Dungeon Defenders Summoner Guide

Dungeon Defenders summoner


Dungeon Defenders Summoner Guide

The summoner class is a unique class, since it is one of the few classes that does not use base defense units. Instead it uses minion units to summon minions from archers to ogres. The Summoner class in Dungeon Defenders is mostly used as a support class, since the summoner class can be used with other classes fairly well. An example would be if you have 100 base defense units for summoning towers, and max that out you will still be able to summon minions. Since they do not need free base defense units, but instead need free minion units. Also the summoner is the only class that can dual wield pets, or basically use 2 pets at once.

For beginners I would not recommend using this class for solo play, since it would be difficult even on the first level. You would have problems with the orcs, and regular minions. Since the summoner can not attack enemies, and does not have access to healing spells until a higher level. However it is best use for multiplayer, or you can power level your summoner to a higher level to allow it to solo better. (example in the video below. )

Also when playing solo it is recommended to use wall off minions such as the orcs or ogres, and archers on ledges or areas that can support each other with little risk of being attacked.

The summoner Minion list, level required to summon them, and minion units required.
1. Archer - level required = 0. - 4 minion units required - 40 mana required.
2. spider - level required = 5 - 5 minion units required - 80 mana required.
3. Orc - level required = 10 - 6 minion units required - 140 mana required.
4. Mage - level required = 15 - 7 minion units required - 180 mana required.
5. Warrior - level required = 20 - 8 minion units required - 300 mana required.
6. Ogre - level required = 30 - 13 minion units required - 600 mana required.

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Dungeon Defenders Summoner

Dungeon Defenders summoner

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