Disney's Princess Tiana Dolls and Accessories for Under $25

Princess Tiana Doll in Wedding Dress
Princess Tiana Doll in Wedding Dress

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The Story of the First African-American Disney Princess

The Princess and the Frog is the latest Disney animation adapted from a classic folk story. Loosely based on the Grimm Brothers' The Frog Prince, the movie introduces us to Tiana, a young, modern woman of the 1920s Jazz Age, who aspires to open her own restaurant in New Orleans. As she tries to make her dream come true, she meets Prince Naveen of Maldonia. As bad luck would have it, a voodoo doctor puts a curse on the prince and turns him into a frog. Inadvertently, Prince Naveen also turns Tiana into a frog...after she kisses him.

Together, along with some newly found friends, Louis, a trumpet-playing alligator, and Ray, a love-sick firefly, they race to find a way to undo the curse before it's too late. However, in the end it is the love that they have developed for each other that finally turns Tiana and Naveen back to their human form. But that's not the end. Princess Tiana not only gets married to her prince but also achieves her dream of opening up her own restaurant.

Fashion Dolls

These beautiful fashion dolls have wonderful detailing and will help your little girl to re-enact her favorite scenes in the movie. In fact these dolls have been such a favorite with children and collectors that some dolls are sold out and previous buyers are re-selling the dolls at a higher price. These dolls are all from Disney and show that wonderful likeness to their screen characters. The Princess Tiana fashion dolls show her in her wedding gown and in her ball gown.

Prince Naveen is shown at his best including his cape. This doll even includes a figure of Prince Naveen's frog alter-ego.

If your little girl loves to dress up her dolls, this fashion play set would be perfect for her. It comes with at least four different outfits so she can dress Tiana down or up as her imagination sees fit. The doll is under 9" tall.

For young, little girls who love the animation and are looking to cuddle up to their first doll, the Princess Tiana Baby Doll is perfect. It is 12 inches long and dressed in an adorable onesie in her signature color and a tiara, with a soft body.

If your little tot has outgrown the baby doll, the Princess Tiana toddler doll might be more appropriate. She stands 14" tall and is dressed in her signature green gown. The body is poseable and the tiara is included.

Tiana's Playset

This dollhouse is fashioned to look like a steamboat inspired diner where your child can help Princess Tiana create her fabulous New Orleans recipes. It comes with a Princess Tiana doll and furniture.

Doll Sets

These are some beautiful doll sets available from Disney's Princess and the Frog movie.

The exclusive doll set of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen in their wedding finery is a wonderful addition to your doll collection. Any child will also enjoy re-enacting the wedding of their favorite princess.

This exclusive Princess Tiana wardrobe set from Disney will give your child hours of play as they dress Princess Tiana in her four dresses. She can even have a fashion show.

The Princess Tiana wedding doll has such a gorgeous gown that it really is more suited for doll collectors and will make a great addition to any doll collection.  It comes with a figure of Princess Tiana's frog alter-ego.

The 18-inch size doll of Princess Tiana is so distinctive, again, this doll is more for show instead of being played like a regular toy.

Plush Dolls

For the younger kids, you can't go wrong.with a plush doll. They're soft and oh so cuddly and just so huggable. They also get a chance to play with their favorite sidekicks Louis and Ray from the movie! If they get dirty, just put them in the wash and they're as good as new. Even though they are plush, these dolls have such an amazing likeness to their movie counterparts. Don't be surprised if these plush dolls become your child's best friend; they'll take these dolls everywhere -- on your trips, to the grocery store, and when the day is done, they'll snuggle up to their favorite plush toy and get a good night's sleep.

Each doll has a wonderful expression, you can't help but smile. The plush dolls are made from materials that retain their vibrant colors and are so soft to the touch. The Prince Naveen frog doll has a wide, debonair smile. Louis the Gator's toothsome grin makes him a favorite. Ray's thoughtful dreamlike expression reminds you of your dreams, while the Princess Tiana frog doll is so pretty.

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