Dragons of Atlantis Fire Dragon Armor Guide

The quickest way to obtain your four piece set of Fire Dragon Armor is by buying it through the Kabam shop. Kabam sells many items that help players advance through the game quickly like speed ups, completion grants, and items that can be found by spending time farming in game. For those of you who want to find your Fire Dragon Armor for free, just follow the steps laid out in this guide and you will have be able to use your Fire Dragon in attacks and to farm for other special items that will help you move up the leader boards.


To be able to use this guide and find your Fire Dragon Armor, you need to have first completed the following accomplishments in Dragons of Atlantis.

Fire Dragon with No Armor
Fire Dragon with No Armor

Other Preperations

If you followed my other Elemental Dragon guides, the process for finding your Fire Dragon Armor is very similar to the Water and Stone Dragon armor. You will need to fill all of your wilderness slots so that your troops march to their destination, do their thing, and instantly start marching back to your city. This will make your time spent farming for your Fire Dragon Armor efficient. At this point, you should have plenty of troops to be able to farm level 7 and higher wildernesses. If you don't, please refer back to my other guides to see the preparations that you need to have before starting out on your Fire Dragon Armor.

Right next to my main city, there is a level 9 Mountain.  I would prefer to use a level 10 mountain as my farming spot, but because of the close proximity, the level 9 will do.
Right next to my main city, there is a level 9 Mountain. I would prefer to use a level 10 mountain as my farming spot, but because of the close proximity, the level 9 will do.

How Many Troops Do I Send in My Attack?

When farming, I prefer to use Longbowmen, even though they are a bit slower than the Dragons. Unless you send an excessive number of SSDs or BDs, you will experience some losses. Since Longbowmen use a ranged attack and are quick to train, you normally do not see any losses when farming.


  • Level 7 Wilderness: 3100
  • Level 8 Wilderness: 5500
  • Level 9 Wilderness: 7000
  • Level 10 Wilderness: 20000

Where does Fire Dragon Armor Drop?

Fire Dragon Armor drops from level 7 or higher mountain wildernesses. The higher the level, the greater chance that the armor has to drop. For Fire Dragon Armor to drop, you must include either your Great Dragon or another Elemental Dragon in the attack. This is extremely important and will save you a lot of wasted time sending out attacks.

Choosing your Target

I will be using Longbowmen as my troop of choice for my farming. Because LBM are somewhat slow, I need to pick a Level 7 or higher mountain that is close to my city. At this time, there is not a level 10 mountain within a few spaces of my city, so instead I chose to hit the level 9 that is less than a 1 minute march. The drop rate of a level 9 is lower than a level 10, but I should be able to make up for the difference in quantity of hits because of the close proximity. Since I am attacking a level 9 mountain, I will be sending 7,000 Longbowmen plus my armored Great Dragon, Water Dragon, and Stone Dragon in their respective attacks.

Make sure you include your Great Dragon or Elemental Dragon in your attack.
Make sure you include your Great Dragon or Elemental Dragon in your attack.

Which Dragon is Your Favorite?

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Time Spent Farming

At this point in the game you should have three fully armored Dragons, which allows you to send out attacks when farming for your Fire Dragon Armor in waves of three. Depending on the march time of your troops, it should only take about an hour or less to find all of your Fire Dragon Armor. I found my first piece of armor on my fourth wave of attacks. Each wave takes a little over 2 minutes for me, so that averages out to about one piece every 10 minutes.

Found the Fire Claws first!
Found the Fire Claws first!
Next up: Fire Helmet
Next up: Fire Helmet
Got it! Fire Breastplate
Got it! Fire Breastplate
The last one took a while, but I finally got it!  Fire Tail
The last one took a while, but I finally got it! Fire Tail

Quest Reward!

Quest reward for finding all of your Fire Dragon Armor
Quest reward for finding all of your Fire Dragon Armor

What to do with your Fully Armored Fire Dragon

Congratulations! You can now use your Fire Dragon to attack other players and use it to farm for special items to train upgraded troops and even farm for Anthropus Talismans that are used to build a Wraith Dragon Outpost.

Great and Elemental Dragons do not mix well with other speed troops like Swift Strike Dragons, Battle Dragons, or Banshees. It is suggested that you only use your outpost Dragons with troops that do not have increased speed to avoid losses. That is a main reason why I use LBM to farm for Dragon Eggs and Dragon Armor. Lava Jaws, Fangtooh, and Granite Ogres also work well with the armored dragons.

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Comments 17 comments

shinmagisin 4 years ago

I love your guide but question. I only have 5 researches in med met and wc So would these numbers be accurate ? Or should I send 400 at's with them?

the man 4 years ago

why can't i get the armor i've followed the instructions attacked a mountain for more times than 20+ which is more than 10 minutes and the mountain is lvl 10 less than a minute from my kingdom as well help me ouuut!!!

isaac 4 years ago

i can't get the last piece how do i get the last piece of armor ive been looking for it for 2 hours

profile image

The Name 101 4 years ago

@Shinmagisin, your research is fine

@the man, try another mountain then

and @isaac, trust me, keep attacking, you'll find it,

a girl 4 years ago

so when farming Great dragon is the only i should i use?

not the water and stone?

DoA_player 4 years ago

@the man; try sending one spy with the troops. I can not assure that you will find sth every time you send the attack, but it will help eventually.

@a girl; I believe you can use Great, Water or Stone dragon. I, myself, send all three dragons on different destinations and one of them eventually finds sth, and also one spy with the troops shall also do the trick.

Though I would also recommend to upgrade the clairvoyance, for the spy.. I think the higher the level is of this research, more chance is that he'll find sth sooner than usual. - at least my experience.

profile image

JCHB 4 years ago

Hope you still check this... :-)

I have been rotating between a lvls 8, 9, and 10 mountians...for 3 days now.

Still no armor.

I wonder if the drop rate has changed?

Just wondering, why send a spy with the march?

Still learning this game...

profile image

JCHB 4 years ago

Okay...one amendment. Finally got the Fire claws. Sure hope the rest follows soon... :-P

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

As far as I'm aware, the drop rate hasn't changed. I've heard of folks getting the armor quickly and some taking days and days, so I think it's just good ole fashioned RNG. Keep trying!

oreo 4 years ago

If i use 975 banshees, 1915 at, 5019 lbm, and 1477 pd can i conquer a level 10 plain?

oreo 4 years ago

because some guy defends her city really well and killed 55000 of my lbm :(

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

I'd build up your troops again, if you have several cities it shouldn't take long to recoup your losses :)

Tesla 4 years ago

@oreo, there is a wiki for all of those things just plug "doa camps" or "doa wilderness" into google and it'll tell you the troops and types you need

kildas 3 years ago

i have spent ages trying to get the fire dragon tail plate i am atacking lvl9 but can't find it

kildas 3 years ago

same problem

sparki 3 years ago

ive been trying for about a year for my last armor and still no luck ive messaged the support and never got an answer back about it :( ive got GD, WD, SD, FD, CD, WrathD, KD all with armor but not the stinking FD!

cam 10 months ago

do you need a dragon to get the egg

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