Dungeon Defenders Apprentice Guide

Dungeon Defenders Apprentice Tips


Dungeon Defenders Apprentice Guide

The Apprentice is one of the easiest classes to play as due to it not being complicated on how you can build your Apprentice. My personal favorite is to build a Tower defense Apprentice, since it is very easy to power level other characters with once your apprentice is a high enough level.

The Apprentice Tower defense Summons.
1. Magic missle Tower - Level required= 0 - Defense units required= 3 - 40 mana required.
2. Magic Bloackade - Level required= 3 - Defense units required= 1 - 20 mana required.
3. Fireball Tower - Level required= 7 - Defense units required= 5 - 80 mana required.
4. Lightning Tower - Level required= 11 - Defense units required= 7 - 120 mana required.
5. Deadly Strike Tower - Level required= 15 - Defense units required= 8 - 150 mana required.

To level I suggest playing the first level over and over again on medium or hard until you reach Level 25. Then I suggest playing on insane difficulty to level up your apprentice you should get 1-2 level ups per game until you reach level mid to late 30's. ( for more details on Leveling your apprentice or power leveling lower level accounts watch the video below.)

The costumes or outfits the Apprentice has consist of the following below.
1. Mummy costume
2. Legendary Mage costume
3. GW costume
4. Jim Dark Magic costume
5. Vampire costume
6. Super Legendary Mage costume
7. Santa Claus costume
8. Pilgrim costume

Dungeon Defenders Apprentice Tips
1. Do not get close to the enemies, try to stand behind or on top of your Tower Defenses.

2. If you can manage to not get hit, let your towers do all the damage, and take no core damage the experience, and I think mana you get at the end of the match is multiplied.

3. You can press "G" to start the next wave instead of going all the way back.

I hope you enjoyed Dungeon Defenders Apprentice guide, please share, and comment below on anything I may have, and more then likely missed. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

Dungeon Defenders Apprentice leveling Guide

Dungeon Defenders Apprentice Tips

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