Dragons of Atlantis Start Up Guide

Dragons of Atlantis is a Facebook empire building game where you build up your city and army to conquer land, join alliances, and wage war on other alliances.  This guide will get you started and help you on your way to dominating your realm. 

First Things First

Once you get started, the best way to get your city rolling is by following the quest line that Dragons of Atlantis provides. These quests will give you resource and power rewards as well as make sure that you have everything you need for your city to thrive. Personally, since build times are so short when you get started (10 to 30 seconds), I like to build up my resources quickly so while I am away from my computer, they continue to gather at the highest rate possible. After about 30 minutes, I will have two of each resource in my field at level 2.

The most important building that you will own, and a great way to get a jump on building up your city, is the Science Center. This building allows you to research upgrades to your resource gathering, troops, and most importantly your construction speed. After I drop in my resources, I build this and begin researching as soon as possible. Eventually, research times take hours and sometimes days, so if you have some time to devote to getting the entry level ones out of the way, do it quickly so you can start a long research when you'll be away from your computer for a while.

City Layout

It doesn't matter where you put your buildings in your city, as long as you have space for all of the important ones.  I recommend starting with 6 houses and 6 garrisons.  Having more garrisons will allow you to train troops faster, which will be beneficial in the long run.  Early in the game, it is more important to gather resources to keep up with the constant upgrading and building of new buildings.


Once you get your houses and a garrison built, start training 300 conscripts.  These guys will help you conquer wilderness plots, which will give you some extra resources and more importantly give you a bonus to your resource production.  Depending on the number of garrisons you have, this will take between an hour and two hours. 

Upgrade Resources

At this point, your build and research times should be increasing a bit. While your first batch of troops are training, work on upgrading your resources to at least level 4. I like to get all of the shorter build times out of the way so I can leave the ones that are hours long for when I take a break.

Upgrade Science Center

Like I said earlier, your science center is extremely important in the beginning of the game.  The upgrade to level 3 takes approximately half an hour, so get this going if you want to take a quick break or when you get your first batch of conscripts back and you can start attacking wildernesses.  You need to get your science center to level 5 to start researching Levitation, which increases your construction speed.  You also need to have researched Woodcraft to level 5 to learn Levitation.

Build Muster Point and Officer's Quarters

You will need these two buildings to attack and conquer wildernesses.  They only take a few minutes to build, so get them in before you do the major upgrades of your Science Center and Fortress.

Upgrade Fortress

Upgrading your fortress takes some time, over 30 minutes for level 2, but is very beneficial as you need to upgrade it to build level 2 houses and each upgrade increases the amount of resource plots that you own as well as how many wilderness you can control.  After you upgrade your science center to level 3, start your fortress upgrade.  Once complete, add some more resources to your new plots.

Conquer a Wilderness

After your first 300 conscripts are trained, appoint a general by clicking on the helmet button underneath your profile pic in the upper left of your game screen.  Then go to the map and locate a level 1 wilderness that is close to you and attack it with your 300 conscripts.  You will lose 8 conscripts, but will gain a bonus to the production of one of your resources.  Make sure you control as many wildernesses as your level of fortress allows (1 per level).  I personally like to control one for each resource other than food production while I am focusing on building rather than training troops.

Join an Alliance

Many alliances have power requirements, but most will take any active player.  If you continue to gain power by upgrading your city, training troops, and conquering wildernesses, camps, and other players cities, you will be a welcome member of any alliance.  The alliance chat room is also a good way to get tips from other players and make friends for later in the game when you are engaged in resource grabs and even waging war on other alliances/players.

This guide should get you started.  Keep an eye out for more hubs on Dragons of Atlantis by me!

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Comments 55 comments

vikctor 5 years ago

how do you get a general

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

Hi vikctor, you can hire a general by building an Officers Quarters and appointing one of your Facebook friends (preferably one who plays DoA as they cost less) to be one of your generals. I will be posting another hub soon about the next steps of building your city in DoA. Thanks for reading!

segi1312 5 years ago

How do I get troops? I've built my city to just about 40,000 power and I have yet to go into the wilderness, fight or aid my allys

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

Hi Segi1312. You train troops in your Garrisons. Start off with training 300 conscripts and use them to attack some level 1 wildernesses to get your feet wet. After that, you can experiment with different combinations. Longbowmen are the popular ground troop, but I try to have a reserve of all types.

Psycho Gamer profile image

Psycho Gamer 5 years ago from Earth

i stopped playing those kind of games long long ago...because no mater what you will do..if you do not join an alliance there is always some bullies who will attack you again and agin and again....i know that is the nature of the game...but i hate when the only thing that makes them better than you is because they started palying the game earlier than you....

or maybe i was doing something wrong...but it takes time to gather resources and train troops and they are never enough when the newbie protection finishes and then you are a gonner

Jun Kit Lim profile image

Jun Kit Lim 5 years ago

Wad army should we use to get water dragon egg as I am a centurion and I fail all my attacks,so I just started refreshing and train 90 lbm and 243 swift dragon

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

Hi Jun Kit Lim, if you refer to my Water Dragon Egg guide ( http://hubpages.com/games-hobbies/Dragons-of-Atlan... ), it will help you out in finding your egg. Basically just conquer level 7 Lakes over and over.

faisal 5 years ago

do the generals go beyond the imitial 5*? if so is there a lvl reference?

blake peterson 5 years ago

What do you do with first default dragon and how do you level it up

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

You "level up" your first Great Dragon by upgrading your Dragon Keep. You can also find armor for your Great Dragon and then attack other wildernesses and cities with it. Check out my guide here: http://hubpages.com/games-hobbies/Dragons-of-Atlan...

event 5 years ago

where did all my conscripts go to after they attack one of the wanderness? i can't seem to find them.. =(

sharla 5 years ago

how do you get more space in your field?

... 5 years ago

upgrade ur castle

Guest 5 years ago

how do i produce more food?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

You can produce more food by upgrading your farms or by controlling lakes and/or savannahs. The higher level the lake or savannah, the more food you will produce.

dumbbutterfly 5 years ago

Is training speed cumulative for all garrisons or just the highest one?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

Training speed is cumulative. To test this, I trained 100 conscripts, which took 3 minutes and 48 seconds. Then, I upgraded one of my garrisons to level 2. After it was complete, I trained another 100 conscripts. The time was reduced to 3 minutes and 46 seconds.

mike 5 years ago

how do u get more space for your field

brewski 5 years ago

hey man is there any difference in choosing primus or amazon over the other 2 classes? or is the only difference the look of ur avatar?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

The only impact an avatar has on your city is the look of your level 11 buildings. Once you upgrade a building to level 11, its look will coincide with your race.

nick mchugh 5 years ago

i agree with this guide i used it and it worked!

CuriousCat 5 years ago

How many alliances can you have on this game? I can not find that answer anywhere. Is it only one alliance like so many other RPGs or is it actually where you can have multiple alliances?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

You can be in one alliance. It's like a team basically, but your alliance can be friendly with other alliances. The options your alliance has for relations with other alliances are: at war, neutral, and friendly.

dog19 5 years ago

When I win a wilderness do I have to leave my troops there to defend it ?

Ole Number One profile image

Ole Number One 5 years ago from Louisiana

I hate these type games! Why do I play them? Great Hub, well written and informative.

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

@dog19 - no, you do not have to leave your troops to defend your wilderness. You can leave troops if you want, but it would just be a waste. Other players can attack your wildernesses and take control, but if that happens just attack them back or find new wildernesses to conquer.

dog19 5 years ago

How do you upgrade metalsmith ?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

You upgrade your Metalsmith like you upgrade all of your other buildings. Just pick a spot in your city, build a Metalsmith, and upgrade it as you get enough resources. Your Metalsmith corresponds with some of the research that you can do to upgrade your metal production and your troops attack power.

dog19 5 years ago

What level do you have to get dragon's keep before dragon is ready. How do you find out if you are accepted into analiance ?

dog19 5 years ago

What is a resource boost and how do I use it ?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 5 years ago Author

You have to get your Great Dragon to level 8 before you can attack with it. You also have to find all of your Great Dragon Armor, which you can do by following my guide.

A resource boost can be one or two things. Some items that you can get from the shop or from Fortuna's Rewards can boost your resource production by 25% for a day or a week. You can also get a resource boost by controlling a wilderness.

dog19 4 years ago

How do you get your troops to return to your city after you abandom a wildness that you hhave captured, I tried once and the troops were not added back to my total number of troops ?

dog19 4 years ago

I attacked a Anthropus camp level 5 expecting to battle 2250 lost found it had around 64,000 troups most places I have read had level 10 around 50,000 could you tell me what I could expect to fight at wach level and why this level 5 had so many ?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Dog19, I have not encountered that problem before but I would suggest that you make sure your troops are returning to your city BEFORE you abandon it.

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Dog19, here is a link to a table that has the breakdown of how many troops are at each Anthropus Camp level. http://dragonsofatlantis.wikia.com/wiki/Anthropus_...

dog19 4 years ago

I finished a quest and got " power" what does that mean ?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Power is basically your score. Each building, troop, and Outpost gives you power. You can't use it for anything, its just a way of seeing how you are doing compared to other players.

sean 4 years ago

I only have 148,000 power but im around people who have over2 million power how do i get to their standard???

sexypig 4 years ago

How do i get power fast in dragons of atlantis???

omg66 4 years ago

i want to buy troops not train but how?

dragonrider 4 years ago

Is there anyway to decrease research time at the science center?

Saphirrah 4 years ago

How do u produce "Blue Energy"?

dog19 4 years ago

At my stone dragon out post a home is being built but it does not register when I check on it and how long it has to finish keeps on going over and over I need to stop it do you have any ideas ?

dog19 4 years ago

I was trying to get fire egg attacked Lv 8 mountain and got a frost egg instead what happened ?

dog19 4 years ago

How do I take my oout post to a higher level ?

Ptheq 4 years ago

I can't seem To be able to get enough gold! I can't upgrade my dragon keep. I need help

Ptheq 4 years ago

And I can't get enough troops to take out a lvl 5 anthrop camp. I attacked with 5oo lbm and 50 armored trans. Help pleas

DeathAngel 4 years ago

How do i get the training grounds?

Jessibaby365 4 years ago

hello how do i get troops to train? i have my garrison but no troops available? please help me out?

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Once you have a garrison, just click on the type of troop that you wish to train. If you meet all of the requirements, you can type in how many you wish to train and then hit the "train" button to begin.

jj death 4 years ago

how many long bow men do i need to train to attack a level 5 athro camp?

jj death 4 years ago

why i attacked with 5000 lbm but they all died?

Adam 4 years ago

what is a Idel Pop. and how do you get them??

awesome dude and friend 4 years ago

how do u get friends in dragons of atlantis

juan 3 years ago

my great dragon aint is his dragon keep where is he

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