Dragon Quest IX: Legacy Boss Hunter - Dhoulmagus


This article will be talking about the third Legacy Boss I have unlocked in Dragon Quest IX, Dhoulmagus and how you can beat his level 1 incarnation. If you have already beaten Murdaw at level 16 (which is pretty much compulsory to get this map unless you use Tag Mode), then this fight should be a piece of cake.

Of course, I'm still going to write about it, so read on! :P

Dhoulmagus originated as the first "final" boss of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. In that game he had two forms, the second of which is this game's Legacy Boss.

Dhoulmagus is resistant to wind attacks and weak against earth attacks (luckily for him, earth-based attacks are one in a million in this game).

In the next section, I'm going to list out my complete current party setup, which should give you a good idea of what you'll need to take on Dhoulmagus as he levels up.

My Current (Complete Party Setup)

This is going to be a painfully exhaustive list of everything each of my characters is equipped with at this time, as well as a breakdown of their stats. If you're around this range, then this fight will be a cakewalk. As mentioned in the Introduction, this party can also stomp Murdaw L.16 with little difficulty.

Winter - Level 78 Minstrel

580 HP

181 MP

323 Attack

434 Defense

322 Agility

Falcon Blade

White Knight's Shield

Happy Hat

Mirror Armor

Dragon Warrior Gloves

Wonder Pants

Aliahan Boots - Baramos Drop

Spirit Bracer

Pyro - Level 81 Warrior

720 HP

71 MP

521 Attack

648 Defense

94 Agility

Uber Falcon Blade

Boss Shield

Thug's Mug

Gigant Armor

Sturdy Gauntlets

Green Tights

Aliahan Boots - Baramos Drop

Mighty Armlet

Windia - Level 69 Paladin

597 HP

125 MP

474 Attack

531 Defense

62 Agility

Friendly Fan

Silver Shield

Erdrick's Helmet

Catoptric Armor

Vesta Gauntlets - Equinox Drop

Green Tights

Pixie Boots

Life Bracer

Terra - Level 68 Sage

427 HP

551 MP

262 Attack

285 Defense

263 Agility

Sceptre of Gitt

Dark Shield

Spellward Circlet

Tropotoga - Atlas Drop

Mayoress' Mittens

Magical Skirt

Brahman Boots

Meteorite Bracer

Dhoulmagus' Battle Strategy

At level 1 Dhoulmagus packs the following abilities and attacks:

  • Blazing fire breath. However, he rarely uses it, preferring to use other types of attacks.
  • Kacrack. This mass Ice spell does a small amount of damage to the party, and is used nearly every turn.
  • Kazam. Does some dark damage to one member of your party. He likes to use this at times, but it shouldn't do too much damage.
  • High-speed combo. Dhoulmagus hits the party four times with a physical attack. He uses this nearly as much as Kacrack, but it's not that dangerous as long as you keep Kabuff up.
  • And, of course, he attacks physically. If you can withstand the high-speed combo, his normal attacks shouldn't even phase you.

Basically, if you follow the strategy I lay out in my Murdaw Legacy Boss Hunter article, this fight should be trivial. I wholeheartedly recommend it for Mini Medal farming. :)


Well, that's about it for this article. I've decided not to mention the party battle strategy as it's pretty much a mirror of what I do for Murdaw, and Dhoulmagus at this level is less of a threat than Murdaw. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to comment in the comments section. :)

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)


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TGTASC 6 years ago

Oh my.... Winterfate I think I have better stuff than you

Jacob:Lv 85 minstrel:

Max HP:456 (XD)

Max MP:193




Weapons and armour:

Erdick's sword

Brain drainer (drop from sir sanguinis)

Erdick's helmet

Pallium Regale

Liquid metal slime gloves

Sturdy slacks

Liquid metal slime boots

Spirit bracer

Stu Level 91 warrior:

Max HP:636

Max MP:79




Weapons and armour:

Uber falcon blade

Liquid metal shield

Liquid metal helm

Metal slime armour

Light gauntlets

Sturdy slacks

Metal slime sollerets

Mighty armlet

1st part

TGTASC 6 years ago

Do you know what monster drops a slime crown.

TGTASC 6 years ago

Oh Darn I forgot to save for an age just using quick save then I accidently turned it off.So now I don't have some of that armour and have lost a few levels.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

TGTASC: Aww man, that stinks. That's exactly why I always make sure to save it at a priest every so often. :/

King Slimes drop Slime Crowns as their rare drop. King Cureslimes do so as well if you've found a grotto with them.

It's like a 1% drop though. Do keep in mind that you can steal from them to get the crowns as well. :)

TGTASC 6 years ago

Nah it doesn't matter.Only 1 of those armour pieces above are gone and i just need 1 piece of oriachulum to make it go back to it.Also I have completed a few more quests and got another metal slime helm :D.Also if I need to steal a crown I will need one of my people to become a thief.I did it before I lost that stuff and I got like 3 or 4 slime crowns :D.So get minstrel to become thief.Get 10 skill points in aquisativeness.Become minstrel again.Go pickpocketing.

So soon I will have Erdick's shield and Metal king boots and metal king gloves :D

TGTASC 6 years ago

YES!!!!I killed Malroth.And in only 4 turns :D

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Waoh, I don't even know how you can get the Malroth map lol. I still need to get Dragonlord. Haven't found a grotto with Greygnarl yet. :/

Might have to sit down and play hard one of these days lol. :)

TGTASC 6 years ago

You get Malroth map from completing quest 151 or 152.And you can only get those quests from wi-fi :/

I need to find a way to get wi-fi because my old way has gone down the dumps:/

I want to get the rusty armour and be able to gt on to DQVC.When I had DQVC I got really good stuff like metal slime armour and Hero boots and Pallium Regale :/.

My dad is looking for a way though :D

TGTASC 6 years ago

I am still looking for Excallipur :O.

Winterfate profile image

Winterfate 6 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Oh yeah, I haven't gotten a way to get Wi-Fi myself. :(

I haven't found Excallipur either. The last new grotto boss I found was Fowleye. :o

TGTASC 6 years ago


I'ma killing equinox loads to get Vesta gauntlets.I need them.Badly.

Matt 5 years ago

TGTASC I probably have better stuff than you.

Matt Lv 99 Paladin 689 Health 181 Mp

Uber Falcon Blade

Erdrick's Shield

Hallowed Helm

Glorious Armour

Diana Gauntlets

Invincible Trousers

Hero's Boots

Life Bracer

Strengh 366

Resilience 464

Agility 97

Matthew Lv 34 Sage 241 Health 188 MP

Banefire Boomerang

Ogre Shield

Crown of Clarity

Pallium Regale

Blessed Bindings

Tantric Trousers

Brahman Boots

Life Bracer

Strength 116

Resilience 136

Agility 82

Bradley Lv 99 Gladiator 600 Health 41 MP

Uber Falcon Blade

Liquid Metal Shield

Erdrick's Helmet

Alefgard Armour

Liquid Metal Slime Gloves

Impregnable Leggings

Aliahan Boots

Life Bracer

Strengh 540

Resilience 322

Agility 126

Sellma Lv 81 Priest 346 Health 393 MP

Bright Staff

Goddess Shield

Spellward Circlet

Aliahan Clothes

Ethereal Gloves

Impregnable Leggings

Aliahan Boots

Life Bracer

Strengh 166

Resilience 172

Agility 257

Well that's my party, is yours better than mine?

Matt 5 years ago

That was painful to write plus I got better stuff now.

TGTASC 5 years ago

My team ATM

Jacob Lv90 Priest

Aurora staff

Soul Sucker

Spring breeze hat

Seraph's robe

Minister's mittens

Infinity trousers

Sentient trousers

Lifesaving medal

Stu Lv36 Gladiator

Uber Falcon blade

Soul sucker

Heavenly helm

Legendary armour

Sol Invictus gauntlets

Infinity trousers

Boots of beatitude

Soldier's medal

Mark Lv53 Paladin

Hypernova sword

Soul sucker

Heavenly helm

Legendary armour

Sol Invictus gauntlets

Infinity trousers

Boots of Beatitude

Order of Chivalry

Rogan Lv99 Warrior

Uber miracle sword

Soul Sucker

Heavenly Helm

Legendary armour

Sol Invictus gauntlets

Infinity trousers

Boots of beatitude

Order of Chivalry

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

Oops, it went over. Xp.


Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

But really, that's some good stuff you got there.

You got lucky with your Alchemiracles there, eh?

Or, you cheated and used the DQVC, which I don't got. :(

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

Or you used the hiomi table or some hacker stuff to cheat.

Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

And when i said it went over, i meant a


That is all.

Can you tell i'm hyperactive? I think it goes over into the computer to make me look crazy. :P

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