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Are you looking for the new Twilight movie dolls? There are several versions available of both Edward Cullen and Bella Swan including limited edition collector's items. The new Barbie Twilight dolls are released on November 1st but are already a best seller as they are now available for pre order. So browse what is available and get your Edward Cullen Twilight Doll before everyone else does!

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Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Edward Doll
Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Edward Doll

This is one of the original and most popular of the Edward Cullen Twilight dolls. It is part of the Pink Label Twilight Special Collection which was launched when the first Twilight movie was released. As this is a Barbie type doll the quality is similar to a Ken doll but of course with the special Edward Cullen look and clothing. If you love the Twilight books and movies this reasonably priced Edward Cullen doll is a great addition to any collection.


Edward Cullen Tonner Doll

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Tonner  17" "Twilight"  Edward Cullen Doll
AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Tonner 17" "Twilight" Edward Cullen Doll

This Tonner Edward Cullen doll is a must for fans of Twilight and particularly doll collectors. This 17" likeness of Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen is wonderfully detailed. The doll has hand painted features and rooted hair to ensure that this is an accurate likeness. This Tonner doll lives up to the usual high standards of this brand. It has 17 points of movement so has a wide range of movement. This particular Edward Cullen Tonner doll is exclusive to Amazon.


Twilight Edward Cullen Tonner Doll

Twilight Edward Cullen Tonner Doll
Twilight Edward Cullen Tonner Doll

This is another of the released Edward Cullen Twilight Tonner dolls. Dressed in classic casual Edward style this doll has the amazing detail and quality of all of the Tonner dolls. Edward wears jeans, t shirt and a casual jacket. The detail is amazing - right down to his socks and shoes with shoe laces that you really can tie! This is also a limited edition of just 2000 dolls but is still available on Amazon. Catch is whilst you can as of course availability really is very limited.


Tonner Doll Twlight Hungry Edward Limited Edition Doll

This is the ultimate collectors edition Tonner Edward Cullen doll. Limited to just 200 dolls this one is likely to be not only a great addition to your collection but a good investment too. These dolls were made exclusively for sale at the San Diego Comic-Com event and sold out immediately. There are some available at the moment on Amazon but you need to grab them quickly. This is a very high demand Twilight doll!  It is very difficult to find and is no longer available on Amazon.  You will just have to persuade a collector to sell!

Barbie Collector Twilight Bella Doll

Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Bella Doll
Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Bella Doll

Of course Edward Cullen is simply not the same without Bella so you will want to add this doll to your collection too. This Bella Twilight doll is from the same Barbie Pink Labels Collection series as the Edward Cullen doll. Bella stands 11 1/2 inches tall and is dressed in casual jeans and a jacket. Many of the reviews do say that they are a little disappointed that she looks more like a Barbie than a good likeness of Bella. Many feel that the Edward Cullen Pink Label doll is much more of an authentic likeness to the actors in the Twilight movie.


Twilight Bella Swan Tonner Doll

Twilight Bella Swan Tonner Doll
Twilight Bella Swan Tonner Doll

This wonderfully detailed Twilight Bella doll from Tonner is dressed in jacket, tank top, boot cut jeans, socks and boots which even have laces that you can tie. She stands 15" tall and is a perfect replica of Kristen Stewart as Bella in the Twilight movie.

This is a great choice if you are looking for a much more detailed and realistic Bella Swan doll. But of course the price reflects the individuality and detail of the doll. This is probably more of a collectors item or a gift for an older child.


Exclusive Bella Twilight Turn Me Doll from Tonner

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Tonner 15" "Turn Me" Bella Swan Doll
AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Tonner 15" "Turn Me" Bella Swan Doll

This doll has 15 articulated joints and rooted hair - all the usual excellent features of craftsmanship of a Tonner doll. This is again a very detailed and beautifully made Tonner doll which makes it more suitable for a collector or older teenager. Not really a doll to be played with, but to be displayed! This Bella doll comes complete with a display stand so that she can easily be seen and displayed. The detailing from the hair to the likeness to Kristen Stewart is excellent and reviews tend to be extremely positive about buying this Bella doll.


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emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina

Nice....breaking news especially when supplies are limited, I will be sharing links as I know others who would consider this very valuable information. I however won't be collecting.....no matter...great info...Thanks!

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