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Drifting Games which is also Drift Racing is a different racing technique that occurs when a really experienced driver is able to have he's car steering on a side way movement. The car would slide sideways on a turn and then more ahead to the next point.
Invented by the Japanese, back then was still popular before the Japanese guys made it an official sport.

Cars that are based mostly on front wheel drive can perform a drift with no problem, but since the weight distribution and torque are totally different it makes it hard to regain control of the car when comparing to a car that has rear wheel driving. This is why rear driving cars are mostly used as the best drifting cars in races and games.

The techniques used to achieving a perfect drift are by using the brakes and also clutching, having the engines power directly transmitted to the rear end of the wheels, this allows to be way more easy to gain control over the car again, even when the car is drifting. This will allow the car to easily pick up the momentum and proceed normally. To perform the act of drifting the driver would normally in any race start braking the car while entering a corner, where he pulls the emergency brakes locking the rear wheels simultaneously together causing the vehicle to start sliding since it lost its traction in the turn.

Many good drivers are able to achieve a good drift by simply over steering the vehicle through tight corners without hitting the brakes or speeding up, just using the speed from the initial turn a true fact is that these racers will normally only accelerate to keep the control of the car while performing a drift. Now when you look at really good expert drivers, some of these guys are able to keep on drifting from turn to turn without even stopping the drift. We see these drivers perform in the movies just like The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

The Fast and The furious Tokyo Drift
The Fast and The furious Tokyo Drift

Awesome movies to check out!

Power Over Drift

Thanks to http://www.flickr.com/photos/28091462@N03/3690664856
Thanks to http://www.flickr.com/photos/28091462@N03/3690664856

A huge amount of experience in drifting is necessary together with other techniques such as the use brakes, speeding at a faster rate while steering correctly. A lot of the racers and professionals don't know the importance of learning how to race professionally and just want to jump straight to the drifting. If you learn how to race a professional you will pretty much already have 50% of the skill necessary to perform good drift.

One important thing to learn about : Power Drift also Power Over Drift: This occurs when a driver accelerates the car through a very tight corner making the car;s real wheel to come toward the exterior direction, pretty much you can see the wheel turning pointing outside while the car is drifting. Cars with a high HP(Horse Power) are able to perform this with more ease.  Check the image below, you will see how the driver performs a Power Drift

Power Over Drift

Thanks to http://image.hotrod.com
Thanks to http://image.hotrod.com

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Feint Drift

Thanks to http://www.circulaseguro.com
Thanks to http://www.circulaseguro.com

Feint Drift

Another very important and also common drifting technique is called Feint Drift . This can be done when the driver steers the car towards the exterior part of a turn, by doing this you will notice the weight of the car going towards the wheels on the same side towards the same direction. While doing this it will make the back of the car move quickly towards the outside direction, allowing the car to start drifting with a lot of power. Check out the cool images below

Feint Drift

Thanks to http://www.driftbloggers.com
Thanks to http://www.driftbloggers.com


Now you understand a little about Drift Racing, all of these techniques mentioned on this page are surely applied to make drifting games online and you will find many games that actually demonstrate these techniques as if it was pure real life. Thanks for sticking around, while you are here leave your comments, suggestion,  rate this PAGE UP!  GIVE ME AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, USEFUL and Funny , If you want to   :D

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Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

I have never even heard of Drift Racing till your article. It is great

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eBuddy 6 years ago from Safely Gaurded Author

Yeah, it's really cool, I just started the hub , its not complete yet and really not how I wanted to be, so I will try to finish it tonight..

thanks for the comment again :D

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i2sports 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

Cool hub! I'll always take an rc drift car over an online game, though.

savanna 5 years ago

U need more games

Leah brennan 5 years ago

Hi my name is Leah Brennan am glad you let me play this games and am make shor me and my frind is cedil with it xxxxxx love Leah brennan

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