Did Diablo 3 Live Up to the Hype?

Diablo 3


Diablo 3 Expectations

Do you think Diablo 3 lived up to the expectations you had for the game? I myself have not got around to playing the game or buying it yet. However I was wondering if Diablo 3 was like Starcraft 2. What I mean is with Starcraft 2 it was fun for a little while but it got boring quickly either due to many cheaters on multiplayer or the fact Starcraft 2 is incomplete at the moment.

Also I am curious in your opinion did the game get hyped to much that when you played Diablo 3 it did not feel as great as you thought it was going to? I am personally thinking of getting the game some time in the near future but I do not want to spend $60 dollars on a game and have a repeat of Starcraft 2. Although it could have been that Starcraft 2 is not complete and still has 2 more parts of the game before it will be completed.

So tell me in your opinion did Diablo 3 live up to your expectations or did it fail to meet your standards? If it lived up to your expectations please tell me what about the game allowed it to meet your expectations. However if it did not meet your expectations, then tell me what do you think ruined or caused Diablo 3 to not meet your standards.

Also on a side note in your opinion did Starcraft 2 live up to your expectations? This last question is for those who played Starcraft 2 before. Thank you for reading, I am interested in your opinion, also have a nice day.

Diablo 3 game play.

Diablo 3

Did Diablo 3 in your opinion live up to your expectations?

  • Exceeded my Expectations.
  • Barely managed to meet my expectations.
  • Did not meet my expectations.
  • Horribly failed to meet my expectations.
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