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Desert Operations

Desert Ops is a web based browser game that allows you to interact and play against other players throughout the world. Desert Operations is a war based game whereby you form alliances in order to become stronger and have a greater influence on world politics. There is a ranking system in place which encourages competitiveness between opponents. This is a unique game that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Newbie Hint - If you have been playing desert ops for a while but have never managed to get far with your researching due to constantly being targetted by high level experienced players; then you should consider signing up and starting fresh. The reason for this is because the new desert operations has protection for new players up untill 20,000 points. The older versions didn't so you might have missed out on some opportunities here.

Bots and Automatic programming - It is possible to create bots and automatic programming for playing desert operations. However it is stricly forbidden! Unfortunately you will always get people trying to do so with this game due to the money involved. Not surprising really... too many people want free easy money! Players that attempt to do so will be caught and barred, so don't bother..

Common Question - Can you build more than one building at any time. The answer is YES. Go Construct on the left and you can choose the number you wish to build.

Diamonds - There are no shortcuts, walkthroughs or quick ways to build up your diamonds. In fact there are only two ways that I am aware of.This is through buying them, or recruiting new members into your alliance. If you want to succeed at this game you will need to either spend a lot of money on diamonds ( this could amounts to $1000's, or recruit. The choice is yours.

Hacking - Hacking is not an option. This is a web based game and therefore the only way to hack it would be to gain hosting access to the server. This is not going to happen so give up now and just stick to playing the game! However you should ensure that you have a high strength password set up that nobody would be able to guess. Never give your password out to anyone, and try to use letters and well as numbers to make it more difficult to second guess.

Cracks & Codes - There are no known cracks or codes for this game. This is common when money is involved in games!


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Kyle246 profile image

Kyle246 5 years ago from United States

Thanks for the tips.

firewar999 5 years ago

how do you make gold into money on desert ops

krzysztof114 5 years ago

AKFI_666 5 years ago

firewar999 you must buy a commercial center and then sell your gold.

AKFI_666 5 years ago

sorry not buying it is to build a commercial center :)

oliver97 5 years ago

you can speed up building times using cheat engine, but if you use it you must not refresh the page!

desertoperationstools 5 years ago

Here are some usefull tools for the game (Battle simulators, calculators, and more)

Have fun

omar123133 5 years ago

where is this construct option

oliver97 how 5 years ago

how to u use speed engine to spped it up???

antilooki 5 years ago

looki et son support refusent tous droits aux joueurs qu'ils ne payent pas

par contre tous joueurs diamantaires (qui payent) ont même la liberté d'avoir plusieurs comptes (multi-comptes ce qui est strictement interdit par le règlement de looki)

en fait, c'est une véritable escroquerie que jouer a un jeu gratuit ou il faut payer mdr

bravo looki pour ce magnifique exemple du respect des regles (de vôtre cgu) comme du respect des joueurs qui ne veulent pas payer pour un jeu gratuit

farmer 5 years ago

check out best desert operations search engine

Miticka974 4 years ago

J'aimerais savoir comment le telecharger .

guto 4 years ago

bomberteror 4 years ago


Raykhel 4 years ago

I would not recommend anyone to play this Looki game. Looki just want you to buy diamonds. There is also a lot of cheating going on and Looki doesn´t do anything about it, as long as they get money for diamonds then they don´t care.

If you report someone for cheating you will get a standard answer and....nothing will happened.

Looki allows people to cheat or is it they who are playing....?

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