Disney's Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana

Have you heard about Disney's Newest Princess?

It has been years since Disney has introduced us to a new Princess and Tiana is very special. She is the first African American Disney Princess and I say it is about time. Princess Tiana will make her debut in the new Disney Movie The Princess and The Frog movie and was in theaters November 2009.

I must also say that this Movie and Disney's New Princess does not come without a lot of strong opinions. I have read a lot of articles some say Disney is trying to be politically correct, Some wonder why her Prince (Naveen) is white, Others have a problem with the movie being set in New Orleans - I have also read some think the other characters in the movie are stereotyped.

Honestly my opinion is - WHO CARES!!! I think Disney has created another wonderful movie that will make many children happy in the Magical way only they can. I say get over it, grab your popcorn and get lost in a Fairytale - life is too short.

The Princess and The Frog Movie Trailer

Who are the voices behind the Characters in The Princess and The Frog Movie?

My husband always hates when I tell him the voices behind the Animated Characters, but I am going to spoil it right here - sorry.

Princess Tiana Toys

Of course Disney would not let a merchandising opportunity get away. There is a HUGE line of Princess Tiana and The Princess and The Frog Movie Related toys now available. So here are some highlights of what you will find.

Princess Tiana Classic Costume
Princess Tiana Classic Costume
Princess Tiana Deluxe Costume
Princess Tiana Deluxe Costume
Princess Tiana Prestige Costume
Princess Tiana Prestige Costume

Princess Tiana Costumes

Now you little girl can dress up as her new favorite Princess. There are a few styles of Princess Tiana Costumes that are now available.

The Princess Tiana Classic Costume comes with includes the dress with layered skirt and character cameo.

The Princess Tiana Deluxe Costume comes with the dress with layered skirt, character cameo and the matching tiara.

The Princess Tiana Prestige Costume comes with the dress with layered skirt, character cameo, petticoat and the matching tiara with attached veil.

You can order any of these styles and accessories to go with them here: Princess Tiana Costumes

The Princess and The Frog Birthday Party

Yes of course there are The Frog and The Princess Party Supplies - Do you think Disney would leave that out? Nah. Do you think The Party Animal would not have put together all the ideas in one place? Nah. It is done and I know it will help so many parents plan this special party that will no doubt be a very MAGICAL one.

See Below for the Links

available @ ThePartyAnimal.org
available @ ThePartyAnimal.org

What do you think?

How many Disney Princesses are there now with Princess Tiana?

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Jada 6 years ago

I TOTALE LOVE PRINCESS TINA AND I AM ^ YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!! I AM HER NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla 6 years ago

I love princess and a frog. It is the best movie made by disney

shira 6 years ago

totallyyyyyyyyyy nice!

i love the caetoon

Mz. MoNiE p. 6 years ago

I love this movie very much. I think Disney needed an African-American Princess because African-American people feel that only Carcasian Princesses are unfair. Princess Tiana is a wonderful Princess and people should figure that out. Princess Tiana can match up to any Princess, such as Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty. Also, worrying about Prince Naveen being mixed has nothing to with it. The best thing is She was a regular girl who understood hard work,Got into a problem, and got out of it with true love and became a princess.

mica  6 years ago

i live in holland and i want to put a party of tiana but we dont have all the tings we nos want i can do to get them

thank u

add me please if you can help me


canisha 6 years ago

I love princess tiana disney did a good job making her my daughter 3rd birthday is next month and this is gonna be her theme and she gonna be dress like princess tiana

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