Easy Fun Easter Kids Crafts to do with your family


Need easy fun Easter kids crafts to do with your family? Easter is the perfect time for quality time with your kids, it's also a great time to spend volunteering to for other events involving simple Easter children's arts and crafts. If you can't think of any easy crafts to do with kids  on your on then here are some simple, yet fun crafts to make with young children.

Easter brings new life and so many craft ideas:

1. Traditional Easter egg painting with a twist. Want to make Easter eggs with your kids, but worried it will get to messy? Prepare the eggs as you normally would for painting, but instead of paint go for markers and stickers. The kids will not only have an easier time making designs and more color options, you'll have an easier time with the clean up. Just make sure you lay down some newspaper at the craft area or just don't let the kids draw on anything other than the eggs.

2. Make Easter bunny hats. Simply draw out the shape of bunny ears, and long rectangles the circumference of the children's heads on construction paper. Then, staple the ears on both sides of the rectangle, then staple the rectangle to form a circle. You can let the kids decorate the Easter bunny hats, with their names and with stickers and markers.

3. Make your own Easy Easter Chocolate. Another easy Easter craft activity would be to buy some bulk chocolate (very cheap and easy to get around Easter) and together with your kids, melt it in a pot adding nuts, dried fruits, crispy rice cereal, etc. to the chocolate. Then pour it into a chocolate mould (easily found at crafts or baking stores) or any desired pan and let cool and re-harden. You can even melt white chocolate in another pot and pour it into the same pan/ mould mixing the chocolates or letting the first chocolate layer harden then adding it in as another layer.

Easter Chocolate Making Supplies

4. Make a Easter Balloon Bunny. Using regular circle balloons make fun and simple little Easter bunnies. Blow the balloons up and tie them so no air escapes. Then simply hand a permanent marker over to the child (only do this if they are old enough) and let him/her draw a bunny face on the side of the balloon where you tied the knot (using the knot as the nose). Then using pom-poms (you can get these at most craft stores) hot glue (you should handle the glue gun) a pom-pom for the tail and cut out long felt strips for the ears and hot glue them on as well( just make sure you don't pop the balloons). Voila! You have easy and fun little bunnies. You can make a big bunny too, just use a large party balloon!

5. Make Easter Cards. Want to send a bit of your Easter to a relative (grandma & grandpa, aunt, etc.) Or do you just want a keepsake to look back on or some lovely Easter cards to show off ? All you need is markers, sticker, and construction paper. Fold the papers in half like cards and let your kids go wild making you a beautiful keepsake with a sure to be lovely memory to go along.


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