EA Games SUCKS Big Time

I have always liked EA games. I am not a big gamer or play on-line games all that much. However, I have been a fan of The Sims and have played nearly every version of it since the beginning, including The Sims On-line, Xbox, and PS. Fortunately, I have always been able to play any version of The Sims from just about any computer I have owned. Including my desktop which is pretty darn old but I keep it updated with downloaded drivers and graphic cards updates from Microsoft. I also added memory because The Sims was starting to play really slow.

Recently, I downloaded The Sims2, Seasons and Pets because I wanted to play immediately and was too impatient to wait to get them in the mail and too lazy to go to Best Buy. Well I am so sorry I did. I occasionally download games to play for that one-hour trial period. And when I do, I am playing the game from my desktop although I am sure there is code in there and the game company is probably getting some kind of feedback on my gameplay. Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, with EA games I seem to be playing the games from my desktop on-line. Every time I turned on my computer (I rarely turn it off, because computers do horrible things when they are starting up) or taking it out of hibernation, the EA games link would start to connect. First, I don't like that sh*t. I don't need EA games or anybody else knowing my game-playing habits. Nobody needs to know I am playing The Sims for hours at a time or that I'm playing at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

Anyway, every time I started my computer, EA games (aka the Gestapo) would take over my computer while it downloaded. I would have to sit there for 5 minutes while it took over my computer probably searching for personal information about porn sites I've searched and sending it back to some huge database at EA games. Anyway to my problem. Okay, so recently I decided to play The Sims again. After restarting my computer, EA starts to download but this time it looks different. In the middle I get error Code 5510. I click "okay" and download continues and it also informs me they are downloading Version (of what, I don't know). After clicking on the acceptance of their agreement which of course requires a law degree to understand, I get a message that I need 5GB of space on my harddrive. Now I added memory already, but I can't resist downloading free software. So I feel well maybe I have sucked up all of my disk space. I check that and lo and behold my computer is low on memory. I then uninstall a lot of programs to free up the 5GB of space. But I still can't download this unidentified 5GB of file.

So I go on line for EA tech support and check FAQ which gives you no truly useful information. There is no live support and no number to call support via a phone (I did finally locate a phone number on an EA press release website and will be calling Monday and we'll see how that will turn out). The first response back tells me to check my clock and to delete temporary downloaded files and empty my temporary EA games download folder. I check my computer clock (!!???!!). Time looks fine to me. I mean the instructions are to click on it. I do. Looks good. Seems to be the correct time. What am I looking for? If my clock at home tells me its 7:00 and Seinfeld is on, then its 7:00 (shrugs). If it's more detailed than that, I should get some kind of detailed instructions. Right? Duh.

I am then told to do other secret things to my computer. I do. I clean out temporary files. Stop programs from running in the background. Check my time again. Yep, still looks good. Still can't download, though. I then ask if I can uninstall the games and redownload them and where can I redownload them from since the download buttons that were in my account for a while after purchase aren't there now? Instead, I get a response to uninstall a different game. I email back, "You have given me instructions to uninstall the wrong game." I get an apology and would I go into Dxdiag (which provides systems information) and attach it to their email form and send it? I do and wait. Finally after several days. I email them about when could I expect an answer. I get an email back with an apology about my troubles but they lost the email with the system information and would I mind sending it again?

I email back that actually I do mind and I want my money back. I get a message to provide them with all sorts of information, which I do. And now I am waiting to see what happens. Now during this time. I keep asking what is EA downloading, what is Version and what is Error Code 5510? I never get a response to these specific questions. I don't know, but I kinda wanna know what some big billion dollar conglomerate is downloading to my lowly desktop. How about you?

Finally, while I'm waiting for word back on whether they will put me out of my misery by sending me a refund or just finally ending this charade of tech support by sending some goons to my house to beat me senseless until I forget about The Sims and my problems, I start another email thread. So now I email and ask them just what is Error Code 5510, what is EA downloading, and why is it so big? I get a response that they are sincerely sorry for my woes and here is an EA download manager link so I can download it to my computer. Well, thanks, but no thanks, I already have EA downloader and it is currently mucking up my enjoyment of life. But I download it again thinking that maybe, just maybe it will fix my problem. Well, you guessed it - no luck.

Now I am just entertaining myself by asking the same questions over and over to get the same canned replies. I figure if I have to suffer then why not some poor tech whose job it is to do nothing but cut and paste 10 random canned responses to all tech questions. I mean that job has just got to suck big time. What I'm hoping is that some rogue, rebel tech who is about to quit his crappy, soul-sucking job anyway will break from the pack and amuse himself and actually answer one of my questions and release top secret information on just what Error Code 5510 means. A bio weapon? A secret code to the war on terrorism? Paris Hilton's cellphone number? Apparently, EA games has some cardinal rule that no tech is to deviate from these 10 canned responses upon threat of death.

That's the long of it. And the short of it is a warning to you folks. Do not under any circumstances allow EA games into your computer. If you must play any games from them (and I hear they now own 20% of UBISoft), buy a disk. Anyway, EA games has lost a fan big time. I am now in some geek forum searching and hoping that someone there can help me with this problem or at the very least tell me what Error Code 5510 and Version are (and why is it so damned big?)

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jana 8 years ago

good and es gribu tadu speli

Down with EA! 8 years ago

"EA games has some cardinal rule that no tech is to deviate from these 10 canned responses upon threat of death."That sounds about right, either that or they hire cheap foreign labour that has no knowledge of computer systems or games whatsoever.

EA no longer cares 8 years ago

This happens when companies get too large. They stop caring about the customer and always look at the bottom line -- your dollars. It's not personal, just business. The corporation is run by investors, not common sense.

Courtney 8 years ago

Does anyone have a virginity i could borrow? I lost mine

ROLF 8 years ago


So U dnload a game and whine when it doesn't work and connect EA? XD XD XD XDX D ROLF COPTER!!!!

Sinbad  8 years ago

E.A Games is going around like some corporate predator snapping up all the good game developers in the world then rushing the games the developers make to meet EA Greedy deadlines & reducing the final product's quality. EA Games does indeed suck. They now install some buggy spyware crap that does not self uninstall even when you remove the EA game it came with. EA download Manager runs EVERY time you boot your pc despite there being no more EA games on your PC. Your firewall will show it regularly communicates sending and recieving info across the net. I recently found out EA games baught my fav game developer BioWare for $860 million. WTF are they doing going around monopolising the gaming industry unchecked & unchallenged?! WTF do they know about game development? They are a corporation not a game developer >.< Shame on the game companies selling out to such corporate scum. Fuck EA Games i hope they rot in hell.

Paulie 8 years ago

Yep, just yesterday, when I was downloading some stuff, there was EA games connecting my computer to EA on line. WTF???!!!! Don't ever download a game. Buy a disk. I uninstalled them. Bought a new computer. Installed my game from a disc so what is my computer doing connecting to them, every time I log on????? Like the writer said, WTF????

Paulie 8 years ago

Hey and this is to ROLF you f*cking little troll. Yeah, I download a game and expect the damned thing to work and I will whine about it. Life sucks enough without having some stupid game becoming the bane of your existence. You little twerp.

Ryan 8 years ago

wow. youre probably just an idiot with an elementry knowledge of computing. dont blame EA for your shortcomings. theres nothing wrong with the Sims. its your computer.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

It wasn't my computer you putz. And can you read? Most of my rant is about how they were absolutely no help and kept giving the same stupid canned answers. I don't think consumers are supposed to be experts in construction when they buy a house, electronics experts when they buy a TV or freaking computer technology experts when they buy a game. When I call tech support I expect them to actually know more than me. I solved my own operational problem anyway, as I usually do with my computers. All self-taught. You squinty-eyed, impotent little jerk.

Vukk 8 years ago

I completely understand. I have been wating well over a month to play a game to the standard I did years ago on a previous computer. My case it is C&C Generals: Zero Hour. I bought The First Decade as it appeared the install only disk was broken for Zero Hour.

I have found on the EA website China's attack outpost are supposedly significantly weaker with the latest patch. My game has them as they originally were.

EA Games Does Suck... 8 years ago

I do deserve the problem I got with their games because I used a crack so I didn't need to put a disc in. Anyway, their files are corrupt. I uninstalled every possible trace of the expansion files in the folder of them. I went and attempted deleting The Sims 2 (original game) and it said I never uninstalled the expansion. Alright, I went to restart my computer because maybe it wasn't gone from the time I uninstalled them. I found the files there again after. I'm now stuck in a never ending nightmare of trying to get the game off my computer. I don't have any viruses, it'd be a lot more obvious if I did. I'm not completely illiterate with computers. =P

Paulie profile image

Paulie 8 years ago Author

There's a little program that you can use to find and delete all traces of an uninstalled program. Its call Tree something. I find everything I need on the internet from "geek" forums.

Dude 8 years ago

lol that dude dont' know how to download roflcopter! this best n00b post ever hahaha!

Unknown  8 years ago

Ea is buying all the good companies and turning them into trash

EA Must Die 7 years ago

EA Killed Dungeon Keeper 3, They've been gouging you on shoddy low content Sims expansion packs, they ruined Spore, they'd destroyed great companies like Westwood Entertainment and Mythic which they tricked and trapped with MMO contracts, they infect our computers with Malware without warning or permission during game installations, they are using DRM which punishes ONLY people who use legal copies of their games, they rarey update their game sites, they have horrible tech support, they release unfinished products and games with major glitches, they conduct hostile takeovers and tried a hostile takeover of Take 2 and 2K games, they've monopolized the NFL franchise, their MMOs are typically blatant ripoffs of other MMOs with poor support and unstable servers, they review their own games on third party sites like GameFAQs.com, they have a team of people who are PAID to brows major internet forums such as those on IGN and promote sales of their products...

My list of complaints could keep going, but you get the general point. EA MUST DIE!

It's Time For A Revolution 7 years ago

I'm not going to rant about EA because everyone already knows the crap they've been pulling. For years I've been afraid to buy any new game from any developer, because even though EA doesn't own everybody yet, other companies still need to compete with them, which in turn creates shotty games.

You can't blame companies for selling out, I mean people know when they are going under and why not make some big bucks while you're at it, or maybe they are getting old and tired.

Why not just stop buying their games, everybody knows you are probably going to get junk anyways. Tell your friends too, the only thing that will affect that strategy is all the noob gamers that are probably to young to remember good games, and believe EA produces gold. Like someone said before it's business and anybody who agrees with them has effectively been brainwashed by them.

If you still crave games why not buy some older games, the ONLY think they lack is graphics, but of course that comes with technology, there is no technology that makes ideas or concepts better that takes the minds of great people that EA is buying out.

So it's time for change, and try to fight your gaming urges by buying for small time developers or a company you may not of heard of, so that we may destroy this growing beast we know as EA Games. (So much for not ranting!)

Paulie profile image

Paulie 7 years ago Author

I love a good rant. Clears the sinuses. Ah, but that's how they get you. You get a new machine and it doesn't play the old games. Although I have XBox and was one of the first Atari users, I'm primarily a PC gamer. Thanks for the advice.

german shepherd 6 years ago


Annoyed 6 years ago

I know this is an old post, but it must be said, I just bought the command and conquer 4, by EA mind you, and it stated in the license agreement that I DO NOT OWN THE GAME, I am simply paying for the rights to play it. so I spent $50 on a game I DO NOT OWN!!!!

Paulie profile image

Paulie 6 years ago Author

Yep, you paid $50 to rent a game...they download to your desktop and every time you start a game, they are collecting information on you like big brother.

the rabbit hole 6 years ago

First sale doctrine. That is all.

PAULO 6 years ago




JONH 6 years ago



Lakword 6 years ago

I agree. I dint had so much problems with any games that i had with those from EA. Whenever i wanna ask for some help cuz they caused problem they say. You got to weak PC. GOD DAMIT! I got really good PC what was able tyo play this shity game for a long time. No matter what problem happends its alweys same anwser. You got to weak PC. You EA help center got to weak mind to see what is exacly a problem... Any way nice place to throw steam off XD

Painnnnnnnnn! 6 years ago

sadly as much as I don't like EA games...they bought out bioware...one of the actually good developers out there. I can only hope that Dragon Age 2 is good cuz I've preordered it...

KrunkFu 5 years ago

lol@painnnnnnnnnn! for pre ordering dragon age 2. EA, DESTROYED dragon age.. i mean every single good part about dragon age, they took out. EA will start losing money and decide to finish their games and not rush developers, or they will fall. and personally i will spit on EA's corpse

unknown 5 years ago

i know right, my computer like broke on me so i had to uninstall the sims 2 seasons ans apartment life and know it will NOT let me re-install them.. i mean seriously they need to sort them selfs out if they do actually want customers!!!!

Angry @ EA 5 years ago

The Sims was great until EA took over (around the end of the Sims 2 franchise). My Sims 3 has constant glitches and I chose to just quit buying the Sims 3 thinking that it was only a Sims development team problem. I was wrong. I got Rock Band 3 yesterday for PS3 (of course made by EA) and it crashes every ten minutes. The problem is nearly a year old and it STILL is not fixed yet. Never buying anything that has an EA symbol on it. EA doesn't mean "Electronic Arts" to me anymore, but a mere "Electronically Awful" in every way. Customer service, game quality, ability to send out patches, you name it- everything is terrible. Oh and if you want a good game made by a small developer (I would die if EA took them over), try Minecraft if you haven't already heard of it. It's a really fun PC/Mac game.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 5 years ago Author

@Angry....all of the glitches continue. I have found however, that when you seek on-line tech, they will download the game to you, if you are able to proof your ownership of the disc. Apparently, they are unable to eliminate all glitches.

wow 5 years ago

Whoever wrote this is such a casual. I really hope they've since corrected every thing they've gotten wrong here, however, I do agree EA sucks, not because of something I did wrong, though.

gamefan 4 years ago

i never really had problems with any EA games (strangely enough) but i know for a fact that EA is just evil i found LOADS of forums and posts where people are having problems with EA games (many of these have mysteriously dissapeared mmhhhh) honestly EA can die burn in hell and i will watch and smile

Paulie profile image

Paulie 4 years ago Author

@gamefan...they've gotten a little better. Their disk won't install. It's so bad if you contact them and can verify the game serial number, they'll send you a digital download.

Miss Dosey 4 years ago

As a person that has no choice to buy Sims 3 pets for the xbox as my pc can not handle the pc version i have now found the game i bought will not play it locks up my xbox or crashes it.

I have found many problems with EA games bugs glitches just clearly lack of effort to actually release a game that works.

But i personally feel i powerless they have my money and when i ask for support or a fix they pass it off like its a problem with my xbox or the disk anything but the actual game.

I am still in shock that they can indeed get away with selling faulty products.I really wish i could do something anything to try to fix this problem but i guess ill just bang my head against the brick wall that is called E.A Support.

Paulie profile image

Paulie 4 years ago Author

@Miss Dosey...apparently since their games never want to play on disks or any computer (and an xbox really is just a computer), I have found they are more than willing to provide a digital download as long as you can verify the purchase. Online tech support where I'm commuting with a life person has been way more helpful than a few years ago, where you had to submit a request in writing to only have every problem blamed on your computer and not their buggy, glitchy games.

Khal Blogo profile image

Khal Blogo 4 years ago from A gas station on the yellow brick road

I hate EA. They destroyed Westwood Studios:( we should boycott the bastards.

Done with EA 4 years ago

After spending 60$ on mass effect 3, probably the 10th EA game ive purchased, im done with them. They overcharged my credit card when buying a spectre pack on origin, then when i called to get my money back they said i chose to buy more than i thought. i said oh well and went back to the game expecting to see the extra credits i paid for.. nothing.. ALL my origin points were gone and the items i paid for dissapeared too. Ive called them numerous time only to be bullshitted of the phone. I opened a claim with paypal and it was quickly rejected. now i have appealed the rejected claim. i am not giving up on getting MY money back from these greedy heartless thieves!! I will spread word of this experience anywhere i can until i see my money back in my checking account.. Fck EA!!!!

Paulie profile image

Paulie 4 years ago Author

@Done with EA..... Check out my response above. I have found that I have gotten better results when I have talked to a live tech online. As long as I can prove that I purchased the game, they have been more than willing to correct the situation. Give it a try and let us know how you did.

Pixie 4 years ago

I bought Dragonage 2 and finished it a couple of times. But i had to unistall it from my pc due to the fact that i had to format it. Now i want to install it again and it says that i need to enter a product key. I have put the serial number in and it says that it is already registered and i need to enter an unregistered product key WTF????. Anyone got ant ideas? EA is Pissing me OFF!!!!

Paulie profile image

Paulie 4 years ago Author

EA games has had so many complaints that they've gotten a little better. Go into EA and click on help to get a live operator. If you didn't register your game...register before you contact them. They will ask for some information to verify your registration...once they do they will allow you to download the game. You will have to have their downloader, which you can get from Origin


Good luck they have improved their service. With so many complaints about installing/reinstalling from disc, they no longer try to blame your computer.

Pixie 4 years ago

Jeez thanx sooo much. Will do and let you know!

hi there 4 years ago

i can't wait for object programming to become so easy for the common user that we just make our own games and distribute and share freely. goodbye companies

jessiegirl 4 years ago

i am begining to hate ea especially there support team I was on chat with them for six hours almost trying to tell them my code was invalid. They told me to get receipt and scan it to prove i bought the game. Did that got back on chat than they said ok now rescan and sign it and put case number on it. I had to explain that i used neighbors scanner upstairs and couldn't do this again by now it is almost one in the morning here and I wanted to reach in and strangle the guy. Than remember i have the new laptop that you can write with so i signed receipt and tried again and they still wouldn't listen to me. I swear to all that is good ea sucks big time and unless they make alot of changes i refused to buy anything from them or deal with them ever again.

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