Diablo 2 barbarian skills

This tough fighter from the mountains has three different sets of skills. Always choose where to distribute skill points in Diablo 2 carefully! The only way you'll get them back is by making a new character. Scroll down to see a list of the individual abilities in each of the barbarian skill trees.

Combat Skills

  • Bash (level 1): Increases your melee damage.
  • Double Swing (level 6): Lets you use two weapons.
  • Leap (level 6): The equivalent of Blink in Warcraft 3.
  • Double Throw (level 12): Dual-wield thrown weapons.
  • Stun (level 12): Do more damage and stun enemies.
  • Concentrate (level 18): Attacks can't be cancelled.
  • Leap Attack (level 18): Your barbarian jumps into battle.
  • Frenzy (level 24): Your diablo barbarian's attack speed increases with every hit he makes. Similar to Fervor of the DOTA Troll character (Defense of the Ancients: Allstars).
  • Whirlwind (level 30): Get this skill if you're reading this hub. It's fantastic. People make builds around it.
  • Berserker (level 30): Deliver multiple hits at increased speed.

War Cries

  • Howl (level 1): Causes some monsters to flee.
  • Find Health Potion (level 1): Search corpses for items.
  • Taunt (level 6): Make ranged creatures move closer.
  • Shout (level 6): Temporarily increased armor bonus.
  • Find Item (level 12): Improved version of health potion.
  • Battle Cry (level 18): Howl lvl 2. Lowers enemy armor too.
  • Battle Orders (level 24): Improve ally combat abilities.
  • Grim Ward (level 24): Creates a fear aura totem.
  • War Cry (level 30): Injure and stun nearby enemies.
  • Battle Command (level 30): Improve all your allies skills.

Combat Masteries

Some of these barbarian skills allow you to improve bonuses when wielding certain types of equipment. You should only specialize in one type of weapons if you're putting any points into these! It's a useless skill if you don't have that weapon in your barbarian's hand at any other time.

Level 1: Axe, mace, and sword mastery.

Level 5: Polearm, spear, and thrown weapon mastery.

  • Increased Stamina (level 10): Lets you run for a longer time.
  • Iron Skin (level 15): Improves your diablo character's armor class.
  • Increased Speed (level 20): Both movement and attack speed.
  • Natural Resistances (level 25): Improved hardiness to the elements.

Which barbarian skills do you learn?

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