Dragon Age Origins Gift Guide.

Who might like this ring hmm?

And so my favourite gift is...

In Dragon Age: Origins, you'll come across many gifts throughout the story. Be it from merchants or specific areas of the game. Some will be major character plot pieces, others will simply give you an approval rating increase.

Each character you meet has different preferences for which gifts they like best however... So here is a compiled list of [nearly] all of them! Beware that some item names and who they're best for may be spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening update:

Gift guide for Dragon Age Origins: Awakening is now available!

Some gifts in Dragon Age Origins are generic. So if a gift isn't listed below, it is most likely one of these. What that means is, it can be given to any party member for 5 approval rating. However if you obtain further generics, they'll be worth less to your compatriots which have already been given generic gifts: First 5, then 4, then 3 approval, et cetera. It is therefore advised to cycle generic gifts through your various companions for maximum approval.

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Shale (Stone Prisoner DLC)
- Black Grimoire.
- Remarkable Amethyst.
- Flemeth's Grimoire.
- Remarkable Garnet.
- Golden Amulet.
- Remarkable Greenstone.
- Golden Demon Pendant.
- Remarkable Ruby.
- Golden Mirror.
- Remarkable Sapphire.
- Golden Rope Necklace.
- Remarkable Topaz.
- Locket.
- Silver Brooch.
- Silver Chain.
- Silver Medallion.
- Tribal Necklace.
- Allistair's Mother's Amulet.
- Andraste's Grace.
- Black Runestone.
- Blue Satin Shoes.
- Duncan's Shield.
- Bronze Symbol of Andraste.
- Onyx Demon Statuette.
- Chantry Amulet.
- Small Carved Statuette.
- Etched Silver Symbol.
- Stone Dragon Statuette.
- Golden Symbol of Andraste.
- Stone Warrior Statuette.
- Nug.
- White Runestone.
- Silver Sword of Mercy.
- Steel Symbol of Andraste.
- Beef Bone.
- Antivan Leather Boots.
- Lamb Bone.
- Dalish Gloves.
- Large Bone.
- Golden Scythe 4:90 Black.
- Ox Bone.
- Medium Gold Bar.
- Veal Bone.
- Medium Silver Bar.
- Painting of the Rebel Queen.
- Silver Bracelet.
- Portrait of a Goose Girl.
- Small Gold Bar.
- Silver Framed Still-life.
- Small Silver Bar.
- Sten's Sword.
- Small Silver Ring.
- Totem.
- White Runestone.
- Water-stained Portrait.
- Alley King's Flagon.
- Discovering Dragon's Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces.
- Chasind Sack Mead.
- Fancy Scroll.
- Garlbog's Backcountry Reserve.
- Tattered Notebook.
- Golden Scythe 4:90 Black.
- The Guerrins of Ferelden: A Genealogical History.
- Legacy White Shear.
- The Rose of Orlais.
- Sun Blonde Vint-1.
- The Search for the True Prophet.
- Wilhelm's Special Brew.
- Ancient Map of Imperium.
- Botanist' Map of Thedas.
- Current Map of Ferelden.
- Map of Occupied Ferelden.
- Map of the Anderfels.

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Comments 48 comments

Kickinwing 7 years ago

Thank you for this :D

Nemdam profile image

Nemdam 7 years ago from United Kingdom Author

You're welcome, if you find any mistakes or things missing please don't hesitate to comment :).

Chupathingy 7 years ago

This is awesome!! :) Thank you so much for posting it! :D

Thingamerbob 7 years ago

Just like to say that I've found giving the bones to Sten more useful kus the War Hound is already at full and Sten for some reason likes getting bones with half eaten chunks of meat on them.

Nemdam profile image

Nemdam 7 years ago from United Kingdom Author

You're 100% correct Thingamerbob, the pooch does indeed start at full. I never thought to give meat to Sten: That animal!

Thanks, will update accordingly :).

blake 7 years ago

u got gemmed bracelet wrong it gives 1+ =[

Tommy 7 years ago

I gave Shale the Remarkable Sapphire, and it only gave him +1.

Tommy 7 years ago

I also gave Shale the Remarkable Diamond, and it only gave him +1. Those gifts do not appear to be for him, unless there is something else you have to do.

Dontes 7 years ago

ty for this guide, it really helps 8-)

Nemdam profile image

Nemdam 7 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Sorry Blake, my mistake: Gemmed Bracelet is indeed a generic gift; you can give it to anyone :).

denny2dope 7 years ago

i have several gifts not listed that wont give any charectar more than 1 approval what do i do with these sell them

Nemdam profile image

Nemdam 7 years ago from United Kingdom Author

denny2dope, these are generic gifts: No one goes crazy for them, but they help a little all the same. If you don't think the approval is worth it, selling it is an option :D.

smurfman 7 years ago

gemmed bracelet might be a generic gift. But it seems Zevram still likes it better than anyone else.

BTW, has anyone ever done anything to piss dog off? He started at 100 and never lowered no matter how good or bad i was.

Nemdam profile image

Nemdam 7 years ago from United Kingdom Author

I think he loves you no matter what, like any good pet should!

Shawn 6 years ago

Thank you sooo much! That really helped out! Truly didn't know who the hell needed the Gifts that I was getting and/or had. Thank you again! You made this game a little more easier!

sten 6 years ago

thanks, I feel quite annoyed now because I never realised Sten liked the bones, and I already gave them away :(

meeszt 6 years ago

has anyone else found the joining chalice, haven't tried to give to anyone yet. any ideas folks??? Allistair? Morrigan? I cant decide... thanks guys!!!!!

Lord Mortus 6 years ago

I found it.. gave it to Allistair, but can't remember how well it was received.

rook 6 years ago

ya the chalice is for allistar, i got a +6 out of it

gregory hub profile image

gregory hub 6 years ago

This is really helpful, thank you so much!

ohgren 6 years ago

ty so much i got a good rating so zevran didn't betray me =)

diggles 6 years ago

wow, this is perfect. thanks a lot lol

dragonagedude1001 6 years ago

you forgot to put in Painted skyball

dude  6 years ago

you also forgot the silver sword of mercy found in a merchant caravan.

dude  6 years ago

nvm i see it my bad

deadahead 6 years ago

Thx for this, easy way to figure out who gets what.

Chelsea 6 years ago

I wish i would have found this before, i already gave away gifts that go to party members i don't even have yet

Kaiser 6 years ago

Bones to Sten???!!! I just could never imagined that!

Akari 6 years ago

Thank you, so, so much for this guide, I find it very helpful. I just wanted to say that I just gave Wynn a bottle of wine and got a plus 10 of approval for her. I do not know if it is because I've just gotten her as a companion - not even a full one at that, as i'm not even out of the tower. Anyways, just thought I'd try to be helpful

Hawkz 6 years ago

You've missed out steel bracers

Gamer_grl 6 years ago

This was really helpful, however, I was originally looking for where duncans shield is located and how do i get it? if you have any help you can give me that would be awesome...this will be my 4th time beating this game and I still haven't found it. My husband found it the first (and only) time he played so im getting very frustated. Well any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

dragonwarrior 6 years ago

hey gamer_grl you find duncans shield at the armor stand, market district i hope that helps you

Lakyn 5 years ago

dude. you are missing a LOT of stuff. it's probably stuff that got added or something. don't give the uncrushable pigeon to shale..... -50

Gamer 5 years ago

Lakyn, i think the pigeon thing give -50 to everyone:/

Wolf lord 5 years ago

There are a lot of gifts with the expansion, but none are listed. I found most were major negative hits to AR.

state the obvious 5 years ago

the expansion come with either one or both sets of gifts(depending on if you buy gifts, pranks, or both) one set gives +50 AR to their specific party member; the other gives -50 AR to their specific party member(hence gifts/pranks). There are also four gifts with an unlimited supply, that give +10, +5, -5 or -10 to whoever you decide to give them to.

Rogue 5 years ago

What would be the best gift to give to Zevran

mabmiles profile image

mabmiles 5 years ago

Interesting hub.

BSmith 5 years ago

You mentioned giving the bones to Sten because the dog's approval is already high, but were you aware that if you ask Dog to fetch you something after you give him a bone he brings back something good? There being gifts for him even though his approval is unchanging wasn't an oversight by the developers, it just serves a different purpose.

orkan 5 years ago

Steel Bracers:gives a base +5 approval (with diminishing returns), not specific to any one person.

TJ 5 years ago

Tangled Ball of yarn isn't on the list either.

5 years ago


Nemdam profile image

Nemdam 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi all! Sorry I never updated this guide with the items in the expansions. Might update it if I get time, but am focusing on Star Wars: The Old Republic guides at the moment.

kutieS 4 years ago

You dont have Dirty Pair of Pantaloons, dog found it in Denerim Merchants District.

kutieS 4 years ago

I also don't see Ancient Map of the Imperium on the list, I don't have any of the downloads so it should be in the 'Vanilla' version of the game

Liz 4 years ago

I got a +4 when I gave Wynne the Gemmed Bracelt. Probably a +5 with diminishing results or something

miss cris 4 years ago

I gave the painted skyball to Morrigan and she liked it

Raz 2 years ago

You posted you an give the Golden Scyth4:90 black to both oh green and zevran

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