Earning money on runescape

The f2p guide to making money

Ever wanted that set of full saradomin? Or that party hat you see your friend wearing? Ever wondered how they got so much money? Well, the answers are here! These guides are here to make YOU rich. I have found two great ways to make money on f2p worlds. In just a couple of days I have put together 40 mil. And that was by playing only two hours a day! Depending on which skill you want to level, you can pick either method. Though my recommendation would be the magic method, since the profits are a lot higher.

The smithing way

This is the first method I came up with. I have used this method and earned over 10 million gp! To get started you MUST be able to make steel bars. You dont need alot of starting money- 50k should be enough. The method is very simple. Buy some coal and iron (you need to buy coal:iron in the ratio 2:1, in other words by 2x more coal than iron) in the grand exchange (for higher profits you can mine the iron and coal). Go to either falador,edgeville, or al kharid . Get the ores from the nearby bank, turn the ores into steel bars, and bank them. Repeat this process until ore has run out. Go back to the grand exchange, and sell the bars. 1 bar should be worth more than 2 coal and 1 iron ore. Like I said, its a simple method. It also increases your smithing level by a LOT.

The magic way

This method is also very simple, and the profits are higher than the previously mentioned method. To begin, you will need at least 33 magic and some law runes. Go to the temple of Zamorak that is near Falador(if you don't know where that is, take the route to the goblin village, but hug the walls. Instead of entering the village, continue on your way until you see the temple). Once there, use telekinetic grab on the wine of Zamorak that is on the table. Be careful not to pick it up, since the monks will attack you. Once you have used up all your runes, you can either tele back to Falador, or run back. Bank the wines, get more law runes from the bank, and repeat the process. Once your done using all your runes, you can go to the grand exchange and sell the wine. You can buy some more law runes and repeat the process, or spend your money on something else. This method is good for leveling up magic while making money. I have made 30 mil with this method. You may also find competition at these spots. You can either try to out-click them, or switch worlds. If you wish to level your magic, you can take a look at my magic leveling guide for f2p worlds.


If you have the patience, you can make a lot of money! Get that full set of saradomin and that party hat, and then astound your friends by making sets of rune armor or killing a level 100 member with your amazing magic. The possibilities are endless! With a little patience and a little hard work, you will be reaping in the rewards! If you found this guide helpful, or would like me to add something, please leave a comment.

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Drag0nflam3z 6 years ago

Very nice. I'll try it.

me 6 years ago

what wine is that? wine of zamorak. can free player do this too?????

pp 6 years ago

wine of zamorak is north of falador in a prayer altar

Matri-cide 6 years ago

Hi, I'm a level 97 currently ran out of membership, yes in members there are endless ways to make money. But more importantly, the players jagex wants to take care of, are you, the free to play players. I follow the first option only I do it when gaining Mage xp and smithing xp. I believe it's 40 Mage, but get yourself 1k nats, 2k coal, and 1k iron ore. Now withdraw 9 iron and 18 coal, now withdraw all of your nats, next cast superheat on iron ore, bank your steel bars and repeat. You don't make much profit considering you now have to add the expense of nats. I haven't tried zammy wine but I will tommorrow and let you know. As for high alching, good luck finding a profitable item. I don't have a site but if you want more money making tips for f2p add me, matri-cide, and just ask. I will be back tommorrow to let you know how the wine went and give a few more tips. Thanks for reading! - Tyler

Rogue Splice 6 years ago

Hi, it's me again. Level 98 Matri-Cide. I got my members back and now my name is rogue splice. But as promised, I checked the zammy wine method and it is absolutely great for f2p. Good luck and have fun!

idoubleviapr 4 years ago

hello i am level 42 mage and try making money but i cant can u help i tried your way add me plz

fieldalex1 4 years ago

with explorers ring 4 you can cast super heat for free and its gr8 exp

fieldalex1 4 years ago

also a note to the magic way: there will be bots and other players on every server hope youre good at clicking.And smithing works great at alkarid.

i turned 8 k into 20 k

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