Dragons of Atlantis Water Dragon Armor Guide

Dragons of Atlantis Water Dragon in full armor.
Dragons of Atlantis Water Dragon in full armor.

Like anything in Dragons of Atlantis, there are two ways to obtain special items like the Water Dragon Armor - the easy way and the hard way. The easy way is by purchasing rubies and buying your Water Dragon Armor from the shop. This method will cost you 300 rubies, which equates to about $50. This guide will show you the long way of finding your Water Dragon Armor, which gives you the ability to attack wildernesses, Anthropus Camps, and other players with your Elemental Water Dragon. In Dragons of Atlantis, your Dragons are what separate you from other players and also allow you to farm for other items more quickly.


First of all, if you are reading this guide you should already have found a Water Dragon Egg and created a Water Dragon Outpost. If you haven't yet, check out my guides. Also, you need to have found all of your Great Dragon Armor and be able to attack with your Great Dragon from your base city. Make sure you have all of the prerequisites covered before embarking on the task of farming for your Water Dragon Armor.

The Easy Way

If you have deep pockets and want to spend money instead of time to obtain your Water Dragon Armor, just buy 300 rubies and purchase your Water Dragon Armor from the shop. You still need to cover all of the pre-recs to be able to use your Water Dragon in battle, but it will save you a bunch of time. In my opinion, the hunt for special items like this is what makes Dragons of Atlantis a fun and enjoyable game, but to each his own.

Where to Find Water Dragon Armor

Water Dragon Armor can be found by conquering level 7 or higher Lakes. The higher the level, the higher the drop rate, so if you have the troops I suggest that you farm the highest level lake possible. For a piece of Water Dragon Armor to drop, you MUST include your Great Dragon in your attack. There are four total pieces of Water Dragon Armor that you will need to complete the set: the Dragon Helmet, Dragon Claw Guards, Dragon Body Armor, and Dragon Tail Guard.

How to Farm for Water Dragon Armor

You will be farming for your Water Dragon Armor differently than you farmed for you Great Dragon Armor. Because of the requirement of having your Great Dragon on the attack, you can only send out one attack at a time. Follow these steps and you'll soon have your Water Dragon Armor.

  1. Make sure all of your wilderness slots are full. If you control a wilderness for each available slot, once you conquer the Lake you are farming for your armor, your troops will return automatically.
  2. Locate the closest level 10 Lake (or highest level you can conquer).
  3. Send an attack that will conquer the Lake with no losses and include your Great Dragon in the attack.
  4. Wait for attack to return.
  5. Once your troops return, send another attack and include your Great Dragon.
  6. Repeat until you find all 4 pieces of Water Dragon Armor.

Before starting to farm for your Water Dragon Armor, make sure all of your wilderness slots are full.
Before starting to farm for your Water Dragon Armor, make sure all of your wilderness slots are full.

How Long Will it Take?

It took me a total of around 5 or 6 hours of farming to get all 4 pieces of Water Dragon Armor. It goes somewhat slow because you can only send one attack at a time, but the extra time allowed me to do some farming and scouting while I was waiting for my attacks to return. I have heard that it sometimes takes longer than this to find all four pieces, but like farming any item it's just a matter of time and patience.

Anthropus Talismans

One of the benefits of using your Great Dragon in attacks when farming for your Water Dragon Armor is that you will get Anthropus Talismans each time you kill enough mobs. These can be used to create a new Outpost, the Spectral Ruins. You need to farm 100,000 Anthropus Talismans to create this new Outpost. You don't get many from attacking Wildernesses, but you do get a few. Stay tuned for a guide on how to best farm this massive amount of talismans.

I Found All Four! What Do I Do Now?

Once you find all four pieces of Water Dragon Armor, make sure that your Water Dragon is leveled up to at least level 8. Once he is at level 8 and you have all of your Water Dragon Armor, you can use your Water Dragon in attacks. Having your Water Dragon available will double the speed of your farming for other Elemental Dragon Armor and Anthropus Talismans.

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soloman!! 5 years ago

If you want to cut down on your GD healing time you need to have enough troops to conquer wilderness 3 times....

(We will use a lvl 8 wilderness for this example)

Wave one.....4500lbm

Wave Two.....4500lbm

Wave Three...4500lbm + GD

What this does is kills all troops in wilderness on first wave.....second wave kills all respawns....third wave does less damage to GD so you can attack more without wait for her to heal......took me about 2-3 hours to find all fire dragon armor.

deadly avenger 4 years ago

water dragons armor almost never drops!!! I got my first piece after 50 attacks and am still working on it.

nocknock 4 years ago

still farming for tail armor been going 3 days now

thunderlordz 4 years ago

i've been farming for 1 week i haven't get any armor this sucks it take so long to get all 4 armor!!!

ladoo 4 years ago


Aderra 4 years ago

Well you should go and try to get stone dragon armor. It takes even longer

big bog 4 years ago

ive got my water dragon helmet on second try on level 10 lake

JGjinx 4 years ago

Ummm well I wanted to say before I had my water outpost and still looking for my great dragon armor I had gotten bored from doing multiple wave attacks and I decided to attack a city for resources. And I found a piece of great dragon armor. Does this mean you can attack other players for the drops now too?

Rex 4 years ago

i don't know i'll have to give it a try

no 4 years ago

u can't attack a city and get armour

myst 4 years ago

what realm r u in and what ur name :) u seem like a nice person

higi 4 years ago

can i attack one lake many times and get the armor pieces

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Yes, you can.

Dragon 4 years ago

I found all of the great dragon armor in last than one day. also i think there is a glight on my computer because it takes only half the time to do stuff

wigi 4 years ago

can u keep attacking the same lake

PBody5205 profile image

PBody5205 4 years ago Author

Yes, you can keep attacking the same lake.

Dragon 4 years ago

Water dragon armor nevler drops

Kingike19 4 years ago

ALMOST TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!1000+ attacks still no helmet got all the other pieces in less than a day but the stupid helmet takes longer for some strange reason FU KABAM!!!!!!!!

Lady K'abel 4 years ago

Do I have to wait for my dragon to be level 8 to start farming for the armor?

peterwright 4 years ago

how much lbm and armord transport and a gd do u need to defeat level 7 and 8 lakes?

curse 4 years ago

about 7000 lbm and 1000 at

zelda 4 years ago

how many lbm do you need to defeat a level 10 anthropus camp

Double A 4 years ago

you need about 25k lbm and a gd.

i have been farming for my wd armor for almost 2 weeks and i only got one piece can anybody tell me why wd armor almost never drops.

sjentius 3 years ago

i defeated several lvl 8 wildernesses with only 5k LBM + GD + 200 AT

ladouchebag 3 years ago

45k power,600LBM,100AT,1600MIN,1800HBM,600POR,1800CON,600SSD,40SPY, STEPPIN to Lvl5 ANTHR camp like im servin up a big tall glass of "F#%$ YOU UP AAANND LIKE IT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,

*crying like the dry receiver* and still can't sit down.So don't try this unless you like rebuilding and suppositories! ouch

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