Elgato HD Capture Card Review

HDMI and A/V recording options to ensure HD recording on every console
HDMI and A/V recording options to ensure HD recording on every console

What Is It?

The Elgato Game Capture HD is a capture device that allows users to record console video and audio to allow them to relive their greatest gaming moments and share them on video hosting platforms such as YouTube. The Elgato HD can capture in pure HD and has numerous of other features such as

  • Built-in live streaming capabilities
  • One click sharing to social media sites
  • Lag free HDMI recording ability
  • Flashback Recording (Scroll down for more info)

Seamless HD recording from your console to computer
Seamless HD recording from your console to computer

Flashback Recording

The Promise

Flashback recording is one of the main selling points for the Elgato HD Game Capture, however this feature is definitely over hyped. Flashback recording allows you to retroactively record game footage on your Mac or PC, meaning if you forget to press record or just want to rewind time, much like a DVR, to record that amazing 360 no-scope from a few minutes ago, you can!

The Lie

Don't get me wrong. The Elgato HD Game Capture device is arguably the best capture device on the market so far, but this feature is often over hyped and is a poor justification for such a large price tag. The Flashback system does work, but Elgato fails to mention a key point.

When Flashback recording is enabled, all it does it continuously record and dump footage, meaning this feature makes the Elgato drains hard drive space like no other, with gigabytes gone within minutes.Leaving you better off to simply record what you want and if you choose to scrap it later delete it by yourself. Instead of getting an error halfway through your play through saying your computer has ran out of memory.

Elgato Trailer

Live Streaming

There isn't much to say about the live streaming capabilities of the Elgato HD simply because it is possibly the best device out there which gets the job done. There's no need to download any additional software (except for what comes in the box) and all that is required is a Twitch/YouTube account and a decent internet connection.

"If you are looking to venture into the realms of Twitch and Youtube, look no further than the Game Capture HD from Elgato." - (Max "OddSlice" Mallow, www.esports-nation.com)

The Setup

The Good

Never before has it been so easy setting up a capture card straight from your console to your computer. Although many capture cards have issues with recording for the PS4, the Elgato has you covered with a cord adapter which is included in the package.

All you do is plug the Elgato into the console of choice, plug in the other side of the Elgato to your television and connect your computer VIA the included USB cord.

The Bad

An issue that seems to plague many users with no real report from Elgato is that in order to play your console without wanting to record requires you to either plug in your computer to the USB or disconnect the Elgato completely and connect your console and TV how it was before setting the Elgato up.

Although work arounds for this issue are out there, many are overly complicated. However in the end the act of connecting and disconnecting the Elgato becomes irritating enough to drive many people to work though the complicated solutions.

Final Rating

5 stars for Elgato HD Game Capture

The Price / TL:DR

The Elgato HD Game Capture is a serious device for those serious of pursing a gaming presence on the internet. In this day and age of over-saturation one of the most important qualities for game footage to have is amazing audio and video, both of which the Elgato provides with no technical knowledge needed.

The Price

The Elgato HD full retail value is: $179.95

The question though is:

Is it worth the price?

Given the competition, the Elgato is simply the best option out there. With all of its features and specs, there is no doubt that if you are serious about capturing HD game footage then this is the device for you. However if you are someone who simply wants to share footage with friends, make some montages which aren't supposed to be seen by others, then you may not want to put out this much cash.

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