Dragons of Atlantis Anthropus Talisman Farming

Anthropus talismans can be found in Dragons of Atlantis by attacking level 1 and higher Anthropus camps and defeating them. For every 500 Anthropus that you kill, you receive 1 Anthropus talisman. For the talismans to drop, you need to include either your Great Dragon or an Elemental Dragon in your attack. You will need to farm 100,000 Anthropus talismans to create your Spectral Ruins and be able to summon a Wraith Dragon, which is the most powerful of the Great Dragons. This guide will teach you what you need to do to effectively farm 100,000 Anthropus talismans.


The only prerequisites that are required to start farming for your 100,000 talismans are that you have enough troops to defeat a level 5 anthropus camp and you have found all four pieces of your Great Dragon Armor. If you haven't found your Great Dragon Armor, follow the link to read my guide on how to do so.

The fastest way to farm for your 100,000 talismans is by being able to send out multiple attacks at once. You can do this by building up your empire and finding armor for your Water Dragon, Stone Dragon, Fire Dragon, and Wind Dragon. Also, having a large number of troops (I prefer Longbowmen) at your disposal will allow you to attack higher level camps and get larger returns on each attack.

For this guide, I suggest that you have at least three of your Dragons armored and that you have around 100K Longbowmen. If you have at least three of your Outposts createad and training, it won't take long for you to reach that number of LBM.

Start Early and Multi-Task!

Once you find all of your Great Dragon Armor, start sending your Great Dragon on as many attacks as you can. Even if you are just farming for food or resources from camps and wildernesses, you will start accumulating talismans.

How Many Troops Do I Attack With?

Anthropus Camp Level
Anthropus Talismans Dropped
Number of Longbowmen and Armored Transports to Defeat with No Losses
5000 + 200 AT
10000 + 200 AT
15000 + 500 AT
45000 +1K AT
65000 + 4K AT
90000 + 9999 AT

Find Other Items

While farming for your talismans, you can also come across several other useful items.

Level 1-4 camps: Speed up items like Blink, Hop, and Skip.

Level 7+ camps: Items to train Fangtooth, Granite Ogre, Lavajaw, and Banshees.

Efficient Farming

***For purposes of this guide, I will be using the example of having enough troops to farm level 7 and 8 Anthropus camps with up to 4 Dragons.

Like many other farming strategies in Dragons of Atlantis, sending out waves of attacks is the best way to efficiently farm Anthropus talismans. Follow the steps below and you will have your 100,000 talismans in no time.

  1. Locate all level 7-8 anthropus camps near your city.
  2. Send the appropriate attack (based on numbers in the table to the right) to the closest camp and include your Great Dragon or an Elemental Dragon.
  3. Repeat step two until all of your Dragons are on the march.
  4. When your marches return, send out another attack to a fresh anthropus camp. This allows the anthropus that you just defeated to respawn. A full respawn is supposed to take 50 minutes, but lately there have been bugs and glitches with respawn times, making them respawn more quickly.
  5. Repeat step 4. There are generally enough camps around to build up a rotation, so by the time you hit 3 or 4 different groups of camps you can go back to the beginning.

Good Luck!

It's a long process when you first start out, but once you have enough troops and Dragons to hit level 7 and higher camps, the talismans start piling up quickly. Check out my other Dragons of Atlantis guides and also visit my blog if you are interested in learning more about this great game. Good luck and happy farming!

Level 6 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 6 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 7 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 7 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 8 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 8 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 9 Anthropus Camp Loot
Level 9 Anthropus Camp Loot

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Comments 76 comments

joshua 4 years ago

what's your resurch

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Currently my research is:

Weapons Calibration 10

Metallurgy 9

Medicine 9

Dragonry 8

Aerial Combat 8

selefina 4 years ago

hi i have recently

hi 4 years ago

hi i have recently acquired my my water dragon armor. my dragon keep is lvl 8 and b4 i acquired my armor my aeriel combat was at lvl7 (dragonary at lvl8)aftr i got mt armor i sent and attack n my dragon tooks( and still takes an hour to recover its damge . i sent suffient lmbs and ats.my gd only takes 5 mins. y is this happenin?

pls rply,


PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Dragons take damage on every attack. As long as your Dragon has enough HP (hit points, health) to continue, you can send it on another attack. I've heard that a way around this is to send an excessive amount of troops to conquer the camp or wilderness you are attacking. I also see that my Water Dragon seems to take on a lot of damage and takes longer to heal, but I seem to be able to send him out even before he fully heals.

dejo 4 years ago

how to have city dragon, please answer me, i think about quit game

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

@dejo I'm not quite sure what you are asking. If you are asking how to find your Great Dragon Armor, go to my guide here:


selefna 4 years ago

tnks for the help

Akshay Pal 4 years ago

i have 80k lbm's+10k a.t's is this enough troops to attack lvl 10 camp

plzzz reply

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

You should attack a level 10 camp with 100K LBM and 1K ATs with a high level of research(Level 8+).

shin 4 years ago

I only have 5 met med and wc do you know the amount for ssd dragons ?

Magic king 4 years ago

Thanx PBody i got my spectral ruins & got a stone dragon egg in just only 1 hit you wont believe thank u. but i am facing some difficulties in stone dragon armor but i got it

bubba 4 years ago

i have 6978 ssd and a great dragon with a lvl 5 general

rapid deployment Lvl 5

metalurgery lvl 8

medicine lvl 6

dragonry lvl 6


would this be enough for a lvl 10 camp or would i need about 8000 more ssd

Brisingr 4 years ago

when upgrading science to level 10 do i need a completion grant after upgrading my science center to level 10

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

@bubba - to attack a level 10 anthropus camp, you need approximately 180K SSD and a wind dragon. I would focus on training up a bunch of longbowmen and work on getting additional outposts and elemental dragons armored before starting to farm for your talismans.

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

After you upgrade your science center to level 10, you do not need a completion grant to research skills to level 10. You only need the completion grant to upgrade your science center to level 10.

Brisingr 4 years ago

ok thank you

waki 4 years ago

lose 15k lbm send them to lvl 7 camp with gd and forgot the ATs. u think the ats was the problem, no lbm survived all my research is 9

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Yes, sometimes you will randomly lose lbm if they aren't protected by the ATs.

Akmal 4 years ago

i want ask,can 89k lbm and city dragon attack camp lvl 10 without lose something?My metalgurery 9,wc 9,medicine 9 and aerial combat 6.please reply.

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Probably no. A level 10 camp will require more than just LBM and a Great Dragon. 90k LBM + 10k AT + GD (10 Met, 7 Med, 10 WC) note:you need a lvl 10 musterpoint for this

Anonymous 4 years ago

How many troops should I attack with to conquer a level 8, 9, and 10 wilderness? I haven't found much guides that show how many troops it takes.

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

for a level 7 wilderness, send at least 3,100 LBM plus a dragon. Level 8: 4,500 LBM plus a dragon. Level 9: 7,000 LBM plus a dragon. Level 10: 10,000 LBM plus a dragon.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Thanks. Is that with the same research level as yours?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author


Anonymous 4 years ago

Is it okay to have this research:

WC: 7

Metallurgy: 7

Medicine: 8

Aerial Combat: 6

Primus 1 4 years ago

65k LBM 3200 AT, met:8; med:9; AerC:8; WC:7;Dragonary:9

attacked ac lv9 no loses

1337MEH1 4 years ago

What should me research be to attack a level 7,8,9, and 10 camp?

dika 4 years ago

88000 lbm to attack lv 9 death 40000

captainrex98 4 years ago

you should update the guide now with so many outposts, they also just added level 11 anthropus camps

chaise 4 years ago

i come to this site all the time and your page to know how i should organize and attack the anthropus camps! I'm absolutely thankful for this site. I was also wondering if you have figured out the level 11 anthropus camp stats? please update if you can

ShowStopper 4 years ago

Confirmed troops attacking Lv11 Camps without looses:

Level 11 - 40k Java Jaw + 2k ATs + GD/Ice/Stone/Fire/Helio (09 MET, 09 MED, 10 WC ) ( Don't attack without GD/ED and AT's on level 11 camp )


Level 11 - 35k Java Jaw + 2k ATs + GD/Ice/Stone/Fire/Helio (10 MET, 10 MED, 10 WC ) ( Don't attack without GD/ED and AT's on level 11 camp )

josh 4 years ago

you forgot to mention that you need to bring a dragon with you so i sent out 19000 lbm and they all got killed so i am rellly pissed right now since i now have no troops and i went down 100000 power

asdfgh 4 years ago

what level anthropus camps should i follow the board and add a great dragon

roby 4 years ago

i would like to know what troops to train after i can conquer level 10 anthropus camps.the combination of lbm and at's worked great but i would like to know other combination of troops for farming anthropus talismans without losses.right now i have GD,water, stone, fire (wind & ice armor on the way).do each dragon work beter with different troops.i know there are a lot if questions but i hope i get my answers.

sukesh 4 years ago

hey i got 5000lbm...550mino...500at...5wc...4met...4med...cn i attack a lvl 5 ac?i need dragon armor...i jus need 1 piece if it...i got all 3 pcs with fortunas ticket...

profile image

tom777 4 years ago

you missed a little detail about research levels, pal. thx to you i just lost all 10k ats.

VIC T 4 years ago

What's the easiest way to gain power?

chaise 4 years ago

please do a level 11 one please

Tobias 4 years ago

how many archers and airships do I need to stock an a lv 9 to defeat without loss?

summer880 4 years ago

im trying to get a spectrel outpost ive got a level10(dragonwithamour) city and level 9 water outpost with no amour im doing servays to get free rubies should i spend the rubies i earn on 100000 talismens or something else should i earn them?

jared 4 years ago

what if you have 90k and attack a level 10 anthroups and you have no ats will you still win

Krakbunnee 4 years ago

So a note to people...I sent out a march to a level 11 camp with 120k longbowmen and 19999 at's with GD, and lost EVERYTHING! All research was completely up to date as well. Looks like outpost troops are the way to go here.

dragonmaster247 4 years ago

im so awesome

Fury 4 years ago

As Chaise requested, please post a level 11 Camp details?

travis 4 years ago

i attacked a lv 7 camp with a great gragon and 14,975 lbm and only 6,000 sevived because i forgot the armored transports how do i get the lbm up fast?

please respond

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

If you build additional barracks, your training speed goes down. You can also do research to lower training time.

travis 4 years ago

thnx but i have in my capital city 13 barracks lv 8 and 17 in my water and in my stone outposts and i still takes almost an hour to train 100 lbm

pyro 4 years ago

i have 100k lbm. if i send 90k+9999ats+stone dragon would i beat a level 10 ants camp?

jc23 4 years ago

you have to have the wraith dragon outpost to get the frost dragon egg.i have my wraith dragon already and it is @ lv 8. i found all the remains for it already .dose the wraith dragon have to be lv 10 in order to find the frost dragon egg because so far i had no luck finding the egg. also can you tell me what are the chances to find the frost dragon egg. thanks

Optic 4 years ago

Bro, Bro, Bro you are awesome, thanks, gj great man etc.

mandheer 4 years ago

is 10k lbm and 2k ats are enough to defeat lvl 7 anth camp? pls reply on facebook's malpal@gmail.com id

SOul EaTeR 09 4 years ago

hey bro can i defeat anthropus camp lvl 10 with 10 k bd and 1 gd

???? pls answer

Zack Simpson 4 years ago

I'd like to add something.

Level 10 Camp:

80,000 LongBowMen + 5,000 Armored Transport Ships.

Robin Hewitt 4 years ago

Are the numbers listed above still accurate?

Jocelynn 4 years ago

I did great with no losses with the chart above until the lvl 10 camp. I lost 3.5k ats.

I am going to try Zack's numbers in the comment... can't hurt

ahmed 4 years ago

hi i wanna attack level 10 otheropus camps how much longbowmans i will need with the great dragon or water dragon thank you

Syed Afnan 4 years ago

Hi... need a complete guide of wilderness..

from lvl 1-10.. I ll be grateful for your favor..

DoA Knights 4 years ago

For Level 11 Anthropus Camp, would 10K LBM and 7K Fangtooths and 6K Armored Transports win without losses.

PS: I have a Level 9 Great Dragon Completely Armored. ( Still Working on Water Dragon.)

maddy 4 years ago

what about lvl 11 camps?

zacane 4 years ago

i need a guide for frost dragon and you need about 10k lower lbms to hit a lv8 camp

zzz 4 years ago

i send 12k LBM + GD and lost 2k LBM in Lvl 5 anthropus camp....

you have explanation ?

ashole 4 years ago

i lose 6k LBM because i forgot ATs. WTF

eddy3631 4 years ago

how many LBM would i need with a city dragon to attack and have no troops dead at a level 7 camp

zacane 4 years ago

15k but you have to have some ats

zacane 4 years ago

15k but you have to have some ats

Zol 3 years ago

If one defends and soul reapers your rip souls out out of the enemy, can these then become your soldiers in the spectral ruins

gyzarus 3 years ago

ok, so have there been changes recently. I follow the guide above but lose ATs every attack.

grrrr 3 years ago

how many troops do i need to attack a lvl 11 anthropus camps?

attention 3 years ago

se site n est plus a jour je repete se site n est plus a jour

si vous attaquer les camp lv 7,8,9,10 comme il es marquer vous perdez vos troupes

luis 3 years ago

hi i sent my wind dragon and 15000 longbow men and the 500ats and lost all my ats...... what do you think the problem might be....Add Your Comment...

doaer 3 years ago

if you send AT's and LBM the best dragon to send with is the great dragon becose he has the same speed and fights beside the rest of the army the elemental dragons don't do this all.

sjentius 3 years ago

i first gain all the eggs, after this i increased my change of getting an armour piece by 1000%, in 1 houre i got 15 pieces by hitting an other kind of wilderness each time, because i could now get a piece of armour on ervery kind of wilderness.

jonathan kempka 3 years ago

what's the highest level of camp i can get with 10k longbowmen a level 9 great dragon and 1291 armored transports

Vin 3 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knows of a "calculator" that can be used to determine loss risks, by entering in what troops you have to send & which research levels you have? I have seen things like this in the past with other games & am hoping to locate one for this game.

Alex 3 years ago

i send 10k Dimension ruiners, 10k artiv L, 1k flangtooth, 6k LBM, 9lv GD, 1k venge wrym, 3k packed dragin, 2k armed transporters, 1k granite orge,2k thunder golem . then too all my troops died at 11lv ANTo Camp

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