traps.
Unlocks a sigil accent.

Most any place in Act 3 makes for a good spot for taking out large groups of enemies, and its best to do this on a easy difficulty like nightmare or normal as a level 60, so you can guarantee quick kills.

The one catch with this achievement is that for it to trigger, you can not have any thorns (reflect damage to melee) items equipped, so make sure to take those off. This may be a bug.

Other than that, find some large groups of enemies and take the Scatter rune to cover as wide an area as possible, also using natural barriers to make the monsters have to group up/go through a hoke point of some kind. As long as you watch out for thorns and can overpower the enemies, this achievement should be an easy unlock.



Kill 100 monsters from 45 yards away.

This is an achievement that will pop with time as you use your ranged attacks, although you can make a habit of keeping enemies as far to the edge of the screen as possible to rush your way to completion.

Unleashing the ability in a clustered group of enemies in the Fields of Slaughter.
Unleashing the ability in a clustered group of enemies in the Fields of Slaughter.
Bleed, You Filth!
Bleed, You Filth!

Bleed, You Filth!

Damage 20 enemies with one Fan of Knives.

First off, the Hail of Knives rune is mandatory, so take that as step 1.

This achievement for the Demon Hunter is a bit tricky, namely because you must damage at least 20 monsters with a single Fan of Knives attack without killing them. The trick to this one is to get your DH to level 60 and fairly well geared for survivability. If you are a glass cannon build, you will find yourself having great difficulty pulling this achievement off.

To easily find groups of enemies you can damage without killing, but won't be at too much risk from dying from yourself, go to nightmare or late in normal, anywhere where there are large groups of enemies, like the fields of slaughter.

Grab a really crappy bow, something low level which you can buy from the auction house for a 1,000 gold or so if you don't still have one from your progression, but leave the rest of your gear on minus anything with a lot of thorns on it. This will weaken your DPS so you wont be killing anything but nothing should be killing you either.

From here its all about getting a bunch of enemies to follow you around and getting them close enough to hit with the attack. Take vault to help move past or into the groups of enemies as they wall up and perhaps Smoke Screen or some other survivability skills to allow you to properly position yourself.

But You Can't Hide
But You Can't Hide

But You Can't Hide

Kill 100 enemies that are running away.

You have a couple options here, rely on the few enemies here and there you run into like imps, whom will run from you occasionally allowing you to add to your kill count here, use Elemental Arrow with the Screaming Skull rune (lvl 36) which has a chance to fear enemies it hits, or finally team up with a Witch Doctor and have him spam his fear ability on groups of enemies for you. This achievement will unlock without effort on your way through the game.

Hunter or Hunted

Kill 100,000 demons.

This is something that will just come in time from playing as the demon hunter a lot. All creatures have their monster type below their name, which clues you in to which are considered demons. Many parts of Act 3 and 4 are chock full of demons, particularly the Arreat levels.

Right Where I Want You
Right Where I Want You

Right Where I Want You

Keep a boss snared using Caltrops for 40 consecutive seconds.

Skill Setup:

  • Caltrops with Carved Stakes rune.
  • Custom Engineering to increase their duration.
  • Perfectionist
  • Preparation with Battle Scars to restore all your life in a pinch, likely the life gain will be unnecessary though.

With the following setup, the easiest way to pull this off is with a decent survivability setup as a level 60 DH, go back to nightmare or normal to face Ghom in act 3 during the Breached Keep quest.

This boss is the best with which to attempt this achievement for a number of reasons. First, easy to get to since you can start at the checkpoint right outside the fight with him. Second, he doesn't have any stunning or otherwise ability impairing or knockback abilities that will prevent you from snaring him repeatedly. Finally, his damaging attacks are pretty poor and easily ignored when over leveled for his difficulty.

From here on out its simple, just start the fight, don't hurt him, and just drop a new Caltrop every few seconds. You should be able to regain discipline quick enough to not worry about running out, however remember you have Preparation as a back up if you need it.

The Madness Contained
The Madness Contained

The Madness Contained

Spend 150 Hatred and 50 Discipline in 6 seconds.

To pull this off easily and at any time you will want to use the following skills:

  • Vengeance (passive) - to increase your max hatred to 150
  • Impale - Spends 25 Hatred per use.
  • Preperation - Restores All your discipline
  • One or two expensive discipline skills like Shadow Power, one cheap skill like Caltrops

The idea here is you will need to wait for your resources to cap and cool-downs to finish, then quickly spam Impale to spend all your hatred while simultaneously mashing your discipline skills, using the expensive ones first followed by a cheap one to make sure you spend as much of your initial pool of 30 as possible. As soonj as your discipline bottoms out you trigger Preparation to completely refill it, allowing you to spend another 30 as quickly as you can. You may need a little attack speed boost through items or dual wielding to help pull this off, but it shouldn't be too hard to do. In fact once making it to Hell or Inferno, you may end up triggering this through normal play, just due to the nature of the pace of the fights you encounter.


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Comments 6 comments

Niels 4 years ago

There is a very easy and early way to get Olympian.

Just use Vault 3 times quickly followed by Preparation and do another 3 Vaults if executed correct you'll get the achievement aswell.

That's how I did it at lvl 13.

Vaun 4 years ago

I got Olympian accidentally while fighting a pack of elites and 2 champions... (and no, I didn't die. Yes, everyone else did)

SOE profile image

SOE 4 years ago Author

This guide is currently being updated to a finalized version.

SOE profile image

SOE 4 years ago Author

The guide update is finished. The info here is now pretty much complete, with just a few more pics to be added once I get the related achievements unlocked, but for all intents and purposes this is now a finalized version.

Janitor 4 years ago

It is super easy to get Bleed, You Filth! and Death Trap by fighting the first boss in Act 4 (the one who summons tons of little shadows).

I got both of them in the same fight with him. I didn't even have the Hail of Knives rune yet.

anon 4 years ago

Yeah, got both achievements at that level. Not sure if you can't kill them like the guide says, but just in case I removed my weapons and some of my gear to reduce my DPS. 1) Got surrounded. 2) Used Fan of Knives. 3) Used Spike Traps.

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