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Learning Curve Dinosaur Train - Collectible Tiny with Train Car
Learning Curve Dinosaur Train - Collectible Tiny with Train Car | Source

Toys From Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train toys released this year feature an innovative preschool product line including interactive dinosaur action figures, collectible dinosaurs, plush and train sets available for at major retailers. Described a whimsically realistic, Dinosaur Train Takes kids on prehistoric voyage into a world of jungles, swamps, volcanoes and oceans through the various periods of the earth’s history from the Jurassic period and the world of dinosaurs to present day. The key characters revolve around the Pteranodon family and their adopted dino son Buddy, a T-Rex named Buddy Whom they found as an egg. Buddy’s new siblings are Tiny and Shiny.

Basic Dinosaur Train Toys

The basic Learning Curve Dinosaur Train toys retail from $5.50 to $14.99. Apart from their interactive capabilities the Learning curve Dinosaur Train Toy are also affordable priced making them a great toy for kids or gifts for kids of family and friends? Each Dinosaur train figure also comes with a matching train car. The detailed train car which the young dinosaurs travel on n the show is sold separately.


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