Free Download Cricket 97 - Classic PC Game

Free download cricket 97
Free download cricket 97

Cricket 97 is one of the most famous games developed and published by the Electronics Arts in the year 1997. It is one of the DOS-supported games which have low graphics but, it is equally compensated by superb game play experience that cannot be had even in latest version cricket games. The in-game commentary of this game is provided by the legendary cricket commentator Richie Benaud.

The game is provided with Single Player and Multi Player options. In the multi-player option two players can play simultaneously (i.e.) one player can use keyboard and another can use mouse. There are three difficulty levels in the game such as Easy, Normal and Hard. It may take some time for you to get familiar with these difficulty levels.

You can play 4 different kinds of shots in the game such as Defensive, Lofted, Air and Slog Shot. The bowling also includes 9 different varieties of deliveries with which you can master the opponents.

There are 10 different International teams which include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe for you to select from and it also has the edit option. You can make use of edit option to change the player names and his skill levels. You can also create your own custom teams using them. The game allows playing different modes such as ODI, Test Cricket, Knock Out, World Championship and Quick Match. The test cricket is one of the hardest to play as it tests your game playing capabilities.

Another great thing is that there are many cheat codes available for this game. Some of them are, just pause the game and press the buttons 121 which enables to get into the cheat mode and pressing the button 131 enables the bats man to power all the deliveries to boundaries. All in all, this is one of the best cricket games ever and definitely worth downloading

Method to get Free Download of this Game:

The free download of cricket 97 game is available at the official C NET site. Scroll down and click the 'download Cricket 97' button. Immediately the download for the game start, just specify the destination path and save the game. Happy gaming!!!

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ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 5 years ago from Cumbum

It seems very interesting to play! Thanks for sharing this great download information Arunveera.

bilalkhan 5 years ago

hi sir i want to game download

hussain mehsood 5 years ago

hi bro all

shoukat 5 years ago


navin 5 years ago

pless download game

ami khanu 5 years ago

i thing it is best game everrrrr

Keval Nagda 5 years ago

how do i download this guys

siddhartha007 5 years ago

i am not able to download this game help me

Rahmat Laaal 5 years ago

che na shai download kawalay nu zan wakhlai kana shumanu.

sharjeelhanif 5 years ago

if you have a setup cricket send me on this i wana play i don't get it anywhere

adward 5 years ago

page not found?

Farooqi 5 years ago

O Bhai Sb ehda download link tuhade wadkiyan ne banana wa

Intezar  5 years ago

nice game. ever played

sunil 5 years ago

i love the game

shams uddin 5 years ago


murtaza 5 years ago

how we can download the game

Mooen Aslam 5 years ago

Cricket 97

shivam nigam 5 years ago

awesum game!!!!!

taha 5 years ago

If any one has setup cricket 1997 tou send me on

How to down load game on this page

AnkushKohli profile image

AnkushKohli 5 years ago from India

Like everybody, even i would like to know how?

hashmi sahib 5 years ago

hramdyo game i klawo chal

asif bhutto 4 years ago

v v v v gud

jazi rawana 4 years ago

so nice and thanks

abbas momin 4 years ago

what a lovely game

Ali Rana 4 years ago

how i can download the game?

usman 4 years ago

hi ancle download game by arunvera

111111111111111111 4 years ago


ABDUS SALAM 4 years ago


Shiva 4 years ago

Please help me how to download .

Abrar 4 years ago

Abrar Khan Yr kaisay hoga ye game download.

rabnawaz 4 years ago

nic game yar

Your Name 4 years ago


4 years ago


atif raza 4 years ago


not good 3 years ago


zubair 2 years ago


ismail naseer 19 months ago

koi to batao download link

saad cheema 17 months ago

nice game

lucky malik 16 months ago

xra ye 1997 game download ni ho rahe, kese ho giiiii?????????? any one????

Lucky MaLik profile image

Lucky MaLik 16 months ago

you can download this game on the link " official C NET site "

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