Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Strategy

How to Beat Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (DTD) is an addicting free online flash game.

The below videos show you specific strategies for beating the game on easy, medium, or hard difficulty settings. People talk about this game with different terms such as:

Creeps- These are the bad guys, the monsters, who are trying to get to the other side of the screen.

Upgrade- You upgrade towers by clicking on and clicking "Upgrade" or by pressing "U" on your keyboard.

Selling- You can delete pre-existing towers by clicking on one and clicking "Sell" or by pressing "S" on your keyboard.

Juggling- Juggling is when you change the direction of the creeps by changing the maze route. You do this by repeatedly selling towers and building new ones. This is a necessary strategy when trying to beat the 100 Challenge. Check out the videos below to see what juggling looks like.

Simple Strategy

Hard Mode, No Swarm Towers, No Lives Lost.

This is the simplest maze I've seen used to beat Hard mode. There is no juggling needed, and you don't even need a swarm tower (swarm towers are the anti-aircraft towers). Snap towers are used to defeat the last two flying creeps by freezing them in one place. They are also used to defeat two of the boss creeps at the end.


Hard Mode, Juggling, No Lives Lost

This is juggling, selling and creating towers for the purpose of changing the direction of the creeps. When juggling, always make sure that one side of the maze is always open, otherwise you'll get a message that says "Blocking". Make sure only one side of the maze is open though, or you'll lose control. This is also a good way of getting a higher score by sending waves early (by pressing the "n" key on your keyboard).

The 100 Level Challenge Beaten

Here is how to beat the 100 Level Challenge. Swarm towers are a high priority because the flying creeps get very strong. Snap towers are used to freeze them in place towards the end. Notice in the video how juggling is used within the maze to consolidate the creeps (example at 2:56 in the video). If you do not do this, there will be a long, unmanagable line of creeps to control.

If you like this kind of game, also check out my Shopping Street strategy post. It's a money-making form of a tower defense game (not as cool as DTD but still fun). Thanks for reading, happy gaming.

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I think juggling is cheating, but there seems no other way to beat the 100...

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