Dragons of Atlantis Online Game - Cheats, Cracks, Tricks and Codes

Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is a free online fantasy war game that is played by millions throughout the world. The story goes that over 70,000 years ago, the ancient ones turned tribes against one another. It was at this time that the Dragons became the tribes greatest allies but also the most fierce of enemies. As a player it is your job to ensure survival of the tribes. You begin by creating and raising a mighty dragon, building powerful alliances and building your very own empire. Then the fun part begins - waging wars against other online players and their alliances. Dragans of Atlantis is a fun and addictive game, which can be made that bit more fun with the help of some very useful cheats, tricks and hacking bots!

Unlimited Rubies and Gold

Scripts and Bot Cheats

The best way to cheat in this game is through the use of a script, also known as bots. The video below shows you how this can be done easily and quickly. It gives you the opportunity to level up, but even more impressively it gives you the opportunity to add as many rubies, gold and sources to your account. The video below is an example of one script, but there are many more that are being used by lots of players every single day. Therefore it's really just a case of levelling things out and using all options that are available to you in order to become the best.

Google + Boost Cheat Crack - Cheat Engine 6.1

This is my personal favourite cheat for Dragons of Atlantis. It is completely legit and involves speeding up your game play to build you reserves.

You can start by simply downloading cheat engine´╗┐ 6.1! After the choose program opera (when you are on game!) you can enable the speedhack! It's as simple as putting them to x2.0 or x5.0 or x20 or x50 or x100(just remember not to refresh. You should just click on builds whiteout stop!)

Cheat Recommendations

Whether it's more gold, more resource or superior alliance that your in need of there is no real simple way of cheating on this game other than through scripting or bots. However I strongly recommend that if you really wnt to be a pro at the game then you should take full advantage of learning more through guides and walkthroughs. There are a couple of websites that have been existing for quite some time now, and I recommend them to you because there are many user forums regarding the game and the best way to be successful whilst playing it.

DotMMO.com - Offers you with a simple guide to the game and has a huge forum thats worth browsing through if your interested in improving your game.

Princesslilo.Wordpress.com - Offers you with a similar newbie walkthrough guide, but also offers strategies that can be taken on board.

Gamerzo.com - Has over 30 user tips, but it should be mentioned that the quality of some of these tips are extremely poor. However you may find your golden tip if you take the time to read through.

Lets keep it real and share the cheats that do work with each other. Unfortunately the majority of cheats that we come across are completely fake and don't do what they claim to do. If you have any cheats or codes worth sharing then you can do so in the comments section below - but please make sure that they are real cheats and not bogus ones! Happy gaming.

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Terryandco profile image

Terryandco 4 years ago Author

Share your Dragons of Atlantis game tips, tricks, and cheats here!! Make sure that they are guenuine!

1337MEH1 4 years ago

I'f I use this,can I get banned?

owner 4 years ago

Curtis 3 years ago

i cant figure out how to do the speed hack i open cheat engine 6.1 (32bit)

And it stays the same what am i doing wrong i just downloaded it also and am i suppose to go to process and click what?

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