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Evony is a multi player online game that allows you build cities, gather information, research technology, and manage an army in order to become the ultimate leader of the of your city and then eventually if you manage it, the ruler of your city. It is a fun and exciting game that over 8,000,000 million people in the world are currently playing!

If you have found this page then it is likely that you have already played Evony before. Perhaps you are not doing do well or feel that it's taking far too long for you to get where you want to! If this is the case then please enjoy the tips and cheats that we have listed for you and hopefully it won't be too long before you start seeing results.

Unlimited Easy Free Gold - Raid NPC villages. Huge potential on level 5 NPC villages, where you can really take advantages of the gold on offer! Follow these simple steps of how to do it effectively

You need a minimum of 2 villages, one of which should be situated by the level NPC village. I would recommend to have at least 80,000 warriors. Be prepared to lose between 9,000 and 15,000 warrior in each attack made! Make sure you use the best resources available to you in able to minimalise your losses. Therefore make sure you have the following on the attack with you -, swordsman, archer, cavalry, pikeman and cataract Wood prices should be below 0.6, to ensure your profitability. Make sure you have sufficient barracks in order to rebuild your troops lost due to attacks. Don't do this on higher levels as it will not work!Enjoy getting rich!

How to Hack Evony - This is suprisingly a popular search made by Evony players. It's quite crazy really because to hack Evony for personal gain you would be committing an illegal crime, and fraud at the same time. The only way possible to hack Evony is to gain hosting access, which is not going to happen. So stop searching this topic now and just get on with playing the game!

Free Resource - This is another commonly searched for cheat that is very popular amongst mainly new players. There is unfortunely no cheat for free resource or free gold and you have to work for it no matter which angle you try from. Any time that you spend looking for this information is time wasted. If you want to make money that easily then why not get a 2nd job or do some overtime! Wouldn't it be just too easy otherwise?! Debatable....

Easy Prestige - There is one way and one way only that this trick can be done and it really can be very tedious and boring. If you have got plenty of will power and sustainability then it might be worth doing it though as you will be rewarded with lots of free prestige. This is extremely simple - Click on your barracks and keep creating new warriors. New warrior gives you 1 point in prestige. Lengthy but rewarding.

Crack Evony Using Cheat Engine 5.5 Download - I have seen this apparent cheat mentioned on many cheats pages but have never tried it for the simple fact that it will not work. If something is so widely spread on the internet then evony would surely pick it up and put a stop to it. Therefore do not waste your time trying to download files that could potentially harm your computer, and just enjoy playing the game!

Take advantage of Level 5 NPC's - As mentioned above - level5 NPC hold a whole lot of potential for you to make unlimited amounts of free gold. Use this tip and continue working hard and success will come your way.

Evony - The Best War Game????

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Evony is Free to Play, World Best Web Game, Playable anywhere, Great Global Community, Fantastic way to meet people online, Easy to join, Formally known as civony and has over 200 quests. I should also mention that this game can become extremely addictive! So enjoy! 

Please bare in mind that this tips and cheats are entirely suggestion and by no means are you being told to try them. Evony clearly states on its website that THERE ARE NO CHEATS in evony. Therefore you should take note of this. If you are playing for money and you cheat then you are committing illegal fraud. Don't waste your time with cheats and just enjoy playing the game - legally!

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Anon 6 years ago

The cheat engine most certainly works. The problem is that it is only useful early in the game when you do not have negative food. Its speeds up the rate at which resources are accrued. But at some point you loose food faster than you gain the other resources. I would guess that it also works well after getting your army whipped out by an attacker.

entertianmentplus profile image

entertianmentplus 6 years ago from United States

Good stuff nice hub..

lordshiney 6 years ago


cjm 6 years ago

almost.. using warriors is a little stupid to attack npc when you could use ballista, and to make it better you could find the right amount of ballista you need to take out each lvl without losses, but make sure to add the fact that losses add to hero xp, as Ive found 1 warrior loss is enough to bring it up, also that in the beginning the main focus should be on resources not buildings as when the 7 days are up youll need them, and the bonus's of playing though facebook

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

To increase the number of cities the player can control, the player must obtain higher titles through the collection of certain medals.

Trevor 6 years ago

good tips, 1 warrior= 1 prestige, im starting to recuit lots of warriors now!!!Thanks for that tiP!!!

jacob 6 years ago

what is your rank for like being a colonel and a major does it help

Rockerjay 6 years ago

LOL, There is a way to get prestige WAY faster than building warriors !!

Terryandco profile image

Terryandco 6 years ago Author

Please share with us all RockerJay

smarty 4 years ago

ive found a way to use cheat engine to get instant resources not speed hack just right the number i want and i get it

smarty 4 years ago

ive found a way to use cheat engine to get instant resources not speed hack just right the number i want and i get it

mtaleb 4 years ago

how do u get coins

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